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She’s a Victim!

Yet again Hillary Clinton is victimized by her Husband! Does he know No Shame? Can any Woman feel so betrayed and unloved as Hillary? Will this endless abuse Ever Stop?  Why do Women Love too Much?

Stay Tuned!

Because this is all they got…

When your list of successes requires you riding the coat tails of your Husband into the White House, then having to move to New York, because it polled highest in terms of your favorability, just so you could walk into a Senate Seat and capped off by a Secretary of State gig that ended up Killing a Diplomat and 4 security personnel while wounding countless others what do you run on?

She’s a Victim!

This latest story about Bill Clinton having an affair with Elizabeth Hurley only merits the attention of the envious… certainly not anything else, and frankly should be filed in the “Who Cares” section if you’re generous. When I say generous it’s because you have to take anything Tom Sizemore says seriously… which is… generous.  Really, is Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary actually news?  Should we expect to see major papers across the country pick up the latest Sunrise?  (I wonder if anyone at Radar online is a Rabid Leftist?  Right… that would be silly and cynical.  Probably not a single “I’m Ready for Hillary” sticker in the entire place. Never mind.)

Folks, the 2016 Presidential campaign has started, and all the stops have been pulled out.  Remember, these are the Clintons after all.

Grab the Tequila, Astro-turf and Cigars… then get ready for two and a half years of non-stop fun.