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No Right of Return

On this day, President Obama destroyed the hopes of Cuban Exiles World Over to return to their beloved Cuba and reclaim the Property, and Land, which is rightfully theirs.

All of those who escaped the Murderous Castro Regime seeking refuge in what was once the freest Country on Earth…

Must now abandon all promise they would be able to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

This has happened because the President of the United States finds Communal ground with Fidel Castro, His Brother and Socialist Ideology.

Our President has intentionally handed legitimacy to these Socialist Serial Killers.

Nothing Good can come of this.

Once the Soviets find their feet again… which we are allowing them to do as of this typing, Their ‘Aircraft Carrier’ in the Gulf of Mexico will be back up and running.  There is simply far too much power associated with having America to Blame for every ill.

But once again, the Liberal Progressives in the Country will prop up Socialist Failure under the perpetually misguided belief a different outcome will prevail.

History is determined to teach the opposite lesson.

Doubt me?

Name a single Free-Market Capitalist Economy with a Constitutionally Limited Government preserving the Natural Right of Personal Freedom, Liberty and Property Ownership resulting from Subsidizing Socialism?

I’ll wait…


Throwing Obama from the Train

As the re-election hopes of “The One we’ve all been waiting for” begin to fade…  due primarily to his Socialist Economic Policies and complete disdain for the Individual, the Constitution and the Free-Market.

Is “The Middle East the Excuse they’ve all been waiting for?”

As the election draws near it appears that the Socialists have been handed a gift. We all know that when Obama loses in November it will be because of everything other than his horribly misguided Socialist views and policy. What’s interesting however is that many of the reasons have been floated over the last year… with little traction. You could almost see the desperation on the faces of dedicated Liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. OK, well not so much Nancy as it’s hard to figure out whats on her face at any given time but you get the point.
As if from on high a gift has been bestowed upon the Left. They can excuse the impending, soon to be subsequent, loss on Obama’s Foreign Policy and the Middle East Meltdown. Foreign Policy is just nebulous enough to make sure the voters will fail to understand how it is connected to Socialism. It’s all the Muslim Brotherhood’s Fault!  Perfect!
So be prepared, we will be hearing from now until the end of time that “it was the Middle East that cost Obama the Presidency”.
If you have been paying even a small amount of attention then you are aware that the Middle East is just another symptom of the Left’s approach to the world… but for the rest of the electorate, especially those who genuinely think they are Democrats but have no idea what that means, this excuse will fit the bill preserving their perceived brilliance of liberalism for another election cycle.

Watch for some of the “Democratic Statesmen” to come out of retirement and begin speaking to this “problem” we have in that region and how this Administrations approach “could, might, possibly be considered responsible for these turn of events”.  These “Elder Statesmen” will offer sage advice and wizened comparisons to previous era’s that most of the voters have no recollection of. It will be fascinating to see who they can dig up to solidify this “history”. The Democrat party apparatchiks might even be able to push some RINO’s out into the news circuit to offer up a “bi-partisan” validation of this alternative history.

Look for this happen right about… now.

Whatever it takes to save Socialism for another day.

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