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Attack of the Killer Clowns!

Aside from Killer Clowns from Outer Space being one of my favorite “B” movies…

Who knew that the real terror threat would be coming from Children’s Birthday Entertainment Union?

And, who knew they were verse in chemistry?  Clever Clowns!

May be there’s a magazine out there catering to Terrorist Clowns showing how to make Ricin… Hmmm…

So Kevin Paul Curtis is off the hook… for now.

On the hook is one James Everett Dutschke.

A Taekwondo Expert, Wayne Newton impersonating, Insurance Salesman… accused of child molestation as an added extra.

Eerily like Kevin Paul Curtis, yet totally different… but not so much… accept a much funnier three-part name. (I might be pronouncing it wrong, but I prefer to pronounce it that way because it seems appropriate.)

Take Curtis’ resume and erase all the nouns… then replace them with whatever your drunk friend comes up with and you have Dutschke. (Kind of like a Mad Lib. Remember those?)

It’s time for the FBI to start watching the Circuses and French people.   (Mimes are the worst and have been up to this kind of stuff for years. Cinco de Mayo is coming up… the date could have some significance.)

Should we withhold judgement yet again?



FBI Arrests Motley Fool for Ricin Letters…

Musician, Artist… whistle-blower, political activist… Paul Kevin Curtis, 45 has been arrested for sending Letters laced with Ricin to elected officials.

We are to except a Clown having more in common with Ashley Judd than a terrorist sent the Ricin Letters?
Why do I sense we should withhold our satisfaction regarding this “triumph” of police work?

If the motive is one where the person in question is extremely angry because he was not being taken seriously combined with access to Ricin and the means to deliver it… then wouldn’t that make our Commander-in-Chief a suspect as well?  Just sayin’…

“Obama rages over gun control bill defeat…”  – I mean, how much more “not being taken seriously” can a person take?

What better way to cover your tracks than to send yourself a poisonous letter, while knowing full well it would never reach you.

Anyway,  I genuinely hope it doesn’t take 5-years to find out that this guy is innocent as it did with Richard Jewell

(Update: A completely unreliable source, a source familiar to CNN, has informed me that the initials “KC” found on the Ricin letters stand for “Kansas City”.  It should be noted that Kansas City has a very, very long criminal history varying from petty theft and domestic disturbances to serial killing.  It should also be noted that the source did not differentiate between Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.  We’ll keep you posted as more information comes in.)

(Update:  A source within law enforcement, the same source that released the pictures of two young men fitting the profile of “terrorist cliché” from the Boston Marathon, have confirmed that the town of Kansas City is responsible for the Ricin letters… may be.  We will post any new details as they emerge.)