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Guns, Guns, Guns…

…and who owns them.

I’ve been paying attention, with unusual interest, to the debate surrounding the tiny newspaper in New York that released the names of firearms permit holders.

Clearly this was political.  Clearly it was legal.

OK… so why would anyone be upset?  Aside from the blatantly political move by the “objective” press….

1.  There is an argument that gun owners do not want “bad guys” to know they have a gun in their home.

I’m not sure I understand this argument… If I’m not home my weapons are secure.  If I’m home, I’m secure.  No problem.  I hope the “bad guys” all know… that’s kind of the point.

2.  There is an argument that law-abiding Liberals living around those who have publicly applied for, and obtained, firearms permits are a threatened by those permit holders.

Again, I’m not sure I understand this argument as law-abiding Gun Owners are not the ones committing crimes.  They are also connected in many cases of stopping criminal acts in progress.  (We can discuss who is the “first line of defense” in comments if needed.  I welcome it.  I have also heard Liberal talking heads say they would not want their kids in my home if they know I have guns… well I too do not want your kids in my home, soooo… we’re okay then, right?)

But there is one clear point here.

Yes, this exposure was intended to “shame” those who own guns by the Leftist Newspaper.  But it has turned out to be only shameful to the Leftist permit holders.  This fact should bring a smile to our collective gun owning faces.

You have to remember that to a Liberal, laws are for other people… not the Liberals who propose them.  The only people on that list of names who were “shamed” were those individual Liberals who champion Gun Control laws… for the Little People.   It is fashionable to be in favor of gun bans… being more outraged over every shooting than your neighbor… shaking your head in disdain over the proliferation of guns in America, etc.

This presents itself in the Righteousness associated with their Democrat/Socialist circle of friends by being in favor of all and any Gun Control.  (These are also the same people who if offered a sign for their front yard proclaiming “This Home is Proudly Gun Free” would refuse to put it up.  I know this because I have personally offered to hammer it into the ground myself…)

However, It becomes difficult to explain to your “Common Sense-Mainstream” Liberal neighbors that you too are a “Common Sense-Mainstream” Liberal when you have been outed as a gun-toting freak.

This is why there has been quick and focused amount of negative attention applied to this matter by the rest of the Leftist Media… because they’re well aware that a number of their members happen to have concealed carry permits and reside in New York and the surrounding boroughs, counties and states.  The very leftist New York Media who are NOT cheering this latest exposure of permit holders, know full well they are on deck for the next round of exposures.

So once again, the Hypocrisy of the Left is what is at issue here.  Nothing New.

Don’t be distracted by the first two arguments and pay closer attention to who is being offended and positioning themselves as the suddenly new champions of the second amendment and personal privacy.  You will find a growing number of Democrats whose voting records demonstrate their brand new, previously undocumented, love of both.  They have images to protect… don’t you know.

Keep Smiling!

(Update: Gawker has fired the next shot by producing a list of permit holders in NYC.  Hilarious!)

It’s worth noting that this story occurred several years ago… and very shortly after Gawker released the NYC list the ‘releasing of lists’ suddenly stopped.  It was not made illegal to release these lists… it just ‘mysteriously’ stopped.  Funny how Leftist Liberals do not like it when you turn on the lights.



Power and Reason

I’ve been watching something over the last several weeks which I believe serves as an example of what happens when Individuals are given power over others even in what should be considered routine activities.

Recently a concerned Father objected to a reading assignment required of his 14-year-old daughter. This occurred in Gilford, New Hampshire.

The reason this man protested his daughters reading assignment was because he viewed the material to be inappropriate for a fourteen year old. It was primarily one passage in question.

I’ll let you decide.

“‘Relax,’ Matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder. He pinned her hands over her head and ground his hips against hers. She could feel his erection, hot against her stomach.

” … She couldn’t remember ever feeling so heavy, as if her heart were beating between her legs. She clawed at Matt’s back to bring him closer.

“‘Yeah,’ he groaned, and her pushed her thighs apart. And then suddenly Matt was inside her, pumping so hard that she scooted backward on the carpet, burning the backs of her legs. … (H)e clamped his hand over her mouth and drove harder and harder until Josie felt him come.

“Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”

(H/T Freedom Outpost)  The actual quote highlights from the book are oddly difficult to find.

Full disclosure… I’ve now read the book and found Jodi Picoult to be a very good and engaging author.  However, I’m old and the above passages are the least offensive things I read on a daily basis watching the dismantling of our Democratic Republic.  At fourteen I would have had a very different reaction.  I’m also fully aware that these types of discussions have been occurring for decades.  A famous example was the introduction of “Go Ask Alice” into reading programs across the country during the 70’s.  There was a cry to ban this book.  But that is not what is happening here even though there is a desperate effort to position it as such.

It’s also important to note that the father, William Bear, only wanted the School Board to provide an “Opt Out” for his and other parents should they not desire their 12-14 year old children to read such material.

Seems Reasonable…

When Mr. Bear asked the School Board for this provision he was limited to two minutes to “plead” his case.  He stayed within his two minutes.

The School Board was then addressed by individuals implying that an “Opt Out” amounted to book burning… and an assault on Free Speech.

When Mr. Bear spoke up to counter this accusation, as that was not at all what he was asking for, he was “outside” of his two minutes, having already used them (this was a brand new rule instituted for this meeting), and Mr. Baer was ARRESTED.

While most of the media who is giving this a modicum of attention have focused either on “morality” entering schools (We certainly wouldn’t want that) or the mentality of “ownership” of our children by the schools (we certainly wouldn’t want to admit that)… both of which, in my opinion, miss an important point.

It doesn’t really matter where this type of event occurs.  It could be this School Board meeting, the Zoning Department or getting your Drivers License renewed at the DMV.  We see Reason removed when it runs counter to those “in charge” who are provided the legal option of Force to remedy conflict.

Since when can a School Board order the arrest of a citizen for whom they work?  They had a number of options, they could have had a legitimate discussion of the content (which they absolutely refused to do… they wouldn’t read it, they wouldn’t discuss it at this meeting) to adjourning the meeting if they thought it was “out of control”.

Instead they chose Force over Reason.

We are witnessing this dynamic all over the United States.  We have seen a growing acceptance of such behavior over the last several decades.  We are witnessing a lament from those who practice it that those who expose it are destroying media…  and we have witnessed that howl for decades as well.

In the end I’m not one who will tell you this type of thing is new… I will tell you instead that the fractionalization of media has provided us with the opportunity to see it happening where years ago it would have been left unreported, if not completely ignored.

We are where we are in this country because of the type of people making up a small School Board in New Hampshire.

We are where we are in this country because we have only recently been able to see clearly, and undeniably, how this behavior manifests itself.

We are here because we were in the dark, and when we did see it in the past we were isolated and marginalized.

That is changing.

These are indeed interesting times.

Regarding the Father and his mission to get attention for an “Opt Out” provision for his and all other families who might desire their children not be FORCEFULLY exposed to inappropriate material… as defined by THE PARENT… I would recommend taking a page out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a Liberal Manifesto for getting your way.

I suggest allowing his 14-Year Old Daughter to take two minutes before the Gilford School Board and read all of pages 309-310 and 313 out loud for The Board and all those in attendance.  I would also suggest having a separate Camera focused on each School Board member while she honors her required reading assignment.  Finally I, as the Father, would take my 120 seconds, graciously provided by the Benevolent Humans in charge of Education in Gilford, and read the appropriate New Hampshire Child Pornography statues which could be applicable to his daughter having to complete the reading requirement forced upon her.

Of course, Saving the last 5 seconds to again ask for an “Opt Out” Provision… not a book burning.

And yet Another Leftist with a Gun?

Apparently the latest shooting Colorado is another young uninformed leftist with a gun.

At what point will we prohibit Socialists from possessing firearms?

Leftists kill.

And Kill.

And Kill.

It’s time to put a stop to Liberal gun ownership.  Private gun shops must start administering psych profiles with the intent to limit Liberals from owning and having access to weapons.

What do Benghazi and Newtown have in common?

Both have taxpayer-funded Liberal officials trying to suppress the “Why” it happened.

It is a fact that the State Department is not interested in discussing the “Why” behind Benghazi.  Hilary Clinton said as much and John Kerry has reiterated her sentiments.  Witnesses have been hidden from the press, and Administration officials have derided the press for even asking.  The position, as stated by Hilary Clinton, is… “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”  Yes… what does it matter if we have adopted a stance which leaves our Diplomatic personnel hanging out to dry?

But the efforts to suppress the “Why” behind the Newtown shooting has not received much coverage.  According to the Washington Post, a bill being quietly pushed through the Connecticut Legislature would allow the victims to decide what information would be made public regarding the event.  While this is being couched under the auspices of “Victims Rights”, and the public is being told it is primarily concerning the crime scene photo’s… it would include all aspects of the case.  In other words, it would include any notes, ledgers, e-mail, websites, etc.  It would basically prevent anyone from finding the “Why” an arguably disturbed but not unintelligent individual would plan, equip and execute such a horrible crime.

Allow me to be clear.  I am not waiting with bated breath to see the crime scene photo’s from Newtown any more than I care to see the crime scene photo’s from Benghazi.

However, I do want to see the correspondence surrounding both events.  I do want to see what websites and media young Lanza consumed regularly.  I do want to understand who thought it would be a brilliant idea to dig up a stupid video to blame the Benghazi assassination on.  I do want to see the scribbling’s of a young man who was seeking… something.  I do want to hear from the other survivors of the “spontaneous” consulate attack.

There is truth to be found in both cases… and in both cases there are Liberals attempting to shield it from the light of day.

These types of things make me wonder… “Why”.

I’ve Had it with this Gun Violence!

“Another Shooting on Another Day at Another School in America” – Shep Smith

Another “School Shooting” has been reported at a college in St. Louis. I’m not sure which side yet. Missouri or Illinois but it really doesn’t matter.

I’m fed up!

This must stop!

We HAVE to start looking at the political orientation of these shooters!  What kind of mindset allows such violence?

We have historically seen Leftists killing our children and our friends and family and it’s time to put a stop to it.

We, as a Nation, must demand tests be given prior to allowing the sale of a firearm to another Socialist.

The story is new… but it appears that this shooter is yet another Leftist with a gun. And, historically this is always what happens when Leftists get ahold of guns.

This research must be conducted on every gun crime in America.  EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Surely you all agree with me right?  …because you’re not insane.

It’s only reasonable.


Is it the gun?

Or do we have a different problem?

There has been much talk about how these incidents have increased over the last 30 years… while that observation is worthy of additional scrutiny to determine its validity, it does correspond to the worlds, and particularly the U.S., changing the way we handle the mentally ill and their subsequent treatment.

Here is an interesting story published yesterday in the Hartford Courant. A CT. Newspaper.  These stories are not unusual.

This link will take to the story.

We must be very careful how this discussion of mental illness progresses. We seem to be in a rush to assign illness to every individual in every circumstance such a PTSD to Autism. Certainly there are many valid cases of these illnesses, but there are also certainly many which are not.