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It’s Say Anything Week!

Good Morning Folks,
We are now officially into the last week before a Presidential Election. This period of time is what I like to refer to as “Say Anything Week”. It’s during this last week that the craziest, most ridiculous and foolish, accusations will be flung at whoever is opposing the Socialist Candidate because there’s just not enough time for anyone to refute them. And, considering the Press is Liberal, no one to laugh at them.

I always look forward to this week because you get to hear things similar to “George Bush is flying around on an SR-71 to get hostages released”, “My friend says Mitt Romney doesn’t pay his taxes” and old favorites like “When Did you stop beating your wife?”.

It’s a fun week.

Please garb a cold one and enjoy it with me!


Why Trump is Not Hitler…

First off…

Hitler had a stupid Mustache, not stupid Hair.


Hitler Hated the Jews specifically, not Everybody in general.


Hitler had a plan.

So Shut Up Already.

Trump is not Hitler.  Trump is Not a National Democratic Socialist.  Trump has no idea what that even means.

But we could certainly have a conversation regarding the two Socialists who ARE running for President…

I Have not yet Begun to Defile Myself…

So… Today I’m declaring my run for the Presidency of these United States of America!

For those of you who know me, this will come as no surprise.  I have declared myself President of a number of Countries throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Canada was fun because I smoked a bunch of crack, rubbed limp bacon all over my body, dressed up like Chris Farley then didn’t say anything but “I’m the President, eh.” and everyone I met believed me.  It was awesome!  But, as usual, it appears there’s a ‘Formal Process’ here in the U.S. which one must abide by,  so whaaaatever.

I should also tell you, Out of respect I have waited for the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to announce her run.  However, since it seems she is not going to do this anytime soon I felt like I needed to get on with it.  I also wanted to jump in before there was any risk of the Republican field becoming crowded.  I think my timing is pretty good.

At this point in my announcement I’ve been instructed by my Campaign manager to illustrate some of the differences I have with the other candidates as well as those areas where we find common ground.

Here goes:

Area’s of agreement…

I too think every Nation in the Middle East should have a Nuclear Weapon, or two.  Two is better, that way after they use the first one the other nations still have to think twice.  So TWO Nuclear Weapons.  Yes, even the Palestinians.  They just need to figure out whose running things.  We could use the Nuclear Weapon thing as a kind of carrot… “Hey! You guys figure out whose running things, and we’ll send you a couple of Nuclear Weapons!”  Talk about ‘getting things done in the Middle East!  I’d get a Nobel Peace Prize just like the guy in the White House now.  And I also Smoke!  We’re practically brothers.

I think everyone who doesn’t do anything should get a check from the government.  I mean come on!  How else are they going have any money to buy stuff when they don’t do anything.  I feel the same way for people who make really, really, super-stupid decisions.  There’s too many of these types of decisions to list them all, and I know I’d forget a few if I tried.  And it’s just nicer to send them all a check than to make them feel bad.

Since we’re on the subject of Free Stuff, I think everyone who can’t afford to buy stuff should get it for Free.  Even if they just don’t want to pay for it… they should get it for Free.  Free is totally Cool!

Everyone should get Free College!  That way a College Education will be worth as much as an Elementary and High School one.  This way Everybody will be way smart.  Awesome!

Oh, and just like Hillary’s husband, everybody should be Pro-Choice.  That way no one can ever be a rapist.  Never!  Because rape is bad.  So be Pro-Choice so you can’t be one.

Finally, I think you can be whatever you want to be!  Just say out loud that you ‘identify’ as that ‘whatever’ it is.  For me it’s being Presidents… but find your own ‘thing’, my ‘thing’ is taken.  I don’t like Competition.

OK, now for some Differences:

I think everyone should get Free Booze!  We will build a separate Interstate system for Drunks.  We’ll call it the Intoxicated Services Interstate System.  Or, ISIS for short.  It’s very simple.  You’ll have to have a certain Blood Alcohol Level BEFORE you can drive on them.  They’ve already been doing  this in Alaska and New Mexico for decades.  It works!  Genius.

I believe if you decide to ‘identify’ with any minority, of any kind, you should Never Have to Go to Jail! Ever!  For Anything!

For instance, I ‘identify’ as being President of no less than 7 countries.  You have to admit, that’s a pretty small group.  And I can tell you, my life has been difficult because of Non-President Bias.  There are a lot of Haters out there.  But you know Hater’s gonna Hate.

Everyone needs more Money!  So the United States should print as much of it as we can, and mail it out to Everyone.  Everyday we should be able to go to the mailbox and get more money.  That way we can buy stuff.  You don’t have a mailbox?  No problem.  We’ll give police Huge Bags of Money to pass out to anyone who asks for it.  That way the Police can stop being a bunch of mean dudes enforcing stupid laws to Hella Cool guys, and girls too.

Oh… same as above for Health Care.  That should all be Free and we can have the Firemen hand that out!

We Should get to sleep in everyone else’s house whenever we want!  How cool would that be?!  You have a bedroom you’re not using?  I just might decide to stop by and hang with you guys for a while!  This would go a long way to getting rid of Racism, Homophobia, and all the other Bigotry that exists in the horrible country.  Think about how a couple of months with me in your house would improve your life.  And it would totally cure the homeless problem.  I know what you’re thinking… SOME PEOPLE, we all those types, won’t want to do this.  That’s OK!  I will have The Government make them do it.  It’ll be AWESOME!

Now I’m supposed to be totally Honest with you about my past.

No problem…

1.  I’ve done all the drugs.  Well, there are probably some new ones that I don’t know about, but I’ll get to those.

2.  I’ve had sex with millions of Women, and probably some Men.  I don’t remember any of their names.  Refer to #1.

3.  I’ve illegally made Billions of Dollars.  I don’t remember how.  Refer to #1.

4.  I’m an Alcoholic.  Well, not really… I have NO Problem Drinking!  Ha!  Get it!  no problem… man, that never get’s old.

5.  I’m totally into Solar, because when the Sun expands we’ll have the Energy we could ever need.

6.  I’ve got 28 kids… from 19 different women.  But I haven’t married more than one of them!  So it’s totally legal!

11.  I just now totally found a drug I haven’ dood ysnal’mxw  Refer to #1.



It’s not that You Lie…

…it’s how much time you can put between You and Your Lie, until Nobody Cares Anymore.

Benghazi does not seem to want to go away.

I have made my position on this debacle very clear.  Just tap “Benghazi” into my search window.

But this new development is different.  (Abandon hope if you are seeking answers.  This is about a weak President with a small nod to the 2016 race.)

What interests me now is the dynamic between a past Secretary of State who is a Socialist Presidential Hopeful and a current Socialist White House.  It is not secret that these two simply do not like each other.  They never have.  And with Hillary’s declared interest in the Presidency removing the “choice” President Obama had in regard to whom he will support, it should be interesting as to how the Benghazi issue plays out.

What I mean here is that it typically takes the power of the Executive to put as much time as possible between the “Lie” and the “Discovery of the Lie” in order to dampen public interest regarding the event “Lied” about.  Only TIME will let the public “not care”… in other words the old go-to line of “That’s Ancient History so Who Cares!?” only works with a Liberal application of time.

Remember, all political malfeasance is judged in the court of public opinion.

Hillary does not appear to have even the paltry Executive support she had when she was acting Sec. State.  She also does not have the warm fuzzy relationship which might aid her in acquiring help from that Executive.  It’s important to remember that the idea of Biden stepping aside for Hillary to assume the VP slot was seriously considered, but somewhere it was quashed… and there was a reason, either Hillary refused or the President refused.  This is not how a Village raises it children to behave.

(It is my assessment that this idea was quashed somewhere within the White House as it would only benefit Hillary to assume “pole position” in the 2016 Presidential Race by being VP.  She would not have refused this contrary to supporter assertions… she is not stupid.  May be one day we’ll know for sure and it will only interest idiots like me.  Time…)

So this leaves a couple of fun possibilities.

The Clinton’s are a Machine… they know where the skeletons are and have shown in the past that they are not afraid to let them “accidentally” fall out of the closet.

This latest “discovery” of the talking points regarding Benghazi being altered by someone could be a shot across the bow in terms of Hillary not feeling she is receiving the help she should expect from the current Administration.  (Granted, this Administration is finding stormy seas as far as advancing their own agenda… but this is about Hillary!  At least that’s how Hillary sees it.)

As this moves forward, which it will because the Republicans smell blood and know a few weeks of hearings regardless of outcome burns yet more time the President might have to push his ideas, we should expect to see some “discoveries” of White House involvement.  That is, of course, if the White House doesn’t get its mind right and jump on board the Hillary Express.)

The Clintons are not above throwing those they don’t get along with under the bus if it serves their needs, even if they are Fellow Travelers.

The other possibility is a full-throated defense of Hillary by the White House… which would be the largest overt example of Obama’s weakness we may have yet seen.

Close your eyes and picture a wrestling match between Barack and Hillary in Singlets.  All sweaty… grunting… with Bill sitting nearby watching with a strange, oddly fascinated leer…

You’re Welcome.

Let it burn.

So I’ve been relatively quiet the last several weeks. I have spent most of my time reading.

A little Mao, a little Card, a little Smith and little Goldberg… along with every article I can find on this latest loss to the Left.

It’s always interesting to hear those I respect, and many I don’t, suffer the same attempt to understand why the United States chose the Socialist… once again. Luckily for me, these folks have done so in type…

From what I have gleaned there are three basic themes:

1. Republicans do not, or are incapable of, running a candidate with a solid foundation of Free-market principles (aka Capitalist) who is willing to espouse them in a cogent concise manner. Over, and over, and over.

2. The Republicans fall in line every time the Socialists say “We need civility, cooperation and bipartisanship”… which actually means “help us make these horrible Socialist ideas work… or at least let us blame YOU when they predictably don’t”.

3. The country is divided between those who make and those who take… and the takers voted. (I know this is offensive… particularly to the “takers”, which is why I’m convinced it is truth. Nobody is ever offended by ridiculous assertions… because they’re ridiculous.  Clowns are funny, not offensive.)

These three points are the wheat, separated from the chafe. These are what survives poor logic, and the socialist republican thought, we have been subject to for decades.

So what are the “solutions” to this problem?


Let it burn.

We have an opportunity to allow Socialism to Fail Epically. The “Fiscal Cliff” is a Socialist wet dream. And, in the words of Barack Obama, elections have consequences… well, I agree.

While I do not support a stance of “walking away” from the issue, I do support adopting a tactic of the left. A tactic so common that the American people have come to accept it. A tactic so old that Machiavelli shared it with his Prince.

Tell everyone, repeatedly, that you want to help “solve” this problem. Let everyone know how dangerous it is and that you agree with the Democrats regarding the election results… Tell every listening ear that you’ll welcome whatever solutions the Democrats and Barack Obama send over… then do nothing.  Never once acknowledge any proposals sent up for consideration…

In fact… ignore any “solutions” that might be sent over no matter how ridiculous. Don’t laugh at them, don’t critique how stupid they may be, don’t acknowledge them at all. Just stay with the above plea and offer of immediate cooperation and bipartisanship when the Democrats come to the table.

Then stay quiet. In other words, if you’re not talking about how cooperative you’re going to be and busy being “civil” while doing nothing… you should have a steaming hot cup of Shut the F*ck Up in your hand sipping away.

“But Mike… but Mike… that means we go over the Fiscal Cliff! Aghhhhh…”

Yep. It’s time for some pain. It’s time for the takers to see what Socialism is all about in a way that cannot be ignored, spun or placed at the feet of Capitalists.

“But Mike… The press will blame the Republicans!”

Yep. But not the few who openly stand for Free Market Capitalism. And this will be the opportunity for them to rise up and shine.


Genuinely pay attention to the foundations of the candidates you support.  (The ability to recognize these values will require YOU to understand them first.  So, get to work.)

In other words, not what they say… talk is cheap… but what they do… all the time.

If the Great Experiment is to succeed, we must… must, with no exceptions… seek out and elect those whose beliefs are founded in Free-market Capitalism and Individual Liberty.  They must believe it.  They must practise it.  They must understand what limited government means and how that benefits every citizen in the U.S., not just all the little groups the Left wants, needs, us to identify with.

It is the single “Big Idea”.  It is a unifying message.  It is the “Big Tent” under which all of us can get underneath if we choose to.  It is exactly what the Socialists fear… and right now they have no fear, evidently for good reason.

It will be the platform our current and aspiring leaders must run on during the mid-terms. It will be the platform all of us must insist on during the primaries for 2016. The rest of the republicans I don’t care about… aside from removing them from office and replacing them with Capitalists.


Call it what it is.

Call this crap Socialism.  Why are we 16 Trillion dollars in debt and headed for Fiscal Oblivion?  Socialism.  Why are our kids failing in school? Socialism.  Why are there no jobs out there? Socialism.  Why did the housing market crash?  Socialism.  Why do the banks control everything?  Socialism.  Why are our taxes going up rather than our government stopping the out of control spending?  Socialism.  Why does everything cost more?  Socialism.  Who wants to get ahold of our savings and 401k’s?  Socialists.  Who wants to nationalize more companies forcing taxpayers to support the Unions?  Socialists.  Who are the Socialists responsible for all of this?  Name them… from both parties.  Often, and as loud as possible.

This may sound “too simple”.

I would offer that if it is too simple why hasn’t it been done since Reagan?

The Left chastises those who “still live in the era of Reagan.”  They think Reagan is idolized as Reagan the man… Well I happen to idolize Reagan, not as “the man” but rather as the guy who stood for what this country was founded on.  If you give me someone else who truly believes in those same things and shows no fear, ever, in espousing them and then actually doing them once in office I will idolize them too.

So there you have it.  The Political Consultant class will call this naive… fine.  I expect nothing less because the above “Big Idea” doesn’t require their input… thus will not generate foolish amounts of money headed their way.

I will offer only a single defense.

“Attention Political Consultants… I’ve read all your stuff… every bit of it.  I’ve watched all your brilliance closely, campaign after campaign.  The only winners, or at least those who profit, at the end of the day are you.  I know Socialism… deeply.  You also profess to as well, yet you preach “reaching out” to disparate groups, the same groups created for the purposes of the Left you supposedly oppose.  You promote Bipartisanship and non-offensive messaging for fear of offending the sensibilities of our home-grown Communists…  In your model, “Getting something done” is more important than “Getting only the right things done and nothing else”.  Both Lenin and Alinsky agree, a compromise is a win for the Left… and you are part of the problem.  You are why we are here.