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Cliff Diving

I remember my first time diving from the “high” board into the “deep end”. It was terrifying. However, once I did it, things changed. The act became less terrifying with each occurrence.

Is this what the spending addicts in Washington are actually afraid of?

Has the explosion of an already bloated government left us scared and shaking on the ladder? When you look closely at the proposed cuts to all departments associated with the ‘Fiscal Cliff”, or “Sequestration”, it becomes clear that they are far from scary and should really serve only as a starting point. (Not even a good starting point… but at least a starting point.)

Will government jobs be in jeopardy?  Yes.

Will government programs that are duplicated throughout our military taking focus away from more important projects be cut?  Yes.

Will it force our armed forces to rate in earnest what programs are worth spending taxpayer dollars on and which are not?  Yes.

I address the military specifically because that seems to be where the majority of “fear” is being generated in regard to what amount to be miniscule cuts.  When I say miniscule, what I really mean is ridiculously small in comparison to our catastrophic spending problem leading to our obese, soon to be fatal, debt load.

In case any of you are shaking your heads in my wanton disregard for the serious ramifications of “cutting the military” all I can say is… remember that money is fungible. If there is truly a program that must be saved, it will be saved.

So this brings me back to my original question…

Is Washington and all of our Politicians that dwell there afraid of “Going over the cliff” because it will not be a very big deal? Are they afraid that the American people will experience the aftermath and say to themselves “What’s the problem?” to be closely followed by “Let’s keep going!”

If we are serious about cutting spending this is a good start.

In regard to taxes…

If the Leftists are serious in their assertion that taxing the crap out of everyone “promotes growth”, as they claim that it did under Clinton, then let them fall on that sword.  (I was there, and it was a paper tiger in the name of “the tech bubble” combined with a mature House of Representatives that produced what appeared to be a surplus…) but I’m willing to give them a helpful push as sometimes the blade gets stuck…

There is nothing in government that can’t be corrected quickly under the crushing burden of a declining economy aside from new entitlements and abdication of authority from one branch to another.

When the economic health of the United States plummets… we will need heroes, of a fiscal conservative variety.  And, we will need a whole lot of them.

It was cold the morning I climbed the eleven steps and peered over the top of that diving board. Shivering I walked to the very end and peered over the edge. My memory always makes it higher than any cliff I have dived off since…


A Man with a Plan…

Hoping to begin a second term President Obama has come up with a Plan!

The Des Moines Register has leaked the carefully crafted strategy to the world.

His schematic to save the country from Fiscal Collapse, that he has repeatedly declared he had no part in… is…

1. Raise Taxes (This has been rephrased as “repealing the Bush Tax Cuts” to remove the bitter taste to the few on the Democratic side of things who retain a modicum of mental capacity, and to mask all meaning for the rest of the Democrat base.  The other benefit of raising taxes is less money in your pocket and higher prices everywhere.  I suddenly feel like getting a Obama shirt…)

2. Allow “Sequestration” to Occur. (This was the plan designed to force congress to hold hands and exchange the big, wet, sloppy kisses “Independents” always cry for whenever they see a camera. Whoops… instead this will cut the Military. While I fully support a heavy thinning of duplicate programs within our Armed Forces, a Trillion Dollars seems a bit extreme. In addition, having 100,000 soldiers come home all at once with no new employment opportunities due to a brand new crushing tax burden preventing those ambitious enough to desire starting a business to balk at the endeavor just doesn’t look to me to be a terrific idea. But what do I know…  I mean aside from basic economics, what do I know…)

3. Preserve critical spending like that associated with Shrimp on Treadmills, and the ever-growing investment successes in Green Energy.  Thank God!

The Obvious brilliance associated with this Plan, or maybe the existence of one by the President, has earned him the Endorsement of The Washington Post… again.

So, if you were unsure about who to vote for in the next 10 days this should make it easier.

When given the opportunity, who can pass up higher taxes, higher prices, higher unemployment and a Plan to make sure it all happens?

All I know is It wont be Fair until I get my Crappy Health Care…  and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  If Obama wins, I’m going to need it.