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Ain’t got No Sugar.

(For David… regarding the idea that Socialism, referencing his question of my sanity on Trump’s China Tariffs, requires Capitalism to survive.  While the current topic involves raw materials the concept is the same.  Crappy Communist/Socialist countries require us, and our productivity, to exist.  They are parasitic.  This originally posted in Feb. 2012)

Given the latest comments by European Leaders at the G20 conference regarding their current difficulties having originated in the U.S. and President Obama’s granting amnesty to illegal aliens  with accolades from the Mexican President (because it is a huge subsidy to Mexico through the flow of US Dollars south), I thought it was worth revisiting.

It has been fascinating to watch as Europe melts down.

It illustrates a theory I’ve had for many years which is that socialists survive at the mercy of capitalists in the name of stability. I started thinking about this in the early nineties,  Clinton had just handed, yes handed, Mexico 5 billion dollars.  That was back when 5 billion could buy you something nice.  It was done under the auspices of fighting the war on drugs.  But what it really did was prop up a socialist state.  Who wants a revolution so close to home… right? I don’t mean to pick on Clinton because Reagan and Bush have done it too.

Reagan’s granting amnesty to 13 million illegal immigrants was another way of subsidizing Mexico as it kept the flow of U.S. Dollars heading south into their economy.  (We could see this again…)  George W. did it by making it illegal to purchase prescription medication from Canada.  If that had been made legal it would have been tantamount to declaring war on Canada because it would have destroyed their health system by preventing them from dictating prices they would pay to the drug companies.  To put it in the simplest terms, they get away with dictating prices because you pay more here and subsidize the cost for them.  Feel good about that? We have seen this type of socialist subsidizing for years across every administration.  It is primarily through our military… “You guys in trouble financially?”,  “Let’s have joint maneuvers, or how about we move some more troops in for training exercises…”.  All that means is U.S. Dollars going in to the their not-so-self-sufficient Socialist Paradise.

We have also seen this played out when military contracts are steered to foreign countries for no apparent benefit.  The product isn’t better, but darn it they need the help.  (Bare in mind, I am a capitalist… it is my duty to buy the best product for me at the lowest price.  I have no issue with overseas manufacturing.  Our lack of manufacturing says more about us than them.  That’s for another time.) Well, now things have changed…  we ain’t got no money.

Look at the panic and finger-pointing when the engine of Capitalism, slowly poisoned by Socialists, isn’t healthy enough to ride in and save the Socialist Dream.

If I sound merciless, it’s because I am.  As far as I’m concerned Socialism has been living on borrowed time.  (And it has been our own socialists lending it to them.)  To steal a quote; “The chickenssss have come hoooome to roooost!” Now big daddy ain’t got no sugar…. and you’re on your own.

(An aside:  When are we going to have emergency hearings on “home-grown Socialism”?  Does Homeland Security know about this?  Where’s the Socialist Watch List?  The Socialist No-Fly roster?  Can’t we profile these people?  The destruction to this country and its citizens is profound. Someone should alert the press.)


A PSA from Breitbart and Craig Shirley

The Magnolia State Stinks

Found at Breitbart.com

by Craig Shirley 29 Jun 2014, 10:27 AM PDT 999 post a comment

This is not the first time the corrupt national GOP power structure and the Mississippi Republican Party have betrayed conservatism.

By now, the deeply questionable practices of the Thad Cochran campaign and his apparatchiks in Mississippi are known to all. Mysterious robo-calls, unaccounted for mailings, street money, all designed to not just to defeat but ruin Chris McDaniel, because he had the temerity to take on the Establishment.

The anti-conservative forces inside the GOP even engaged and paid Democratic consultants to help destroy the campaign of a fellow Republican.

Let that sentence settle in for a second.

The conservative Reaganites are consoling themselves that now the only way the Establishment can beat them is by deceit. It should be noted these conservatives have been willing to go out in public to discuss the race even though they lost. Meanwhile, as like cockroaches, the Cochran forces and the national Republicans have made themselves scarce in the bright light of day.

Not that these operatives really mind having their ethics impugned. For many in the Republican consulting classes, they wear such titles as a badge of honor. Winning at all costs and who picks up the tab at lunch is are all that matters. Principles? Are you for real?

Still, there will probably be no investigation and this won’t be the first time Mississippi has swept crime under the rug.

Remember when the national GOP proudly trumpeted a blueprint for reform? Screwtape, say hello to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The NRSC bears special mention, as it has taken on a Lord of the Flies culture of mean little boy savagery and decadence. They stuck their noses in the Nebraska primary and got their heads handed to them.

They stuck their noses into Oregon and came up with the worst possible candidate, an alleged man stalker, pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare nominee. Oh what a tangled Wehby they weave.

And now Mississippi, where the money they legitimately raised for Cochran may have gone for all sorts of nefarious activities to destroy the Reaganite Tea Party candidate McDaniel challenging Cochran, K Street’s favorite senator.

Still, this isn’t the first time the Mississippi Republicans and the national GOP have betrayed conservatism. In 1976, Ronald Reagan was making a revolutionary challenge to Gerald Ford, America’s only unelected president. Ford had come to the presidency courtesy of the 25th Amendment because of the resignations of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon. He truly was an “accidental president.”

As he’d never been nominated, Ford had no more claim on the leadership of the GOP than did Bozo the Clown. (Which is what the national press often called Ford because of his star-crossed presidency and frequent personal pratfalls and jumbled syntax.)

The state party Chairman was Clarke Reed, the “Mr. Republican” of the South. Reed proclaimed himself to be a conservative but supported Nixon over Reagan in 1968, though in 1976 had promised Reagan that he would deliver all 30 of Mississippi’s delegate votes to Reagan at the convention in Kansas City.

Reed stipulated even further that Reagan could count on him if the race was competitive. How competitive?

The 1976 convention in Kansas City was the first time (and the last time) since 1952 that delegates had gathered without first knowing who their nominee would be.

But Reed was also attracted to the baubles of power and access and Ford, even an unintended president, still had 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Air Force One and invitations to state dinners to tempt weak-willed and easily susceptible party delegates and so called leaders. The trouble for Reagan was that Reed was a sunshine conservative, never there for the really tough fights, and Reagan only had his ideas and principles to offer.

In August in Kansas City, at a time when Reagan needed those 30 Mississippi delegates for a procedural vote that all knew was a test balloting for the nomination, Reed bailed on Reagan at the 11th hour, betraying him, giving his 30 votes to Ford. And as a direct result, it was Ford and not Reagan who won the nomination.

Reed was not a bad man, just a very weak one. To his misfortune, Clarke’s legacy in American politics will not be his hard work in building the GOP in the South, but his betrayal of Reagan for what was the modern equivalent of 30 pieces of silver.

As a point of historical fact, it is necessary given the current controversy to point out that Reed’s young aide in 1976 was Haley Barbour; though he was by accounts a nominal Reagan supporter, he chose John Connolly over Reagan in 1980.

The past has again become prologue and for the ethical Tea Party Reaganites, they have but two choices: adopt the unethical tactics of the Establishment or expand the conservative base by expanding the message.

Honor dictates the answer.

Trivia for Progressives…

Who got the United States into Vietnam?

Who escalated our involvement in Vietnam?

Who got the United States out of Vietnam?

I’ll look for your answers in comments…

Statists only please.

Cheating is OK because I expect it from you.

The Crown Jewel

Congressional Staffers don’t want it.
IRS employees don’t want it.
A Majority of Americans don’t want it.

But it doesn’t matter…

The Socialists need it.

Once you control Healthcare, you control Everything.

It’s the Crown Jewel of Socialism.

It is a battle older than most of us. Reagan spoke to it in the 1961 Coffee Cup Campaign…

It was an Old Idea then… and just as Bad.

The Socialist Quest for Control never ends. They just build their Elitist Monarchy brick by brick.

We are today faced with a Communal Concept of Healthcare which will destroy what is left of this Great Experiment. We are being relegated to the roles of Western Democratic Socialism.


Right Now.

This Second.

What are we doing?

We were told “We have to pass it to know what’s in it.”

Now it seems we have to be fined to know what’s in it…

I suspect, ultimately, we will have to be arrested to know what’s in it.

Don’t fool yourself in thinking they’re going to give it up… easily…

Fast & Furious vs. Iran Contra

How does the selling of arms for American hostages versus the arming of Mexican Drug Cartels stack up in comparison?

Both are illegal.

The U.S. Government denied both operations until they knew the gig was up.

Both Administrations attempted to protect information through certain “legal” means.

So what’s the difference… let’s walk through it.
To call operation Fast & Furious stupid would be a profound understatement if indeed its mission was to “trace” guns heading to drug cartels. Why you ask? Because we did nothing to trace them. But that’s not all!  We also paid for them… And, we made sure they got into Mexico.

The only aspect missing to this brilliant scheme is subsequent weapons training and a thin mint.

To call Iran-Contra stupid is missing the point.  In fact, nobody called it stupid… only illegal and that is what the Left wanted in order to go after one of the most beloved Presidents (to this day) in American history.

Iran-Contra was pretty straight up.  The CIA was selling arms to Iran in the hopes of securing the release of the U.S. hostages.  They were then using the funds generated to bankroll the Nicaraguan Contras (which the Democrat controlled U.S. Congress had made illegal because their guys were Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas (The Socialist Party of Nicaragua)) in their fight against Socialism.

OK… Iran Contra had a beginning, middle and an end.  Illegal, but comprehensible.

So where did Fast & Furious come from?
I recall being surprised that American guns were a problem in Mexico. Primarily because I stay pretty tuned in and had never heard of the problem prior to it being stated as such during a news conference held by the Obama Administration with the President of Mexico, Calderon. So, surprise… the drug cartels have decided that they needed to replace their crates full of brand new well-traveled AK-47’s and AK 74’s for the far better weapon platforms designed by Eugene Stoner. OK… I could understand that.  Seriously, Colt makes a great rifle.
But the question remained in my mind, why purchase American made semi-automatic weapons and risk getting them across the border when any enterprising drug cartel member could do the job with the plentiful fully automatic Chinese and Russian rifles made to order and moved up through Latin America then dropped right at their doorstep?

There was also another question in my mind, if you were the aforementioned enterprising Mexican drug runner why wouldn’t you just kill the local militia and take their American made assault weapons that we, the U.S., freely sell to the Mexican government every year?
So why?
Well… why not? If someone (U.S.Taxpayer) is going to buy American rifles for you, then “magically” make sure they get across the border without interruption… and then make no attempt to track them… all the while ASKING FOR NOTHING IN RETURN… why not?  They might be drug dealers, but they’re not stupid.

Clearly there must be an explanation.  There must be another reason this Administration had in mind when initiating operation Fast & Furious.  Even I cannot get my mind around these guys being that ham-fisted and moronic.  May be, but doubtful.
But now that the President has evoked executive privilege, it has graduated from a profoundly stupid and sophomoric idea which could be solved by lots of transparency and some very public firing of a great many individuals in the BATFE, into a full-fledged scandal.

This has caused the group of voices asking questions to grow larger.

The real reason, whatever it may be, must be very harmful if it cannot be explained directly to the branch of government IN CHARGE OF THE OVERSIGHT of these agencies, which is the United States House of Representatives.

So, in conclusion, where is the “moral” outrage from the Left we saw with Iran Contra?   Were are the cries’ for heads on pikes?  Is it “circle the wagons” time for the Democrat Party and our homegrown Leftists?

Today we have the U.S. Government sending (not even selling) arms to bad guys… not for the reason of a possible release of Americans being held against their will or fighting the Socialist disease abroad, but instead for… nothing. Nothing. Nada.

At least we got something in exchange for the guns to the Iranians and money to the Contras… but the Left still insisted in shoving the white-hot poker up our collective national rear-ends… with televised hearings and prime-time exposes on how evil and senile Reagan was.  Can’t forget to throw Ollie in there too.

So what are we getting here?
It’s beginning to feel like we’re getting a whole lot of nothing but all the shoving.

We’ll see.