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Anagrams for Idiots?

Considering nobody can find the self-described “Israeli Jew Real Estate Developer” who purportedly created an anti-muslim film which is being blamed for fomenting violence in Cairo I want to play a game…
Supposedly this filmmakers name is Sam Bacile.

It could be offered that Sam Bacile is a poorly spelled anagram of “Imbeciles”. I propose it was too difficult to get an acceptable name out of Infidel or Great Satan.  (Stan Garate just doesn’t sound jewish enough?)

His age is 56… added together is 11. Following his 9 letter name is…
I know!  I know!… seriously, I’m not one of these people I swear.

But the profound stupidity of the 12 minute trailer posted on YouTube of this guys “film” demands an equally stupid exploration.

The number of clichés associated with Mr. Bacile is also funny if not ridiculous.
The story goes that his film was paid for by exactly “100 Jewish donors”, not 32 or 58 etc… he is a real estate developer, a career which is particularly western and prone to being viewed with disdain by ideologies who do not approve of both Capitalism and Property Rights… He’s not just a jew, he’s an “Israeli Jew”… And now nobody can find him…

I’m not implying this is a laughing matter.  It is not.
The execution of our Libyan Ambassador was well planned and not the kind of event which happens spontaneously. This is not the work of angry movie watchers demanding retribution for the 12 minutes of their life they will never get back. This is not the work of offended religious zealots outraged by the prohibited (and exceptionally poor) depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

This is intentional, well planned, merciless violence.  The kind of violence perpetuated by those who hate America.  It has been on the drawing board for a significant amount of time and planned to coincide with 9/11.

Not only are Islamo-Fascists killing our citizens it’s my view they’re making sure to call us stupid at the same time.

The Sam Bacile thing is a Wild Ass Guess (This guy may be for real), but the above statement is not.  I’m sure I’ve had one too many… but it doesn’t change the fact that we cannot live in a world where we tolerate violence from “the offended”.