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The War on Women

I’m hoping at tonight’s last Presidential Debate for the 2012 Election the serious topic of The War on Women will be discussed.
There is a Profound Problem we are facing in regard to the treatment of women and girls. It cannot be tolerated in a civilized society.  All of our attention should be focused on this matter immediately because it affects all fo us.

The problem is not limited to just Birth Control and Equal Pay. It encompasses all facets of equality including the Right to Life.

Last week a group of men stormed a School bus full of children in broad daylight and deliberately Shot a Beautiful, Brilliant, Little Girl in the Head. Why? Because she dared to publicly suggest that women and girls have equal access to education.

Think about that for a moment.  Read it again.  And again.  And again…

This young girl, Malala, lives in a place that killing a female is acceptable if something as minor as a mans honor is impugned… and the idea of “equal rights” is scoffed at. In fact, inequality is institutionalized.

So what have we done about it? Well, once you get past the disgusting domestic election year efforts to trivialize such horrors by people like Sandra Fluke whose biggest problem seems to be getting her free birth control, to Liberal demands that religious institutions and religious individuals pay for abortions which they fundamentally oppose…. Nothing.  Well, not “nothing”… we indirectly fund it.

Make no mistake… there is a War on Women. And our response is to send U.S. taxpayer dollars to those who conduct it.  I can hear you already…. But don’t tell me that the Muslim Brotherhood is not the Taliban… they are.  Taking Thugs and putting them in suits does not make them any less Thuggish.  This flavor of Socialism is spreading like wildfire throughout the Middle East using the “Democracy” we, the U.S., aided in introducing to legitimize itself.  It’s Pathetic and disgusting.

When will we make an effort to be intellectually honest?

We should either admit we don’t care, or stop acting as if it isn’t really happening.

But acting like it isn’t really happening apparently passes for “Foreign Policy” by the Obama Administration.  The entire world is feeling the effect of this policy as I type this.  And it’s not good.

The only response I can think of to people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, Sandra Fluke, David Axelrod, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama etc. is “You have no Idea… if you do, you certainly are not acting like it.  By attempting to elevate any issue a female has in this country to a “War on Women” makes you look like Fools.  Either get your priorities straight, or get out.  I would prefer you just get out and leave the serious discussions to the adults.”

We’ll see if Romney has the cojones to make this point tonight.  I fear he will not… because when you’re ahead, speaking the truth is not a priority.

Deceleration Trauma

It’s not the Fall that Kills You…

The Obama campaign has found religion… and they’re hoping to be saved Monday night.

This is it folks. There has been no bounce. There have been no victories.

Libya will not go away.
The Middle East has become the forge of radicalism.
Europe is facing a new brand of Fascism as the Phoenix from its ashes.
China is fighting its own internal problems and busy Hating the Japanese anew.
The Koreas are inches away from trading fire.
The Russians are finding their feet under a familiar governing theory.
And, The Iranians will very soon have the bomb.. and ready to march Israel into the sea.

This last Debate is about Foreign Policy…

How has the Liberal approach to the world been working out for us?  It seems being Nice just isn’t worth the respect it used to be.  The “do unto others” clause appears to be missing from the worlds major moral missives.

It’s all about the stop.

We’re about to stop.

Who do you want in charge?  Who has aided in our being here?  What ideology is responsible for the state we are in?  These are the questions you should be asking yourselves during this debate.

If president Obama can’t pull one out here… it’s over.

The Global Situation will be the same, but we’ll have a new Commander.