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Biden 2020!

It’s official, I’m jumping on the Biden 2020 Bandwagon.
Simply put, This man has earned my support.
Some of you may be asking why I have decided to go this direction so early in the Election Process.
Well, let me be clear…
I find him endlessly entertaining.
It might be the very first time I would DVR the debates between two Presidential Candidates just so I can watch them over and over.  It would be the gift that would give and give…
Frankly, the determining factor was Corn Pop.
Yes, a pomade laden gangster with a straight razor and a penchant for diving convinced me that Joe Biden was my guy.
So I’m going to turn my record player on and cheer old Joe till the bitter end.


Why Trump is Not Hitler…

First off…

Hitler had a stupid Mustache, not stupid Hair.


Hitler Hated the Jews specifically, not Everybody in general.


Hitler had a plan.

So Shut Up Already.

Trump is not Hitler.  Trump is Not a National Democratic Socialist.  Trump has no idea what that even means.

But we could certainly have a conversation regarding the two Socialists who ARE running for President…

You Can’t Say Donald Trump isn’t Conservative!

And you can’t say he is either…

So what’s the problem?

The Enemy Within

For the handful of you that haven’t already realized the Republican Party has been compromised by the Liberal Left and their Fascist Ideology…

As a Parting Gift, John Boehner has just handed the Progressives unlimited spending.

This is on the heels of a mock election for the Speaker of the House which Boehner immediately canceled when it became clear the Leftist Establishment was not going to get the outcome they wanted.

Now the Banana Republicans have achieved their goal by anointing Paul Ryan as the Next Speaker for the House of Representatives.

If it isn’t clear by now…

You’ve been used.  You’re still being used.

From the faux opposition to Obama Care, a poorly disguised pathway to Single Payer Socialized Medicine, which allows for total control over everything you do. and will do, to takeover of the banks by the very Leftists who caused them to fail in the first place… from where, and when, you’ll be allowed to travel, to what kind of wage you’ll be allowed to earn… from what you eat and read, to what activities you’ll be permitted to participate in.  All of these things will be decided for you by Socialists with ‘the best of intentions’. In fact, it’s already started in school lunch programs and mandatory insurance policies.

The Democrats and their RINO counterparts will tell you “It’s about your happiness, health and well-being after all.”  No allowing of your Individual Freedom.  Certainly no allowing your right to choose.

The fact all the above serves to solidify the permanent power of those Leftists on both sides of the aisle, and their progeny, is to be ignored by you.

When the message is,

‘Do not understand ‘why’ America is exceptional.  Do not demand Political Ideology and Governing Theory be clearly espoused, and more importantly demonstrated, by ‘your guy’.  Do not Require your Government return to the Constitution’s Original Intent and Expressed Limitations.’

When you’re being told,

‘It’s too Late.  Nothing Can be done about it.  Government will always be corrupt so you might as well get yours.’

It has begun.

What should you be feeling?

Bitter… Betrayed… Angry… Scared… Frustrated… Motivated…

Make no mistake, there is a war going on right in front of you.

The Enemy is Within.

It’s time to pick a side within the Republican Party.  It’s time to Defeat the Cancer that has led this country into Fiscal Insolvency and Democratic Socialism.   It’s time to Think… forcefully.

You will have no friends.

Why Donald Trump is Fun

And, Why the Establishment Republicans absolutely Hate Him…

I tapped out a post well over a year ago stating the Establishment Republicans were going to flood the Primary Field with candidates in order to secure the nominee in the early East Coast Primaries.

And, lo and behold, that is what they are doing.  Flooding the Field


Enter Trump!

(If I had a laugh track it would be playing now.  Just imagine one.  Imagine the one they used in M.A.S.H.  I like that one.  It’s heartier than the ones they use now.  More of a Belly Laugh than a Millennial Snicker.)

What is happening here?

Well… in a Diomedes kind of way, the Republican Establishment has set up a scenario they thought would guarantee them the candidate of their choice.

The have added, read ‘funded’, enough hopefuls in an effort to dilute the field to such a degree as to ensure all the support needed is delivered to secure their Guy, in this case Jeb!, the slot.  The Boehner’s and McConnell’s of the world also know that the healthy Libertarian, ‘Conservatarian’, movement is  strong in the Western States… and it must be crushed.

So they have orchestrated a Scheme making sure the early primaries continue to occur on the East Coast which not only lean heavily in favor of Liberal Republicans but allow Democrats to cross over and vote in the contests.  The latter part of this plan was considered ‘brilliant’ as Hillary was thought to be the anointed Democrat Candidate leaving plenty of Liberal Leftists to vote for Jeb!… kind of RINO Insurance.

But the Establishment is being thrown to the Mares and consumed by their own plan.  Que the circus music.

Here Comes Donald, P.T.Barnum, Trump!

And here’s where it get’s really enjoyable…

1.  Trump has his own money!

What!?  Last Election Cycle the press was lamenting that 1 Billion Dollars had been spent by the Candidates combined… and Trump has Ten Times this amount at his disposal!  Why is this funny?  Because Candidates are ALWAYS CONTROLLED by those whose money they need.  And the Establishment has always used this fact to do as much controlling as possible.  They can’t do this with Trump.  (Uh Oh…)

2.  Trump is an A-Hole!

How is that Awesome?  The Donald openly admits he is no saint.  He admits he pays as little in taxes as possible… just as we all try to… and he does not set himself up on a moral pedestal from which his opponents can push him off of.  The guys is a jerk who fights back.  And, we like this.  (This role had previously been held by Chris Christie.)

3.  Trump is well liked ON THE EAST COAST!

BwwaaHahhaahhhaaaaahahahahahaaaahhaa….  The RINO tactic of front loading the Primaries in States where they can get as many Soft Socialist and Fascist Republican voters to propel their chosen Candidate to the Nomination is being undermined by a Well Liked Rich A-Hole whom they cannot Control.  (The Irony is palpable.)

What is the ultimate effect?

It’s my assessment that Trump being involved in this election will do a couple of things.  First, it will demonstrate to the Conservatarians that being outspoken while not trying to secure a mantle of ‘piousness’ works well and is received positively by the voters.  Second, Trump’s presence will keep the press from painting a picture of Jeb! “running away” with the nomination while only garnering 20% of the party’s support.  (That’s 1 out of 5 republican voters for you useful folks.)

In the End, having Trump in the Deal is saving some of the oxygen for those serious, Anti-Establishment, candidates fighting for the soul of the Republican Party.

And those currently in control of the Republican Party Hate Him for it.

Hate, Hate, Hate him.

I Have not yet Begun to Defile Myself…

So… Today I’m declaring my run for the Presidency of these United States of America!

For those of you who know me, this will come as no surprise.  I have declared myself President of a number of Countries throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Canada was fun because I smoked a bunch of crack, rubbed limp bacon all over my body, dressed up like Chris Farley then didn’t say anything but “I’m the President, eh.” and everyone I met believed me.  It was awesome!  But, as usual, it appears there’s a ‘Formal Process’ here in the U.S. which one must abide by,  so whaaaatever.

I should also tell you, Out of respect I have waited for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to announce her run.  However, since it seems she is not going to do this anytime soon I felt like I needed to get on with it.  I also wanted to jump in before there was any risk of the Republican field becoming crowded.  I think my timing is pretty good.

At this point in my announcement I’ve been instructed by my Campaign manager to illustrate some of the differences I have with the other candidates as well as those areas where we find common ground.

Here goes:

Area’s of agreement…

I too think every Nation in the Middle East should have a Nuclear Weapon, or two.  Two is better, that way after they use the first one the other nations still have to think twice.  So TWO Nuclear Weapons.  Yes, even the Palestinians.  They just need to figure out whose running things.  We could use the Nuclear Weapon thing as a kind of carrot… “Hey! You guys figure out whose running things, and we’ll send you a couple of Nuclear Weapons!”  Talk about ‘getting things done in the Middle East!  I’d get a Nobel Peace Prize just like the guy in the White House now.  And I also Smoke!  We’re practically brothers.

I think everyone who doesn’t do anything should get a check from the government.  I mean come on!  How else are they going have any money to buy stuff when they don’t do anything.  I feel the same way for people who make really, really, super-stupid decisions.  There’s too many of these types of decisions to list them all, and I know I’d forget a few if I tried.  And it’s just nicer to send them all a check than to make them feel bad.

Since we’re on the subject of Free Stuff, I think everyone who can’t afford to buy stuff should get it for Free.  Even if they just don’t want to pay for it… they should get it for Free.  Free is totally Cool!

Everyone should get Free College!  That way a College Education will be worth as much as an Elementary and High School one.  This way Everybody will be way smart.  Awesome!

Oh, and just like Hillary’s husband, everybody should be Pro-Choice.  That way no one can ever be a rapist.  Never!  Because rape is bad.  So be Pro-Choice so you can’t be one.

Finally, I think you can be whatever you want to be!  Just say out loud that you ‘identify’ as that ‘whatever’ it is.  For me it’s being Presidents… but find your own ‘thing’, my ‘thing’ is taken.  I don’t like Competition.

OK, now for some Differences:

I think everyone should get Free Booze!  We will build a separate Interstate system for Drunks.  We’ll call it the Intoxicated Services Interstate System.  Or, ISIS for short.  It’s very simple.  You’ll have to have a certain Blood Alcohol Level BEFORE you can drive on them.  They’ve already been doing  this in Alaska and New Mexico for decades.  It works!  Genius.

I believe if you decide to ‘identify’ with any minority, of any kind, you should Never Have to Go to Jail! Ever!  For Anything!

For instance, I ‘identify’ as being President of no less than 7 countries.  You have to admit, that’s a pretty small group.  And I can tell you, my life has been difficult because of Non-President Bias.  There are a lot of Haters out there.  But you know Hater’s gonna Hate.

Everyone needs more Money!  So the United States should print as much of it as we can, and mail it out to Everyone.  Everyday we should be able to go to the mailbox and get more money.  That way we can buy stuff.  You don’t have a mailbox?  No problem.  We’ll give police Huge Bags of Money to pass out to anyone who asks for it.  That way the Police can stop being a bunch of mean dudes enforcing stupid laws to Hella Cool guys, and girls too.

Oh… same as above for Health Care.  That should all be Free and we can have the Firemen hand that out!

We Should get to sleep in everyone else’s house whenever we want!  How cool would that be?!  You have a bedroom you’re not using?  I just might decide to stop by and hang with you guys for a while!  This would go a long way to getting rid of Racism, Homophobia, and all the other Bigotry that exists in the horrible country.  Think about how a couple of months with me in your house would improve your life.  And it would totally cure the homeless problem.  I know what you’re thinking… SOME PEOPLE, we all those types, won’t want to do this.  That’s OK!  I will have The Government make them do it.  It’ll be AWESOME!

Now I’m supposed to be totally Honest with you about my past.

No problem…

1.  I’ve done all the drugs.  Well, there are probably some new ones that I don’t know about, but I’ll get to those.

2.  I’ve had sex with millions of Women, and probably some Men.  I don’t remember any of their names.  Refer to #1.

3.  I’ve illegally made Billions of Dollars.  I don’t remember how.  Refer to #1.

4.  I’m an Alcoholic.  Well, not really… I have NO Problem Drinking!  Ha!  Get it!  no problem… man, that never get’s old.

5.  I’m totally into Solar, because when the Sun expands we’ll have the Energy we could ever need.

6.  I’ve got 28 kids… from 19 different women.  But I haven’t married more than one of them!  So it’s totally legal!

11.  I just now totally found a drug I haven’ dood ysnal’mxw  Refer to #1.



Hillary Needs a Leftist.

(Update 062515: Enter Bernie Sanders.  So… may be a buffoon.)

Not a Buffoon.

Time for some plain talk here folks.

Hillary Clinton has lost her supposed claim to the Democrat Nomination for President of the United States.

It is clear to her, and those close to her, that she will face a Primary Challenge.  While this was obviously not hoped for as she would have saved vast sums of donor dollars which could be spent in the General Election facing, odds are, some Evil Republican MAN… (Note: White doesn’t matter this time. (Of course, neither can being Old.))

It just is what it is.

Enter Martin O’Malley.

The former Governor from Maryland will not pose much of a foil for Hillary’s attempt to appear ‘Centrist’ and ‘Reasonable’.  This guy will self-destruct prematurely.  As far as I’m concerned he’s already old news.


How about Native American Liz Warren?  While the hairy, man-hater, clubs across the country would love, love, love to see Warren run, she’s also not serious enough to help Hillary fit into a Rational Pant Suit.  And besides… girl on girl primary fighting does not fluff the War on Women narrative Hillary will need to cling to during the General… when she’s running against, odds are, an Evil Republican MAN… (White Doesn’t matter this time.)

The name to watch?

Senator Jim Webb.

While Webb is guilty of writing some Odd Porn

That’s about it.

The rest of his Progressive Leftist Resume is solid… for a Socialist.

Military Vet-Marine, former Secretary of the Navy, Author, Hates Bush (The former president), subscribes to the Individual being Forced to sacrifice to the Group, and… convinced he’s Smarter than You…  Perfect.  (Add to that the Odd Porn issue will most likely be considered a resume enhancement by Liberals.)

If Hillary is Hoping to assume the Presidency, she is going to have to come out of a serious Primary with a victory over a ‘serious’ opponent the likes of Webb.

Grab the popcorn.

And the beer.

(Originally posted March 23rd, 2015)