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Quantum Cryptography

…or you’ve been Left Behind.

The Superpowers have a new way of communicating.

And it’s perfectly secure…

Quantum Entanglement is the next step in the Communication Revolution.

And, only the Superpowers will have it.

That means the rest of us… everybody… will be using communication methods which can, and are, being intercepted and archived for later reference.

I’m going to take a moment for you to digest what you have just read, and linked to, from the above statement.

Now… Grab your Cloak and Dagger then Rub your hands together and practice your Villainous Laugh.  “BoohaHaHaaaaahaahaaha…”

What advantage might be enjoyed by having a completely secure, unlimited, method of communication while the rest of the world does not?

Combine that with the ability to intercept and store every bit of that information the rest of the world uses, transmits or receives in order to communicate, what might be the advantage now?

Throw on top of this super computing capability to sift through all of it, and methods to break every code ever devised…

No need to imagine… it’s here.  No Conspiracy Theory Needed.

For the moment I’ll leave you here to makeaneffort.  Fire up your Binger… or Googler… or Whatever you user…