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Hillary Volunteers will not Tolerate Coded Sexism!

According to Patrick Howley over at DC, Hillary Super-PAC (Politcal Action Committee) will ‘be watching for coded sexism’ in reporter’s stories. If they find it they will be calling them out.

This will be your Only Warning…

The list includes:

Polarizing, Calculating, Disingenuous, Insincere, Ambitious, Inevitable, Entitled, Secretive, Will do Anything to Win, Represents the Past, Out of Touch, Over Confident.

(It should be noted that ‘Over Confident’ is two words.  So we must assume “Over” AND “Confident” are both out.)

This makes complete sense to me.  But I feel like the list is too short…

I would like to offer my assistance to the Hillary folks pro-bono.  (“pro-bono” is Latin.  It means ‘For Free’.  It is not sexist and in no way refer’s to Hillary’s gender or physical make-up in any way.  “Make-Up” in this context means Physical Presence, not appearance, and is also not sexist in relation to Hillary or her gender.)

Here is an extended list or words that should be considered Sexist if found in Reporter’s Stories regarding Hillary;

Woman, Female, Hag, Crone, Old Leathery Purse (Just like ‘Over Confident’, strung together or separate, all are out.), Harpie, Medusa, Matron, Weathered, Witchy, Gray, Patinated, Cruella, Testicular, Prostate, Queen, King, Prune, Sagging, Screech, Shrill, Bitter, Befuddled, Broom, Flying, Flew, Fly, FBI, Frightening, Evita, Frida, Countess Bathory, Benghazi, Bill, Bat, Baker, Barefoot, Battle Axe, Bossy, Bitchy, Angry, Wife, Cheating, Spouse, Mrs. Clinton, The, She, Her, What, Where, Why, When, Lady, Conniving, Conspiratorial, Communista, Cackle, Kind, Haggard, Tired, Senior, Stretched, Aged, Ancient, Old News, Doddering, 67, Rotten, Racid, Repulsive, Stale, Secretary, Sexagenarian, Grizzly, Wizened, Withered, Wrinkled, Worn, Run Down, Retire, Venerable, Pale, Grandmother, Vince Foster, White Water, Server, Cute, Choleric, Wrathful, Shrew, Shrewd, Conjure and Hex.

With a small effort I’m sure I could come up with some more, but these need to be added Immediately to the “No Say List”.  These harmful and hurtful words cannot be allowed.

We must stay Vigilant when fighting the battle of Sexism!

Until then,

You’re Welcome.

Are You Ready?  Hillary 2016!


It’s Election time folks…

In case you were unaware,

You’re Homophobic… and Misogynistic… and Racist… even when you’re not.

Expect more of this stuff…

The primary questions you should be asking is “Why?”

and, “Who benefits?”

If bigotry is so prolific, why go to such lengths to Make It Up?

Why is it so important for certain groups to believe they’re Hated?

Is there Power in convincing these groups this is true?

If so, for Whom?  And How?

Girls are Dumb.

No. Clearly girls are not dumb.

So… Boys are Dumb. Again, no. Boys are also clearly not dumb.

Biological Imperatives are Dumb.

On the heels of Brent Musburgers complimenting Miss Alabama to the disdain of those females who would not warrant such comment, something needs to be discussed.

Living in a fantasy world is a luxury.  It is a testament to ones ability to answer every other need required to remain breathing without concern or apprehension.

The fact that anyone can be “offended” by a statement of fact uttered by Brent Musburger regarding Katherine Webb is a demonstration of exactly that type of luxury.

For those who are not necessarily “offended” but think anyone has a right to be… so are voicing their opinion are no better.

While the “offended” are ridiculous, the affirmative opinions are inane.  It is a testament to the fact that our population is ill educated and filled with the concept that their opinion is valuable simply because they have it…  (It’s the same phenomena that seems to allow individuals to believe they are the smartest people to walk the earth because they have a cell phone, which they have no idea how to create let alone what is required to make it work.  Other people made it and then sold it to them, unless it’s a Obama-phone and then it was you who gave it to them.  Did you get a thank you note yet?  But they feel they’re smart because they have it… just like their opinion.)

The truth is, nothing Mr. Musburger said was incorrect.

Are we to fault Ms. Webb for picking a male who appears to be a fine genetic specimen to mate with just as her genetic wiring expects?  Should we fault Mr. Musburger for noticing Ms. Webb also appears to be a fine genetic specimen as his genetic wiring expects him to do?  Should we fault McCarron for demonstrating his above average mental (Quarterbacks are far from stupid.) and physical prowess through constant competition which is then noticed by females who are wired to do so?  Do we fault McCarron for choosing a female who appears to be a fine genetic specimen to mate with as his biological imperative demands?

Wait, wait, wait… Do we fault Ms. Webb for demonstrating her physical prowess through constant competition which is then noticed by males?


Yes… those women who can’t or have failed to do well in this competition, do.

But this is the way the world works… biologically.  I know truth is a difficult pill to swallow.  And, while the world of Talking Unicorns is far more pleasurable for some, it does not alter the truth for all of us.

Do Healthy, Handsome, Intelligent people have it easier?  Yes.  In every way.

They always have had it easier and they always will.  The Health of the Species depends on it.

The odds are, you might have a combination of the above and not all of it.  That’s the way it goes.

If you look like a Troll you will attract someone who can only mate with Trolls… all the nonsense about being loved for what’s on the inside is hogwash.  Ghandi was not pulling down the hottest chicks.  Point is, nobody is ever going to find out what’s on the inside if they can’t stomach getting close enough to your outside.  Anyway…

We all do the best with what we got.  Although some of us get tied up in the inherent Unfairness of the Universe… and we do nothing to change our standing in the competition… then complain about it.  (I might remind everyone that alcohol is an amazing equalizer.  Beer has promoted mating for millennia.)  The bottom line is that most of us are ugly, our opinions are poorly supported with fact and nobody cares what we think unless they want to mate with us.  We are spoiled because our lives are too easy.  The only power we find is to be upset about something and then demand that someone else “do something” about it.   It started early when we figured out screaming got us fed.

We need to swallow the pill and move on.

There are Guns to Confiscate…

And a Country to Spend into Oblivion…

There’s beer in the fridge.  Katherine Webb is Hot and I don’t imagine her being Dumb.