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I’ve Done Nothing Wrong

I should not need Subsidies or Exemptions, anymore than I need a stay of execution or a pardon.

Why do we sit back and accept, no… empower Government and those who occupy it with the control they so deeply desire.

Obama Care must be Repealed… not “fixed”, “tweaked”, “twerked”, “massaged” or anything else.

We can solve all of these problems by getting rid of this POS legislation. By doing so none of us will be left begging for a subsidy or exemption. Both of which, by the way, are Temporary in nature and exist at the Benevolence of Government… and those who occupy it.

Stop accepting that the Government has a Right to Power and Control over you.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

We are the only country on Earth designed (while not currently practiced) as a Bottom Up Government… not the other way around. It was born out of the Enlightenment, appropriately.

You must ask yourself why those in power would wish to change it into something else… something else mimicking all the other tired, worn out, oppressive designs found across the world.

Simply stated, it keeps them in power… and you dependent, reliant, enslaved.

All I have ever advocated is a return to the framework of the Enlightened Brilliance embodied in The United States Constitution. It would initially be very disruptive as we have wandered far, far off course onto a dark Statist path. It would make many leaders very, very unhappy as they have built their Power and Influence on Statist Control and Policies. But our Freedom would be restored. Our Liberty refreshed.

It starts here with Obama Care.

It’s as Simple as that.

Do what we say… or else.

You Young Healthy People better sign up for Obama Care.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

You Rich People who make whatever we think is more than you need better switch to Obama Care.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

You Greedy Doctors better take Obama Care Insurance.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

All of You better believe this is for Your own Good.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

The Smart People who are full of the best intentions.

This public service message has been brought to you by the Democrat Party in association with Establishment Wing of the RNC.  All funding provided by Barack Obama, John McCain, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Co.  “We know what’s best for you so you don’t have to.”  (“We know what’s best for you so you don’t have to.”, “Tea Baggers are racist bigots.” and “Sit down, Shut Up, Do what We Say.” are all trademarks of the Democrat Party and it’s banners such as the Establishment Republican Party.  Any use of these trademarks requires prior written approval.  Get it… or we’ll Force you to.)

The Fourth Horseman

What is there to really be afraid of?

Three of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been here in U.S. for decades wreaking their destruction on our Free-Market Economy.

Our politicians work very hard to not to talk about them.  Instead the focus is placed on social issues or “jobs” or any other myriad topics that serve as a distraction from our impending doom.  However, the three are simply waiting patiently for the fourth.  And he is here.

Those of you who know where I’m going have already identified Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  These three Socialist programs have made the U.S. very sick indeed.  The destruction of wealth via the debt created to support these schemes, and the fiscal insolvency the U.S. is a breath away from, is obvious to most reasonable people… unless they are elected to public office.

Suddenly we were told the problems associated with the finest health system in the world (demonstrated by those socialists with enough money to come here for medical attention doing so)  can only be fixed through government control.  A communal approach where the “state” will be the provider of health care to those less fortunate.  Nevermind that those less fortunate regularly receive better care in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.  Stop thinking!  It’s caring that counts and if you oppose big government controlling your life your mean-spirited.  This has been a dream of the Socialist Party since Woodrow Wilson,  Norman Thomas and FDR.

With the addition of Socialized Medicine to the other three Progressive Utopian programs, the incremental Socialists will have won the war.  And they know it.  This is why the Left has rallied every effort to drag out, slow down or ignore any opposition to a single payer system… while we dither it grows.  Implementation is the key to this rider’s success.  All of the debates, all the equivocations; this part is “good”, this part is “bad” is simply allowing for the building of greater dependency and ultimate “entitlement” status.  From this grand scheme born out of “the best of intentions” will come the final push over the cliff of fiscal insolvency leaving the U.S. to be rebuilt by the very social engineers promoting it.   And, free market capitalism is not in the plans.

In my opinion, to deny this is to deny that we are in trouble.  It is a hard argument to offer that we are not… but many for various reasons still try.  If you recognize the situation for what it is and then refuse to acknowledge the incredible inefficiency associated with everything government does, the waste, fraud and incompetence which go hand in hand with statist programs then you’re naive or you must intend to mislead the American people.  There are many politicians currently in office resembling the latter.

Government controlled medicine is being pushed vigorously by two kinds of the above mentioned politicians; those true believers that capitalism needs to be destroyed and/or those that think they will be long gone by the time it all comes crashing down.  Both think you will continue to vote for them while being dumb enough to believe them when they apologize saying they were “just trying to do the right thing.”  Unfortunately for the rest of us experience has taught them they’re correct.

(Most of us don’t want to assign ill intent… But let me ask you, how do you come to any conclusion other than it is intentional?  How can you think that the people driving us over the cliff don’t intend to do so when politicians unconstitutionally “invest” your social security money, with the best of intentions,  in companies doomed to fail?  Or, just spend it to buy votes… period.  I can hear you saying “Grow up, they all lie, it’s just politics!”  For you, let me point out that they all lie because you and the rest of us allow it… and your cynicism without action is a weak attempt to make yourself feel informed without being informed, while expending no energy to do anything substantive.  You are part of the problem.  You are part of the reason we are here.)

It’s our job to stop freedom destroying, innovation killing, fiscally irresponsible, anti-capitalist ideas like Socialized Medicine.

It is our job to vote out those politicians who support such ideas.

(Originally posted 011812.  Posted again because we are seeing it happen right in front of us… to the exclamations of “Who knew?”  We knew.)

When a President of The United States says He Claims Responsibility, What Does That Mean?

Seriously, What Does That Mean?

I Don’t Care what Party He’s in. I Don’t Care what Ideology he believes in. (I do, of course, but not in this case.)  I Couldn’t Care less about his Gender, Race, Height, Shoe Size or preferred Breakfast Cereal.

This isn’t about not liking the man…  I genuinely curious.

What Does it Mean when Someone “Claim’s Full Responsibility” for something which is destructive, yet does nothing about it?

By claiming responsibility is he trying to deflect negative repercussions falling upon those around him…  But why would a person do this unless one believes they’re above any consequences or penalty?

In other words, Falling on one’s sword requires a sword.

So is He above any consequences for his actions?

Yes?  Then all of this makes sense.

No?  Then what consequences should he suffer?

Again, What Does it Mean when he say’s he Claims Responsibility?

House Republicans Inexplicably Throw President Obama a Lifeline.

Today the Establishment House Republicans passed a two page Bill intended to keep President Obama’s demand to “allow” Insurance Companies to continue offering plans to those that have them even when they do not meet the New Requirements of Obama Care Constitutional.  This effort is too clever by half as Insurance Companies must get approval from the States Insurance Commissions… then get the plans and plan holders re-instated… and then they will only be good for an additional year, only to become illegal again.  It’s stupid.  But still illustrates something.

In other words, The Republicans are trying to assist the President in remaining within the intended, written, carefully crafted confines of the U.S. Constitution.

The President has vowed to Veto this Bill should Harry Reid allow it through the Democrat Controlled Senate.


Only two reasonable explanations can exist.

Either President Obama has assumed dictatorial control of the United States and invalidated the U.S. Constitution… in his own mind.

Or, The President has no intention of “allowing” you to keep your insurance and is yet again Lying, Misleading or Prevaricating in order to by more time.  This additional time would be used to paint the Insurance Companies as being at fault because they will not be able to do what the President is magically demanding they do… because of his own law.

I’m sure the President would not want to see the entire Health Insurance System Implode, leaving you with no choice but to secure Expensive Insurance with Coverage you do not need or pay Draconian Fines enforced by the friendly folks at the IRS.  When I say coverage you do not need, the odds are you will never require a Pap Smear and Prostate Exam.  Unless… never mind.

I’m also sure the President could not possibly consider himself above the Constitution of the United States.  That means he would have to think the laws do not apply to him or his Administration… or for that matter His Party.  All of that would be grounds for Impeachment, and that would be ridiculous.

So he is a Space Alien.

Mystery Solved.

Could be all three…  I’ll have to spend some time drinking about that.

Obama Care needs a DNR

Why… why… why…
are we allowing the Current Administration, and the Democrat Party, to spend our Tax Dollars (Which we don’t have by the way.) on trying to fix something that was DOA?

The idea Obama Care was a good idea in the beginning is absurd no matter how “fair” it seemed, how warm your heart got or how far up your leg that tingle ran, and a vast Majority of Americans agree.  They have agreed from the beginning. But Liberals only like Majorities when they support whatever new social experiment their agenda says it’s time to implement, sorry, force upon us.  (Next time instead of voting for Socialists… just drink their Vodka.)

So here we are… in need of a death panel.

It’s worth Remembering that there has been only one Party who tried to head this debacle off before it got started, and even after it began rolling downhill, over 30 times. And, it’s not the Democrat Party.

It’s also worth Remembering that the Democrats Controlled Both Houses and the Presidency, manipulated the rules, went against public wishes and excluded all Republicans from any participation to Force this upon Us for two solid years.

Finally… one should look as far back as a couple of months ago to realize the system we had in place Worked!

Were there a couple of problems? Yes. Pre-existing and Portability, both of which could have been… and still can be… dealt with should we all be smart enough to demand the Government remove itself from the gigantic mess they have made and repeal this ridiculous piece of steaming excrement ironically called The Affordable Care Act. Obama Care must Go!

Stop Giving My Money to the Bureaucrats, and the very Contractors, who screwed up what was destined to be screwed up in the first place.

There is no fix!

(Certainly removing all competition from the system and going to single payer is not a serious solution?  The complaint for years was that there wasn’t ENOUGH competition… And now there are useful idiots out there suggesting removing all of it and giving Government the monopoly over the entire health care industry is a good idea?  I’m currently reading a book on all the things Government runs efficiently… it has no pages.  Can there be any question left that this whole thing has been an Ideologically Socialist driven escapade hoping to realize their Communal Utopia?  Really?  Anyone?  I’m right here… I’ll gladly post your comments and whatever defense you are willing to provide.)

And… for those of you “Surprised” by any of this…




There, I said it. I’ve wanted to say it for months.  I feel better.


Are you going to start listening to us finally?

I know… that would be as ridiculous as Obama Care.

I’m Sorry I Lied…

I’m Sorry you have been harmed by me, and those like me, driven to pass this legislation no matter the consequences.

I’m sorry so many of you will be without Health Insurance because of my determination to realize a personal dream.

I’m sorry my ideology is so divergent from the founding of this country.

I’m sorry you’re too ill-informed to understand why this is better for you in the long run.

I’m sorry the ultimate health of the country requires intelligent people like me to nudge, push and in the end shove you to make what we consider to be the right decisions.

I’m sorry you are in the way of the right side of history.

I’m sorry you don’t know what’s best for you.

I’m sorry you can’t get your mind right.

I’m sorry you’re going to have to tough this out because I’m not going to put it back the way it was, no matter what.

I’m sorry you fail to understand that this is far bigger than you and your needs.

I’m sorry if that’s not a good enough explanation for you.

I’m sorry you’re blaming Me and my Party instead of the insurance companies.

I’m sorry I have to explain myself to you.

I’m sorry.

Happy Now?

The Ongoing Conservative Propaganda Campaign to Destroy Obama Care…

And the Unrelenting Effort to convince people The President, and the Democrat Party, are only trying to impose some kind of Socialistic Single Payer Health Care.


In their own Outrageous words…

Their transparency is undeniable.

Obama – Public Remarks

“Nobody is talking about some government take over of health care.”

Obi Wan Kenobi – Public Remarks

“These are not the Droids you’re looking for.”

Some of you have Expressed Concern…

that I am drinking less lately.

I want to assure all of you this is not the case.

I am an Alcohol Enthusiast and intend to remain one.

Please put your concerns aside and focus on the issues at hand… you’re still being spied on by the NSA, you’re still being targeted by the IRS, your President is demonstrating his power to make your life miserable by shutting you out of the places your tax dollars paid to create and your country is about to solidify it’s conversion to Democratic Socialism with Obama Care.

Can I get you a drink?

Butter your doughnuts…

Put mayonnaise on your french fries.
Dip your pizza in ranch dressing.
Bread and deep fry your cheese.
Put a little gravy on everything.

Potatoes and Corn are the only ‘vegetables’ that matter…

Keep calling the double frappichimotto with whipped cream and caramel sauce you get a Starbucks “coffee”.

It’s true, regardless of the size, a bag of chips is a single serving.
Weight lifters eat five meals a day… and so should you.
Apple, Orange and Grape juice have to be good for you…
If fruit is healthy, then five pounds of it blended into a single drink and poured into a styrofoam cup will make you immortal.

There is always an excuse to eat chocolate.  Always.

Low fat means you can eat as much as you want.

Sugar cubes have no fat!  So… buy a box… or two…

When you see an “all you can eat” buffet it ceases to be dinner and becomes a contest.

People have to love me for what’s on the inside.  (Which is a mashed up, partly digested, brown porridge of all of the above.  And, by the way, no we don’t.)

And the only significant thing about the word Diet is it has the word “Die” in it.

I genuinely support your right to do and believe all of this… but don’t expect me to be happy when you try to force me to pay for it.

The only solution is to make your health care insurance Personal  (You pay for your decisions) and Portable (It stays with you wherever you go.).  Not a single-payer government-run scheme (Obamacare or Medicare for All) making all of us who are not decision impaired pay your health care costs.

That way, you can keep buttering your doughnuts and I’ll keep cheering you on!

And yes, bacon actually does make everything taste better… even ice cream, or that fruit smoothie.