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Putting everyone on the record.

Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted to Repeal Obamatax. In fact, the affirmative vote to repeal enjoyed bipartisan support.
But the question is being asked… Why bother doing this?
It’s a reasonable question given that Harry Reid will never allow it to come up for a vote in the Senate.
The reason has been offered that this is an effort by the Republicans to “show their resolve” to repeal this Socialist Scheme. But if this were the case it would be a waste of time because none of us trust them regardless of how they vote when it doesn’t really matter.
The real reason for this vote is to put the incumbant Democrats running for office this year on the record of supporting, or not supporting it.
Why is this important?
It’s important because many of them have made a long, and unfortunately successful, history of returning to their districts during election years and campaigning on exactly the opposite positions they intend to take. In this case, many of them are currently fleeing all things Obama. And, considering the approval polls on Socialized Medicine weigh overwhelmingly in favor of repeal… it would be awfully tempting to campaign on that desired repeal as a Democrat. Of course, as demonstrated repeatedly, once they are re-elected they return to Washington and do nothing remotely resembling what they ran on.
Do not forget, Socialized Medicine is the crown jewel for the Left. It has been chased after and pined for since Wilson and now is the final piece of the Socialist puzzle. This is it folks. Norman Thomas would be proud.
So… the Republican House has taken away this subterfuge used by the Left of “being on the side of the people” for the incumbant Democrats. These Liberals cannot return to their districts and claim anything other than how they voted on todays repeal.  They’re on the record.  And, they hate it.
It’s that simple… and don’t let any of the news nets spin it differently.