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Deceleration Trauma

It’s not the Fall that Kills You…

The Obama campaign has found religion… and they’re hoping to be saved Monday night.

This is it folks. There has been no bounce. There have been no victories.

Libya will not go away.
The Middle East has become the forge of radicalism.
Europe is facing a new brand of Fascism as the Phoenix from its ashes.
China is fighting its own internal problems and busy Hating the Japanese anew.
The Koreas are inches away from trading fire.
The Russians are finding their feet under a familiar governing theory.
And, The Iranians will very soon have the bomb.. and ready to march Israel into the sea.

This last Debate is about Foreign Policy…

How has the Liberal approach to the world been working out for us?  It seems being Nice just isn’t worth the respect it used to be.  The “do unto others” clause appears to be missing from the worlds major moral missives.

It’s all about the stop.

We’re about to stop.

Who do you want in charge?  Who has aided in our being here?  What ideology is responsible for the state we are in?  These are the questions you should be asking yourselves during this debate.

If president Obama can’t pull one out here… it’s over.

The Global Situation will be the same, but we’ll have a new Commander.

The second round is Over!

My favorite quote?

“There is the idea out there that I think government is the answer.” – Barack Obama

I’m glad this was clarified for me.

I must confess that I did think President Obama was of the belief that Government was the answer to our ills. I based this assessment on; the Nationalization of GM and bail out of the Unions with taxpayer dollars, The Explosion of Government Employees paid with taxpayer dollars, The appointment of a relatively new class of paid advisors known as “Czar’s” paid with taxpayer dollars, The massive increase in new EPA regulations requiring government intervention into business where it has never been needed costing taxpayers through fees and increased cost of goods, the Tripling of the Money Supply which is a covert tax reducing the value of the dollar by simply running the printing press, the pushing of taxpayer dollars into the “green energy” sector funding unproven sources of energy which subsequently go bankrupt, and the 35% increase in the National Debt… a debt accumulated since our founding in 1776.

I feel better now knowing that I had a misconception of his world view and governing philosophy.
Thank Goodness… because if he did think that Government was the answer, he’d be awful.

I must say, It was nice to see two debaters this time…

I guess it’s time to get a Obama sign.

Rematch! Debate 2012 II

Tonight is the night President Obama will attempt to regain a modicum of his dignity. After speaking with several associates it is clear that everyone hopes the President will have something to say. Anything.

Unfortunately, what we expect is a barrage of “Liar.”

Of course it will be coached in language like; ‘mistaken”, “uninformed”, “wrong”, “difficulty with the facts”, “misleading”, “out of touch” and of course the latest liar du jour euphemism “you’re not entitled to your own facts”.

But that’s all he has.  And Obama knows that no-one listens to the “fact checkers” nor will they do what I would prefer and check for themselves.  So… Romney could say 2+2=4 and Obama will say something to the tune of “Liar” or “You’re entitled to your own opinion… but not your own math.”

David Axelrod, et al, have promised that the President will be “more aggressive”.  I’m interested in this.

What will the President be aggressive about?  It has long been my contention that Socialists cannot come right out and say what they really believe.  It is also my contention that the Presidents current record is not one any human being would want to defend.  In addition, I have yet to see what specifics the President has offered on economic policy… while demanding it of his opponents.  (This is primarily due to Leftists not being able to say what they intend out loud where people can hear them, as mentioned previously.)  So what will he be “more aggressive” with?

So here is my unsolicited, and worth what you pay for it, advice aimed at the Romney campaign…

When confronted with the 47% – say “it’s true”.  And explain.  It’s a winner.  Everyone should have skin in the game.

When confronted with the off-shore accounts and tax avoidance – say “it’s true”.  And explain.  Everyone tries to avoid taxes… H&R Block anyone?  This is a play on the ignorance of the public, typical of Liberals, in their failure to recognize the difference between “avoidance” and “evasion”.  We ALL do the first… the second is illegal.  It’s time to educate the folks and point out that they are being “mislead”… once again.

When the demand is made for specifics, return that demand and remind people the President has been in office for four years without a single budget ever being passed, while driving us into a fiscal oblivion.  Bankruptcy is not a plan most Americans would see as viable.

When confronted with the social issues, remind everyone that the country is on the cliffs edge of fiscal collapse.  If ‘It’s the Economy, Stupid.” then “It’s the Debt, Dummy.”  The social issues will not save us.

And finally be as nice as possible while doing it.

All the while, give every opportunity for the President to be angry… and “more aggressive”.

Obama’s town hall history is one of stuttering, meandering, painful searches for cogent thoughts.  He is not good “on his feet”.  He needs his teleprompter in order to deliver “the greatest orator ever” reputation his handlers have built.  (Expect to see Crowley try to remedy this by 1.Leading him to the answer, or 2.Cutting him off and Moving to the next topic.)

Everything is at stake for the Obama campaign tonight.  They must do something to not just stop, but reverse the momentum Romney enjoys with three weeks out.  Voting is going on right now… and they know it.

This will be a genuinely fascinating debate to watch.

No drinking games for me tonight.

Don’t Vote Against Barack!

Do Not Vote For Mitt…

And… Do Not Throw Your Vote Away on Gary!

Please take a moment to think this through…

It’s not enough to vote the “right” way, unless it’s for the “right” reason.

It is not Obama, the man, that we are Fighting Against. It should not be Romney, the man, that we are Fighting For… And, while I like Gary Johnson, I don’t need anyones permission… or approval… to get stoned if I choose too.

The 2012 Election is all about the War between Capitalism and Socialism (plus all its variants) with the future of the United States hanging in the balance. The Ideologies are mutually exclusive.  The choice is Clear.  It is as simple as that.

The election is not about Abortion, Special Rights for Minorities or Big Bird. While these are issues we should be discussing… like, why should one person have more rights than I do… no matter happens with these “Paramount Problems” it will not result in the complete and total collapse of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

You Are Being Distracted.

It is Intentional.

The Socialists cannot argue ideology because they know you’ll start gathering wood for the ensuing stake burning.

The Capitalists will not argue ideology because, most of them have no idea what it means. And those that do, know that you have been subjected to 60 years of programming, confusion and outright misinformation provided by our government schools… so you don’t know what it means either.  Those “in the know” could come out of the closet and preach the gospel of Voluntary Cooperation… but you would look at them like they have three heads and were speaking in tongues.


You are being asked to reduce this election to a beauty contest between two Men who cannot tell you the truth.

The Truth is you have a choice between a genuinely Crappy Socialist (who like’s beer…) and a Squishy, Vacillating, Poorly Grounded Consitutional Conservative (who does not like beer… not a plus.)

On behalf of Mr. Squishy and Vacillating, I would offer that Constitutional Conservatives have yet to destroy any economies… oppress individuals… subjugate peoples… enslave populations… systematically starve their enemies… etc.

The Socialists have, and continue to, perform all the above tasks with alarming skill.  With only the best of intentions, and preaching “Fairness” while doing it.

This election comes down to a simple question that has nothing to do with the likability of the individuals running. Instead, it has everything to do with the Ideology they support.

So, I ask you… Do we put the final nail in the coffin of Free-Market Capitalism and Individual Liberty that this country has the opportunity to return to by Voting for Force, the ideology embodied by Barack Obama?


Do we elect the only option we have that may slow the decent and, hopefully with our relentless engagement, begin to undo 100 years of Fabian Socialist policies?

We have seen clearly the illustration of that old adage “Once you go Socialist you never go back.” And contrary to the 1%, like the Kennedy’s/Kerry’s/Reid’s/Pelosi’s, we are not better off for it.

Please make an effort to understand the stark differences between the ideologies.  Then, and only then, go vote.  After that… stay engaged and don’t let these people get away with turning this great country into Greece.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Have you ever had Retsina?  Not good.

Quick! Say Something Outrageous!

The Press needs something to talk about…

Romney is a Liar!

Romney Cheats!

Romney is an Alien!

Romney ax murdered his entire family!  – Wait… I’m being told they are still traveling with him and you can clearly see they have not been ax murdered… okay then,

Unemployment is 7.8%!


(Update:  If that doesn’t work say Romney Hates Big Bird!)

Because if you don’t, everyone will keep talking about how a guy named Mitt totally destroyed you in that debate.

This is the part of the campaign season where we just start making sh*t up.  It doesn’t matter… even if we are lying about unemployment, or Global Warming, or Evil Republicans wanting to forcefully remove the wombs of virgins, it just doesn’t matter because there’s no time to prove us wrong.  In fact, if we say enough ridiculous crap then the media that cares, what exists of it, will short-circuit on “stupid lies” overload.  The media that doesn’t care will have something other than your mumbling search for a thought that was passed off as a debate.  And… regardless of how profoundly ignorant it is, most of our base will believe it… an added bonus!

So hurry up Barack et al… throw some more fantastic pap out there for public consumption.

It certainly can’t hurt compared to debating the truth… can it?

The First Debate…

Well, I should give credit where credit is due.

Kudo’s to Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod for orchestrating the “take expectations of Obama’s performance lower than ever previously thought possible” campaign, and… to their candidate for delivering on them.


Also, credit for Jim Lehrer trying to lead the President to cogent answers. Watching Obama flail for the first half of the debate was beginning to get painful even for me. Nice try Jim…

It was so bad, I almost felt sorry for our current President… but then I would remind myself that he is a horrid Socialist and what fleeting empathy I had diminished immediately.

Obama’s chickenssssssss, have come hoooommmme to rooooosssst…  (A shout out to Reverend Wright…)

Keep in mind, It wasn’t that Romney was THAT good. He was OK.  Just OK.

It was that Obama was THAT bad.  Seriously BAD.

Sans the teleprompter he had nowhere to go but the packaged responses he had practised for the last three days.  There were a couple of moments I thought he might get physically ill.  The first “vomit take” in a Presidential debate.  (I wonder if they’ll trot that one out… “President Obama wasn’t felling well.”  I wouldn’t feel well either if I had his track record to defend.)

I believe he would have had a far better performance if he had just come out and admitted he was a Socialist then argued from that standpoint. Unfortunately for the President, and his party, they have far too much invested in trying to deny their ideology to have let him do that… so much for honesty.

“What we have here is failure to communicate…”

It will not get better for President Obama until he can argue from his heart.  The best the Left will be able to do at this point is throw Mr. Lehrer under the bus.  That will work with the useful idiots until the next Obama/Romney debate, then they’ll have to figure out a new excuse.


Next Up… Biden/Ryan hahahahaahhahahhhahhaaaaa…..

After all the “uh’s” and “um’s” I’m drunk.  I’m going to bed.

The Ease of Appeasement

President Obama mentioned in the lead up to the debates that he had the benefit of “dealing” with “just about every issue” imaginable having been president for four years.
I’m not sure we share the same definition of “dealing with” issues.
In fact, I would offer that a foreign policy of Appeasement allows a president to imply he’s doing something when in reality doing nothing at all.

But with that comment another comment came into perspective.

I think you’ll recall “the private sector is doing fine…”.

If you apply the same Appeasement approach to Domestic Policy then suddenly this bizarre utterance makes sense.  President Obama actually does think the private sector is doing fine.  If he didn’t, he would have to get engaged and do something about it… so it must be FINE… it has to be FINE.

It’s almost as if he just doesn’t want to be president.  I feel the same way.

President Obama is a Socialist.  This is not news to any serious thinker on either side of the aisle.

By not getting involved in foreign affairs… and not reforming government intrusion into domestic affairs… he allows the march of socialism to continue unabated.  This is his desire.

It’s so easy…  all he has to do is nothing.  No bothersome intelligence, or economic, briefings he has to attend, no committee, council or commission time-wasters to show up at.  Painless!

Think about it for just a moment.

The few things he has accomplished have only served to hasten the United States’ move into a fully socialist state.  I shouldn’t need to list any of these accomplishments, but I will… Obama Care, An Explosion in new EPA Regulations on the Private Sector, A Doubling of the National Debt, A Quadrupling of the Money Supply, aka Devaluation of the Dollar, the Nationalization of a Car Company , the Explosion in Government Workers, a complete melt down in the Middle East, Domestic Drone Surveillance and a tripling in Domestic Phone Taps, Suing States to Prevent Voter Identification and the list goes on.

None of which I would suggest is beneficial to the overall health of a Capitalist country.

But wait, he did kill Osama Bin Laden… but I thought we couldn’t talk about that because it makes the terrorists angry and they attack and kill our Ambassadors abroad.  And I thought the death penalty was anathema to the Left… particularly an execution… apparently I need a Leftist to sort all of that out for me.

When the world is headed in what you think is the right (Socialist/One World) direction, why get involved and only interfere?

Appeasement is painless when momentum is in your favor.

Unfortunately, momentum is in his favor.

Enjoy the debates… don’t drink too much, we need you at your private sector job tomorrow.

How Can the Polls be so Wrong?

Because according to Harrison Hickman, John Edwards Advisor:

“The business I’m in is a business any fool can get into, and a lot can happen. I’m sure there was a poll like that,” the folksy Hickman told jurors when first asked about a poll showing the race tied. “I kept up with every poll that was done, including our own, and there may have been a few that showed them a tie, but… that’s not really what my analysis is. Campaigns are about trajectory, and… there could have been a point at which it was a tie in the sense that we were coming down, and Obama was going up, and Clinton was going up.”

John Gerston has a very interesting article in Politico today;


So Why do they do this?

It’s primarily about fund-raising.  A Candidate’s bills keep rolling in long after the chances of winning are gone… if for some reason they’re able to cover their bills they can then send those donations to other candidates of their choosing, giving them leverage to gain employment, influence or party position etc.  (Buy favors)  In Edwards case, pay for his mistress.

“Under oath, Hickman admitted that in the final weeks of Edwards’s 2008 bid, Hickman cherry-picked public polls to make the candidate seem viable, promoted surveys that Hickman considered unreliable, and sent e-mails to campaign aides, Edwards supporters and reporters which argued that the former senator was still in the hunt —even though Hickman had already told Edwards privately that he had no real chance of winning the Democratic nomination.”

“They were pounding on me for positive information. You know, where is some good news we can share with people? We were monitoring all these polls and I was sending the ones that were most favorable because [campaign aides] wanted to share them with reporters,” Hickman testified on May 14 at the trial in Greensboro, N.C. “We were not finding very much good news and I was trying to give them what I could find.”

Hickman testified that when circulating the polls, he didn’t much care if they were accurate. “I didn’t necessarily take any of these as for—as you would say, for the truth of the matter. I took them more as something that could be used as propaganda for the campaign,” the veteran pollster said.

So Why do we trust the polls?  A cynic listens to all things and trusts nothing.

I recommend reading the full article.

I’m Going to Lose!

“I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose…” – President Obama

“He’s going to lose, he’s going to lose, he’s going to lose…” – Democratic Strategists

“Yes he is.” – Random Guy at Makeaneffort

But this isn’t just about Managing Debate Expectations of a President that is tethered to a teleprompter…

Let me ask you when in your lifetime can you recall a President, or any elected official for that matter, publically stating he may not do well in upcoming debates?  Take your time.

That’s what I thought.

This is about writing history before you can write it for yourself. This is about telling us why we think Barack Obama lost.  The Democrats, and their Media outlets, must control why you and the rest of the world believe the President was defeated.

After watching the last 72 hours of the news cycles I’m convinced that the President knows he is going to lose.  I don’t mean lose the debates, although he knows that too, I mean the entire election.  And, not only does he know that, the Democratic Party elites know that as well.

As we’ve talked about before, the Democrat Party will support Obama right up until they feel he will be defeated… and that time has come.  The long knives are out and this President will be thrust upon his failed foreign policy by his previously loyal Liberal allies… for the sake of the party.

You must understand why this is happening.  The Democrat party cannot allow this president to be defeated on the basis of his socialist economic views or his socialist approach to foreign policy.  In other words, yes, he will lose… but not because he is a Socialist.  That can simply never happen.

If the Democrats fail to control the narrative and the conversation turns to one of ideology, they know they will lose not only the presidency but their entire philosophical foundation.  That can also never happen.

So the full court press of message control and damage control is on.  It starts with this run up to the debates.

Obama will lose the debates… all of them.

You will be told he lost them because the Middle East has erupted into a cauldron of hatred and deeply seeded wish for the destruction of “the west”.  It will be positioned carefully that the situation “while outside of his control” occurred on his watch and the American people are holding him responsible because they just don’t understand.  (read: not smart enough to see what great president he is.)

The talking heads will do everything they can to move the economy to the back burner if not off of the stove completely.

Obama must be cast as a victim, in this case, of the world.

This now becomes all about Statist Party Preservation. While this presidents Ego is so large, and he has surrounded himself with just the right number of sycophants that tell him he can win, I do not think he is stupid.  He sees, just as I do, members of his party hitting the news nets and openly questioning his policies.  As I stated at the beginning of this key pounding, I have watched the press carefully this week.  It is clear to me that the rats are running down the ropes.

I invite you to do the same.  Begin to watch closely.  We effectively have 4-weeks until decision 2012… start looking for the Democrat Elder Statesmen, as well as random Liberal Spokespersons, to condemn this administration for its handling of the Benghazi attack and the current Middle East situation. Look for the same behavior on Fast and Furious which is back on the table thanks to Univision, not exactly a  bastion of conservation thought.  Remember, Obama will lose because of ANYTHING but being a Socialist.  (Pay no attention to the Republicans as I expect it from them… but specifically the Democrats who if not cheerleading should be very, very quiet this close to a Presidential election where their guy needs their support.)

Don’t miss the Debate on Wednesday night.  It should be worth it.  I’m going to count the “uh’s” and “um’s” as well as any other guttural pauses which may occur.  My record for a Obama speaking event is currently 161.  It keeps it interesting when they’re busy saying nothing.  Warning… do not make this a drinking game unless you plan to take the rest of the week off.

Ref: Throwing Obama from the Train

Why Lie?

Now we know they Lied… all of them….  read that again slowly… they… lied.

But why?

Why Lie about the nature of the attack on our consulate (American Soil) in Libya?

Why has our Press tolerated our Administration Lying to us about the death of our Ambassador?

Why the coverup?

…just some questions.

Could it be that the only aspect of this Presdiency remaining perceived as successful was Obama’s Foreign Policy?

Could it be that the Administration was so married to having “Defeated Al Qaeda” that they couldn’t admit there was a tie to the attack?  (This would effectively diminish any positive results of Obama’s Drone Diplomacy.)

Could it be that this is the foreign version of Fast and Furious?  In other words, we (the U.S. Taxpayer) funded the up-arming of the individuals who used those weapons to attack the consulate?

Could it be that President Obama knows that the campaign for re-election is not going his way and desperately needed at least one issue he could debate on?

Could it be that it is all the above…

If any of these questions have validity, then expect to see only “moral relativism” and reliance on the ignorance of the American electorate on stage for the first debate.

It will be all the President has left.

We will see an attempt to ignore the existence of the 10th Amendment…  we will see an attempt by President Obama to highlight the “similarities” between himself and Governor Romney. Obama will do this not to gain votes, but rather in the hope of suppressing the turnout for his opponent.

I can hear the “man on the street” post-debate interviews now, probably already completed as of this typing; “I really don’t see the difference between the two men” – said Joe/Jane Shmoe who has yet to make a decision as to which candidate to vote for, etc, etc.  A statement meant to seem “reasoned” and appealing to “independent” minds.  While it is neither, somehow I’m sure this will be the typical sound bite regardless of how the debate turns out for the President and will appeal to Populists everywhere..

This is the last gasp.

When the Ends Justify the Means and Everything is at Stake, you Lie.  Setting down Alinsky and Pulling out The Prince at this point is desperate.


Could it be the President knows he has lost?

Ref: Attacking the 10th