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Mexico’s Greek Problem

The Greeks are causing problems Everywhere!

If they’re not supposedly Raping College Coed’s, they’re screwing it up for North American Socialists.

So there I was killing a little time reading Lenin’s pamphlet “Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism” where he referenced Calwer’s book “An introduction to World Economics” and it dawned on me.  Since nothing is new… the citing of 19th century world power and wealth accumulation struck me as oddly relevant to the globe of 2015.

Climbing into the ‘way-back’ machine and ending up in the early nineties you would see many of us decrying the idea of an EU. We did this not because we feared the brilliant long-term success predicted for such a move towards the One World Socialist Utopia, but rather because we knew it would lead to economic instability throughout the world… exactly opposite of what those supporting the idea promised.

We were out in the wilderness attempting to explain to the handful of people who would listen that Huge mistakes could now be made by an entity so large… and the ramifications would be catastrophic.  We saw this with the EU insatiable appetite for US Junk Debt in the form of derivatives, and the subsequent economic meltdown of 2008 as a result.

But I must also give a nod to a secondary concern, that being the short-term success at combining all of these desperate countries into one large, for all intents and purposes, Nation.

It was the North American Socialists drive to do the same with the United States, Canada and Mexico.

This is still on the wish list of many Leftist Politicians and the legislation/treaties required are sitting in someones drawer waiting for the right time to be offered up to the American People… or simply Forced Upon Us as was Obamacare.

So let’s travel back to today…

Greece is about to sink the EU. And if not Greece, Spain and Portugal are waiting in the wings watching closely the events and waiting their turn to hold the rest of the EU hostage.

I will offer that the exit of Greece from the EU, read default, will set back the Socialists dream of an ‘Amero’ 50 years. I cannot say they will give up their attempts to destroy Freedom, Liberty and Free Exchange, as they never have. But the very events in Europe we are watching today are unwelcome by the Global Statists as it clearly demonstrates the fragility of monopolies as well as the futility of government planning.

Everybody cheats… including countries.

There are the Makers (Such as Germany) and the Takers (Such as Greece, Spain and Portugal).

The Takers are not interested in making an effort to be responsible for their actions and expendatures.

The Makers will always find themselves enabling the Taker’s addiction to spending and lethargy.

Self-interest will never be removed from the Human Condition… thank God.

Because of that, we are watching the dissolution of yet another Great Socialist Plan right before our eyes.

Luckily this is happening before the Untied States was convinced, or Pushed, into the same such agreement with our neighbors to the North and South of us.

If you are anything like me and read the stories coming out of Europe while wondering why the EU is trying so hard to keep the Greeks in the Club… it’s because the very legitimacy of Socialism is riding on a Healthy, Vibrant EU.

But what Socialists around the world simply cannot embrace is their very Governing Theory is poisonous… and the arrival of Death, Destruction and Oppression is only a matter of time.  The results of Force and Acceleration in the name of Administration will always be failure.  It’s simply to what degree.

So it is True.

The Greeks are indeed causing havoc Around the World.

However, the only people getting Raped are the Member Nations of the EU.

But they were asking for it.

I mean really… have you seen the way they dress?


Fighting to be Your Voice

An exchange I had with a friend brought something to mind.

We were discussing Organized Religion’s drive to be the Voice of The People.

Our conversation reinforced my belief that Organized Religion has a tendency, a desire, to be Government.

What I mean by this is The Church is not Fighting For your Voice… They are Fighting to BE your Voice.

This is synonymous with Statist governing Theory and it’s Demand to BE your voice.

Statists expect to be your Agent… in other words, they require the power to make decisions on your behalf, without your knowledge, that you will be liable for.

But it seems what We really want are spokespeople, or rather representatives, who speak Our Mind and execute Our Desires.  These two concepts are not the same.  While having the ability to override our demands… our Representatives would only do so in the very rarest of moments.  And when, if ever, this happens we demand an Explanation as they Work for us and have put us in a position we did not ask to be in.  In turn, They will stand tall to be judged while delivering that which we demand.

Clearly. This is not what we experience now.

I’ve long-held that Marx found compatriots within Europe exactly because his ideas would save the rapidly disenfranchised Aristocracy and Landed Gentry from complete irrelevance.  It’s Telling that Engels, Marx’ Patron, was born of wealth.  It’s also illustrative that many of the wealthy throughout Europe flocked to his ideas… as do much of America’s wealthy do today.

What becomes evident is it’s never been about Social Justice or whatever undefinable platitude you choose.  It’s always been about the Rich retaining their position within Society.  It’s always been about Class Permanence.  And in this regard everywhere Democratic Socialism has been tried it has indeed worked.

I marvel at the Machiavellian Brilliance found in Marx’ ideas in terms of having the Masses support the same Class Stasis they were trying to dismantle.

And without fail… the Masses have succeeded, enthusiastically.  And the Irony is they still don’t understand what’s happened.

But back to the point,

This is the difference between Protecting, and Fighting for, the Individual above all else vs. Protecting, and Fighting for, The Group.

When you ‘fight for the group’ you open yourself up to manipulation by Rich Socialists who have become Professional Manipulators.  This is what the term Useful Idiot means.  When you listen to Rich Liberals tell you how you must change your life and also vote for them again and again, right now, to save the planet, your neighborhood, your family, your vagina, whatever it is you value most… except, of course, your Freedom from Government… and you agree with him without ever asking why he refuses to give up his, you become Useful in the worst way.  It is when you Give Them your Voice that you become a Slave.  And that’s what they want.

It’s easy to comprehend.

Those seeking to protect the Group wish to secure their power as The Voice and remain in that office Forever while providing Their Family, and Their Friends, with the influence and largess the office affords. (Their Friends and Family would expect it… less they would accuse that powerful person of not caring about them.  And of course we want to be liked, loved and grow the power and influence we already have.  All of us want ‘the best’ for those closest to us.  How could you possibly deny Your Child access to medical care that has been structurally denied everyone else if you had the power to do so?  Or, how could you not make sure your Son or Daughter gets that job, even though there are better applicants, when you have the power to ‘make it happen’?  You know this to be true, and it will always be the fatal flaw in every incarnation of Socialism.  Self-Interest from within… and without.  So why do we continue to entertain repeating Marx’ horrid experiment?  But I digress…)


Those seeking to protect the Individual seek nothing else. They do not seek to secure their position to ‘spread the wealth around’ so long as it’s other people’s wealth. They do not seek to expand their power over others ‘to get things done’. They do not seek the office of Representative in order to direct favors to their family and friends.

The latter terrify those now in power exactly because they threaten the legalized theft from the  Masses, as well as jeopardizing the very Scheme embraced by Marx’ patrons 100 yeas ago. The Established System which keeps them in control would be at risk.

Those who seek to protect the Individual understand that the power of Government must be returned to what the Founders intended, which necessitates a Massive reduction.  This reduction would cut the leg’s out from underneath those Liberals, Republican and Democrat, that built their entire Empires on such Power.

Once you recognize this it becomes easier to understand what’s going on in our Country today.

I always Lie.

Why do we put so much emphasis on truth only to lie like dogs?  While we teach our kids it’s wrong, we lie right in front of them and with abandon.  We lie by leaving certain “facts” out or simply by denying reality.  We lie outright at times, say when we miss an appointment because we forgot, or not to “hurt” someones feelings or make them uncomfortable.  But whats worse is we lie to ourselves… We lie and lie and lie.  I’m no different…

I’m not fat.

I’m informed because I watch TMZ.

My opinion matters.

Only “good” stuff  goes into my hot dog.

“Free” stuff exists.

Organic food is actually better for me.

My kids are not having sex.

My neighbors like me.

Living in a color blind society requires checking a box.

I actually had car trouble.

Smoking isn’t bad for me.

We can all get along.

Bourbon is a necessary food group.

My wife only finds me attractive.  OK… this is a good one…

Do I want my wife to be faithful?  Of course I do.  Does that mean I don’t want her to notice other men?  No, it does not… how weird would that be?  If she stops liking men I have a much bigger problem than her being faithful.  What I want is a mutually respectful relationship that does not involve her, or me, having sex with other people.  But I would be asking her to lie to me if I expected her to tell me she only found me attractive.  It would require denying a biological imperative which she has no control over.  But that’s what we do…  we ask to be lied to.

OK… this is an even better one; Politicians care more about us than they do themselves and have our best interest at heart.

Do I want to think my political representatives should have no self-interest?  Yes I do, and they know this… so they tell me they don’t.  Does that mean they don’t?  Is it even possible for them to not have self-interest?  No, it’s not.  There is nothing our politicians, religious leaders, educators etc. can do about it.  We are all self-interested.  So why do we act like it’s possible?

Why do we expect political systems such as Socialism, that require a complete removal of a politicians self-interest,  to work as expected?  And, when they predictably fail why do we keep going back for more abuse?  (The voter who loves too much…)  The reason is we want to believe so badly that we ignore the results… repeatedly.  I contend that we all desperately want to be lied to.  It’s just “nicer”.  Reality is just not nice…

Who doesn’t want to believe that animals talk just like in the Disney movies.  We all want to believe our parents never had sex.  We all want to believe that our politicians can be objective.  We all want to live in fantasy rather than addressing the world as it is.  We shield ourselves from reality by simply not participating and instead go to the theater to see the latest 2-hour time killer or watch endless TV vampires.  We “read”… but it’s something you find in the grocery store checkout line.

It’s easy to understand, we find the events that impact us directly depressing instead of instructional.  If we can’t avoid them completely, we would rather sedate ourselves than deal with situations that might make us uncomfortable.

It’s time to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee.  Fantasy has its place and it’s time to put it in the backseat where it belongs.  The world is a beautiful place and does not need fantasy. Put reason and rational first and ask at every moment; while that seems “nice” is it the right answer?  (I offer most of the time you will find the answer is no, it’s not.)  You’re life will change for the better at this point.  The clouds will part.  You might stop eating hot dogs.


People will never stop lying to you and you will never stop lying to them.

At least, for your own good, stop lying to yourself…