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When they Really, Really, Really, Hate an Inalienable Right… with every Elitist Fiber of Their Being.

If the current Administration is willing to officially orchestrate the sale of weapons to Mexican Drug cartels resulting in the death of several hundred innocent souls south of our border, not to mention our own law enforcement officers, in an attempt to make you outraged enough to demand American Citizens be disarmed…

When they are willing to sell arms to Religious Extremists resulting in the Murder of our Ambassador and subsequent realization that we (The United States) refused to send help, which was available, and might have saved the lives of those in Benghazi…

When your immigration service is prevented from viewing the Social Media sites of non-citizens in order to determine their beliefs and intentions… but Mandates the Complete Collection of every American Citizens entire electronic activity from Facebook, text messages , calls, e-mail and computer search records…

Then is it over the top to think the ridiculously relaxed, or ‘rigorous‘ according to the Administration, vetting process of those who wish to come to this country could also be intentional?

I know what I’m saying… don’t act surprised.

But in case you’re product of public school, as I am, allow me to spell it out.

What if it’s not just new Democrat Voters the Administration wants. Could it be it’s the inherent probability of mass shootings, and other recipes of destruction, by Radical Islamists they are willing to accept in order to push their agenda.

“Never let a tragedy go to waste.” – Rahm Emmanuel – Soon to be former Mayor of Chicago and Advisor to the Stars… I mean Democrat Politicians and Presidents.

Anybody have a better idea?