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What Spies Do…

(She got away with it.  She is above the law.  She… was… expected to run the country.)

(Update: The Question is finally being asked…)

(Update 082015:  This post was from March…  Why does it take six months (Now 20 months) to address the Large Points?)

There is a large point being missed with regard to the latest revelation of a U.S. Secretary of State creating, and using exclusively, an outside conduit of communication to their reports, and associates, within the Department of State.


When committing Espionage a Spy must find a way to communicate information without appearing to do so. This is not difficult to understand.

Hollywood might have you believe Spies find interesting little pieces of information and covertly send that information to the interested party of choice. But that’s the movies.  And, small amounts of information have lesser value than Huge Amounts of Information.  Seems self-evident.

If you want to be “The Most Transparent Administration, and State Department, in History!”, one way to achieve that is to give full access to…

(Well, when We The People hear that phrase repeated ad nauseam, we think the Administration is speaking to Us. It’s entirely possible the Administration was speaking to someone completely different. If that is the case, it would clear up the confusion We The People have when it comes to the supposed ‘Transparency’ of this current Administration.  It also begs the question ‘Who Else may have created their own “home-made” ISP upon which to communicate?’)

… other countries.

What better way to do the above than to create an entirely separate network that can easily be tapped into?

In other words, Creating a Method of Communication outside of Federally Protected Channels may extend well beyond the desire to avoid the Damned Prying Eyes of the ‘Stupid’ American Public’s FIOA requests.

It would certainly make it convenient for a Foreign Power to access and monitor all communications within that channel… without the Damned Prying Eyes of those tasked with protecting the Secrets and Security of the United States.

While those who created such a network would obviously deny such intent…

That question must be explored.

When it Looks like Espionage, Walks like Espionage and Talks like Espionage… it might just be Espionage.

Maybe the NSA can take a break from Spying on Us and re-task some folks to find out Who else was attached to Eric Hoteham’s ISP.   Any thoughts Mr. Pagliano or are you sticking with taking the fifth?

(Originally Posted 030415)


Russian Hackers Burned my Toast!

I’m not sure how they did it, but I’ve placed a call into the CIA, the DNC and the British Labor Party demanding answers.

I’m also pretty sure Russian Hackers shot JFK, are causing Korean Pop Music to come from my fillings and the usually large size of tomatoes at the grocery store.


Flash: Russians found Responsible for Taking over American Education System!

In now declassified FBI Documents, from the 1960’s, it has been shown the Soviet Union was responsible for the organization and funding of Home Grown Socialists taking over the Public School System and Intellectually Incapacitating Generations of American Children. The report shows that these children later went on to secure positions at Colleges and Universities throughout the country. They also became Politicians, Electors and Scary Clowns.


Flash: Russia Responsible for the Crappy Service I received at Burger King!

According to secret DIA assessment Russian Hackers unduly influenced the lack of Mayonnaise on my Whopper when I clearly ordered “Heavy” Mayonnaise on my Whopper. I specifically requested “Heavy” Mayonnaise and it turned out to be “Light” Mayonnaise even though I was told it would be “Heavy” Mayonnaise.



It’s Say Anything Week!

Good Morning Folks,
We are now officially into the last week before a Presidential Election. This period of time is what I like to refer to as “Say Anything Week”. It’s during this last week that the craziest, most ridiculous and foolish, accusations will be flung at whoever is opposing the Socialist Candidate because there’s just not enough time for anyone to refute them. And, considering the Press is Liberal, no one to laugh at them.

I always look forward to this week because you get to hear things similar to “George Bush is flying around on an SR-71 to get hostages released”, “My friend says Mitt Romney doesn’t pay his taxes” and old favorites like “When Did you stop beating your wife?”.

It’s a fun week.

Please garb a cold one and enjoy it with me!

The Russians Stole My Homework!

Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter, Oh, oh, oh… oh… oh… ooooohhhh… I got one…

“The Eighties Called and Want Their Foreign Policy Back.”


It’s as funny now as it was when Obama said it to Mitt Romney 4-years ago!

It’s amazing to me that as a country we have to turn to hackers for the truth… about everything.

I assure you, if our Elitist Klass Ass-Hat-Clowns could figure out a way to prove the stuff coming from the mysterious “Russian!” hackers was carefully designed fabricated misinformation… they would be doing it as loudly as they could.

They would be YELLING it.

But their not…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, buy a typewriter.

Has Bryan Pagliano ever heard of Craig Livingston?

Hillary’s IT Guy, the one she had set up her private server, probably doesn’t know how this movie ends….

If you’re reading this Bryan, here’s a little Wiki Wiki. 

Don’t trust Wikipedia?  Well, let me just say it doesn’t turn out well for you if you think there is nobility in ‘taking one for the team’.  The ‘Cause’ doesn’t care about you, Bryan.  Hillary doesn’t care about you.

So, Bryan, you’re probably saying to yourself “But they promised to take care of me!”.

Of course they did.

And Where is Mr. Livingston now?

Nobody knows, Bryan.  Nobody knows.