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The CIA Lies!

Just as it was created to do.

From the level of Torture and Interrogation applied to Terrorist A-Holes to Stupid Internet Video’s being the catalyst resulting in the Murder of our Diplomats and Security Personnel.

This HUGE STORY, brought to us by one must assume Captain Obvious, replaces what anyone with a rational mind capable of setting priorities and recognizing the severity of danger to themselves and the Republic…


Your Elected Representatives Lie and continue to Lie to You in order to Force You into Schemes which work against Your Personal Freedom and Liberty upon which this country was Founded.


Who watches the watchers?



May be Gruber is right… and we are indeed Stupid… and must be treated as Sheep.

(I mean ‘Fools’ in the nicest way possible. Probably doesn’t apply to you… probably.)


The 33%

With time there is something you come to realize.

There’s about a third of us whose self-worth is defined by forcing you do what they consider is the “right” thing.  They believe that when they get together their collective intelligence is so profound that they know what is right for every individual.

They are the “33%”.  And you will find them across all political parties. (Some more than others.)

In their minds the world is made up of those who are smart, and then you.  They have been around since the dawn of time, and while the faces may change the mindset will never go away.  Ever.

They believe with all their hearts that “the government” needs to tell you what to do, not the other way around.  They know, deep down, this is what you want.  (Admit it!  You want it!)

They do not want you to eat salt… or sugar… or more food than they think you need.  (You may not want to do this either, they’re just going to “help” you by removing that bothersome choice.)

They want to force your insurance company to cover childbirth… even if you’re a guy or a 65-year-old female, then force you to buy it.  (Discrimination is not an option… skyrocketing price is not  a consideration.)

They want to force you to drive small, tax payer subsidized, electric cars that get crappy mileage.  (It’s for the good of the planet…  don’t think about what happens to all of these huge, first generation, batteries when they wear out.)

They pass regulations requiring you to use ugly, poisonous, light bulbs that require a haz-mat team to come to your house when you break them.

The “33%” have determined that the world is far too complicated for simple minds like yours.  It is clear to them given a myriad of options you will most assuredly choose the wrong one.  (For God’s sake you picked VHS when you could have picked Beta.  You idiots!)  The “bad” choices must be removed from your consideration.

They have heard about the difficulty you face every day making life’s hardest choices like what kind of milk to buy, and whether or not you should buy cigarettes or your cancer medication. (Both about the same price now due to their meddling.)

With their “nudging” you wouldn’t have that annoying choice.. You would get the organic soy milk and the cigarettes.  (Your medication would no longer be available because it would be “free” with the profit motive removed, so nobody would make it.)  Light up!

You are the sheep that must be led.

There is something peculiar however…

Those who believe the sheep must be led never seem to count themselves among the sheep.

For the “33%”, exceptions must be made.

These are the people who have made it legal for themselves to “inside trade”.  (It begs the question, if they are so smart why do they need such an advantage?)  They are anti-gun advocates who get caught with an illegal firearm.  They are Man Made Global Warming evangelists who deem to tell us not to waste energy while they fly around in private jets and take limousines to their 10,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned homes.

Of course they never intend these rules to apply to them, or their family, or their friends, or their business associates, or those they want something from etc. They are smart, you are not.  World history has repeatedly demonstrated this for us to see.  (It has also demonstrated how it turns out… every time.)

Once the “33%” have convinced us that somehow they’re “above” self-interest and get us to vote the way they want, there is one final obstacle.  A ridiculous, outdated document of limited rights.  An old piece of paper that does nothing but get in the way of what the government can do to you.  (And we all know that old guys writing stuff have nothing of value to offer… look at Shakespeare, Cicero and Aristotle to mention a few.  All Idiots!  And the framers of the U.S. Constitution are no exception.)

Such a pain in the backside is this document that the 33% have worked tirelessly to appoint judges to interpret the law around it rather than try to amend it.  (I mean amending it is hard… and you have to put your ideas out there for all to see… and THEN you have to convince the idiots you’re right!  What a hassle!  The “33%” already know they are right!  You’re so stupid…)

So here we are.  Just a big flock of imbeciles with these self-anointed brilliant visionaries nipping at our heals to make sure we get into the pen.  Well, we’ve had 70 years of that.  Look around… like it?

So make a decision.  Are you part of the 67% of us who enjoy our liberty and want to keep it? Or do you find your home with the 33-percenter’s and their Socialist dream?