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Why do you think You’re a Conservative?

Your Military Service?
Nope. There are plenty of Socialists (explicitly and/or in action) who have served in the Military.  Far too many frankly.

Your Religious Belief?

Nope.  In fact, there are a stunning number of Religious fanatics who would like nothing more than utilizing Government Force to make you do what they think is right and proper.  The Religious Left is alive and well and they enjoy their ‘strange bedfellow’ relationship with the Socialists.  Religion as Government is nothing new… in fact, it’s quite old… and frightening.
Your Participation in the Private Sector?
Nope. There are, sadly, a vast number of people who have participated in the Private Sector who prefer a playing field tilted in their favor through ‘cooperative relationships’ with Government.  Force is attractive when combined with the opportunity to profit.  Free-Market it is not.
Your having registered as a Republican?

Ha!  Nope… If anything, this current election cycle is demonstrating that calling yourself a Republican, and giving your Ideological Foundation no further thought, has brought us to where we are. We are angry at the betrayal by REPUBLICANS who are correctly labeled as Establishment.  But we seem to stop there and fail to wonder why we feel this way.

Your love of your Family?

While admirable, no.   There are tons of Liberal Leftists who think they love their family.  I say ‘think’ because it is my firm belief that if they genuinely understood what Socialism is and the demonstrable track record of the Death, Destruction and Oppression it brings with it, they would protect their family from it at all costs…  At least those who genuinely cared about their families.

What makes one a Constitutional Conservative is the understanding, and belief in, the Supremacy of the Individual over Government, the Liberty and Freedom that Supremacy represents along with the Globally Unique standing provided by the absolute brilliance of the United States Constitution… particularly when it prevents you from doing whatever you want, or having to listen to things you don’t like, or tolerate behavior you find offensive.

What separates you from the World of Power Politics Loving Liberals is the recognition that the vast expanse of World History has been one of Slavery, Oppression and Death.  It has been Mob Rule cloaked with friendly terms like “Democracy” and “The Will of The Majority” without the understanding that those concepts are only healthy when employed as components of a much larger formula of Government.  It has been the rise of Tyrants, always with the will of the people initially.  It has been the suffering of the human soul.

What Elevates you above the Social Democrats, and our Fascist Elites, is the comprehension the Constitution of the United States is not a “Living and Breathing” Document malleable enough to accommodation whatever force you wish to apply to those you disagree with… exactly because you’re not really elevated above any other individual at all.  It is your understanding that this brilliant document protects us only when it is adhered to.  It is your demand that we return to it as written, and if we don’t like some aspect of it we Amend it according to the mechanisms in place within it to do so.  You know it’s not up to a Vote… or a Judge… or a President.  And finally you recognize we are where we are because we have wandered so very far away from it.

America is not about Mom and Apple Pie…

It’s about much, much, more than that.

Once you truly understand, you will recognize the brilliance which separates The United States from the rest of the World and the inherent Exceptionalism of our design.

The Understanding I speak of is the difference between High Information, Low Information and No Information voters.



Finally! Romney gets over 51%!

Kind of…

In, arguably, one of the most liberal areas in the country Mitt Romney gleaned over 51% of the primary vote.
Of the 4134 individuals who apparently reside in Washington D.C. and are willing to identify as Republican, Mitt Romney convinced a whopping 70% of them he was the guy best suited for the GOP nominee. Admittedly D.C. is the home of “inside the beltway establishment republicans” and the slate was a man short… but… he did it.
Mainly, I’m tapping this out because I don’t want to re-post “Mitt needed 51%” again… and again… and again…
If you’re paying attention, Mitt did not get 51% in any of the other primary “victories” yesterday.

For fun – there are approximately 24,000 congressional staffers.  Let’s assume half of them work and reside in D.C. (12,000) and half of them are republican (6000) and they are the only republicans in the district thus the only ones who could vote in a closed primary… only 70% of them felt it important to vote (4134) and of those only 72% (3122) could bring themselves to vote for Romney.

Just for reference Washington D.C.’s population is 592,000.  For those of you playing along, that’s .007% of the population that voted in the primary…

A huge, momentous, victory indeed.

I genuinely hope he is paying attention.

Romney should just drop out!

Since we are only hearing this regarding the other candidates I thought we should explore Romney dropping out.
The 65% of republicans, both fiscal and social, have made it clear that they would rather vote for a ham sandwich than Mitt Romney. So why is he being so “delusional” by insisting on staying in the race?
I think he should take the hint and drop out. I don’t want him to endorse anybody… let’s just see where those votes go all on their own. Let’s let the conservatives fight it out.
All of this talk about how heading into a brokered convention is going to hurt the party is interesting. If you believe this, then I think Mitt should do the noble thing here… for the sake of the party.
You might ask yourself, why are the establishment (read liberal) Republicans trying so hard to make a case that Romney is the foregone nominee… PRIOR TO ALL THE VOTES BEING COUNTED. Would you have stood for such a declaration coming from Al Gore in 2000? Somehow I don’t think so.

So why now?
Let’s be clear, the liberal republicans are afraid because they know that a brokered convention means all bets are off. It means that there will be many voices being heard on all sides regarding who the nominee should be. They also know that if they don’t get a liberal republican in office, all of the backroom deals they have made with democrats will either come to light or not be honored. What a tragedy that would be…

I say we stop calling for anybody to drop out. And, pour derision on those who do.  Let’s have the votes in the late primaries actually matter for a change.  It’s refreshing not to have the northeast pick our condidate for once.

Why we don’t like Mitt.

I will give you that Mitt Romney is probably one of the nicest, most congenial men running for President of the United States. I will also concede that from a male point of view he is handsome, but not threatening, he is stylish but not overly and his family is beautiful but not too much so.  And, so far we don’t think he has cheated on his wife.

This is why we don’t like him. He is the wonder bread of the Republican candidates. He’s the guy that just wants us all to get along. You might have an idea he disagrees with but you know he wont be mean about it. Everybody is entitled to their opinions after all, right? I mean come on… calling a Socialist a Socialist is just rude.  He would be a terrific neighbor.  An even better brother.

This is why the Obama administration and the Democrats love him. (Yes, I’m aware that they have now starting gently running ads against him.  They know we are on their ruse.)  Their first priority is to retain the Presidency, failing that they must do everything they can to preserve their Socialist trophy of government-run health care. And they know, Mitt is just such a nice guy… should he win he would never stand up in front of the American people and say he would stop “giving” treatment to women, children, little old ladies and the poor because of some ridiculous piece of paper like the U.S. Constitution. (A bunch of old white men wrote it so it must be bad.  I feel the same way about the law of gravity.)  They know that while he might disagree with Socialized Medicine he would find some parts of it that sound reasonable just to keep it fair.  That’s what bi-partisanship is all about after all… He cares. Such a nice man… and good-looking…
We have seen this played out for 70 years and many of us are not falling for it anymore. (Whether there is enough of us, is left to be seen at the date of this typing.)
Alinsky put it on paper and we ignored it. “Compromise is always a win.”
That’s why we like the old-fat-super-white guy.

He’s none of the above and at least he’s read Alinsky.