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Actress Attempts to Assassinate the President!

…And Liberal Mayor Michael Bloomberg. – According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Long time Obama Supporter, Shannon Rogers-Guess-Richardson, attempted to kill President Obama and his Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

It is suspected she was attempting to frame her Husband, a Veteran and 2nd Amendment supporter.

The Democrat Actress has stated openly her desire to seek divorce from her third husband.  According to her son, the Actress had become extremely careful not to consume food that was not “directly from the store to her hand”.  Not an unreasonable precaution considering ricin was being produced in the home’s kitchen.


Elvis the Clown is Released

All charges Dropped.

My contention that placing Paul Kevin Curtis and Ricin in the same room would have resulted in a Darwin Award appears to have been right.

Refer to: FBI Arrest Motley Fool for Ricin Letters

Now Ashley Judd can rest… assured that the FBI will not be knocking on her door anytime soon.

But all ends well as Mr. Curtis professed his love for the country… who arrested and kept him in jail with no evidence of a crime being committed.

Bless his heart.

I suspect he votes.

I’m heading to the cupboard for a drink.