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Think Ebola

Why would “Think Ebola” be appropriate for Health Care Facilities Nation Wide, but not for the General Public?

So, in other words, if you work in a hospital you should be thinking about Ebola.

And if you don’t work in a hospital… no worries.  You’ll be fine as long as you don’t think about Ebola.

If there has ever been an illustration of how Government cannot handle a crisis, this is it.

And I haven’t started on a very real Killer which is approaching epidemic levels called the Enterovirus D68. It’s here and it’s already killed 6… 4 of which were young children.

You must ask “Why?”.

I offer that ramping up the level of concern being experienced by the American Public will lead to obvious questions the current Administration and Political Party in Charge do not want asked.

Such as:

Why have we not secured the borders and continue to allow medically unscreened illegal immigrants into the United States and then fly them where ever they wish while placing the children into public schools across the nation?


Why have we not simply stopped incoming flights from West Africa?


Do you think the Terrorist’s are watching this?

And then come the profoundly enlightening if not horribly uncomfortable answers:

The Democrat Party refuses to secure the borders because the future of Socialism in America depends on a brand new class of taxpayer-funded welfare addicts who will always vote for them… damn the health consequences.

The Administration does not want to do anything which could be positioned as ‘racist’, which stopping those who are traveling from West Africa might imply.  But the most obvious result of stopping those flights would be to lead all of us immediately back to the first question regarding our borders, and that cannot be allowed to happen… damn the health consequences.

And, of course the Terrorists are watching… and learning. We are doing nothing because it’s not in the best interest of those who want to control us.

Damn all of the Consequences.



Not Going as Planned.

The Blame Trend is headed the wrong direction!

The American People are not buying into the Obama Administrations indictment of the Republicans when it comes to these apocalyptic “cuts” in government spending.  At least not in sufficient numbers.

I think they have paused this week because there are enough folks in the press asking “Really!?”  (You Really want us to believe any pain being felt at this point is because of anticipated cuts?  Your best substantiated example is your cancellation of White House tours?  Particularly when all White House tours being cancelled “due to sequestration” are conducted by Volunteers… free of charge to the government.)

But this is important stuff!  The Debt Limit is looming and President Obama wants to be able to spend with no limit what so ever.  Thus, the American Mind must be “made right” in terms of embracing bloated out-of-control government and their addiction to it.  Otherwise Congress will keep doing its job and holding people responsible for the fiscal oblivion approaching fast.

Liberal Government Officials are no longer being taken at their word, so… It’s time to roll out the victims!

I expect to see a full court press starting with the Sunday shows.