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The second round is Over!

My favorite quote?

“There is the idea out there that I think government is the answer.” – Barack Obama

I’m glad this was clarified for me.

I must confess that I did think President Obama was of the belief that Government was the answer to our ills. I based this assessment on; the Nationalization of GM and bail out of the Unions with taxpayer dollars, The Explosion of Government Employees paid with taxpayer dollars, The appointment of a relatively new class of paid advisors known as “Czar’s” paid with taxpayer dollars, The massive increase in new EPA regulations requiring government intervention into business where it has never been needed costing taxpayers through fees and increased cost of goods, the Tripling of the Money Supply which is a covert tax reducing the value of the dollar by simply running the printing press, the pushing of taxpayer dollars into the “green energy” sector funding unproven sources of energy which subsequently go bankrupt, and the 35% increase in the National Debt… a debt accumulated since our founding in 1776.

I feel better now knowing that I had a misconception of his world view and governing philosophy.
Thank Goodness… because if he did think that Government was the answer, he’d be awful.

I must say, It was nice to see two debaters this time…

I guess it’s time to get a Obama sign.