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A Short Trip on the Robot Couch

As if I needed another reason to Hate Obama Care…

Some guys have invented a Couch that will ‘drive’ you to the Refrigerator.

Reread the above sentence… twice.


I should not be Forced to pay for a guy’s Healthcare if he’s such a pile of goo that he needs his couch to get him to the refrigerator.

Not only that…

I should not be Forced to pay for anybody’s Healthcare that thinks this is a good idea.


I should not be Forced to pay for anybody’s Healthcare Period… then they can all Butter Their Doughnuts for all I care.  A Better Idea would be to hire someone who will do the jobs American wont do to Force Feed you…  and pay for your own d*mned Insurance.


I… You… and Everyone else will be sporting the cost of some Fatty’s Healthcare, and probably his unemployment, education, car, phone, food, housing, kids etc. etc. etc… and don’t forget his Robot Couch!  Heck, throw in taxpayer subsidized grocery store delivery?  I mean why not?

Doubtless someone over at Obama Care Central is crafting a Medical Billing Code for Robot Couches as I tap this out.

Hopefully the kids that came up with this idea will see the hazard… and instead figure out a way to have the couch drive you to Work.