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What if it’s not the Russians? (Previously: Picking a Fight with the CIA…)

(Originally posted 121214.  What if it’s not the Russians offering up Thousands of Socialist E-mails? Just sayin’…)

One must ask why.

While the release of the ‘CIA Sucks Report’ was a foregone conclusion given Diane Feinstein’s drive to leave a parting gift to her Leftist base…

I remain convinced the timing of the report was designed to remove Jonathon Gruber from the headlines and allow the mainstream liberals something else to put on the evening news.  (I continue to believe Gruber, and his honesty about how Liberals see American’s, is profoundly damaging.)

That aside, the report begs the question “Why?”.

Why would you rehash what we already know?

Why would you emphasize enhanced terrorist interrogation techniques and our efforts to keep them alive while in captivity such as Rectal Feeding?  (I would remind you all that there are certain restaurants in Feinstein’s own San Francisco specializing in that very thing.)

Why would you give additional specific information allowing the remaining Terrorist A-holes to cross reference and pinpoint those involved?

I believe this fight started with Benghazi. It continued with the summary ‘execution’ of the Afghanistan Chief of Station’s career by officially outing his name.

And, the apparent conflict is being taken to a brand new level with the release of this report.

Is the CIA not being cooperative enough with the Socialists in our Government?

Might they have issues with how they are being tossed under the bus by an Administration that practises Drone Diplomacy?  Our deteriorating relationship with Israel?  Allowing North Korea and Iran to acquire Nuclear Weapons and the means to ‘deliver’ them?  Our inability to keep secrets?  Our ceding the Middle East to the Terrorists after shedding American Blood to keep it out of their hands?

Are our covert Agencies not being quiet enough when it comes to the murder of our Diplomat and security personnel in Benghazi?  Could it be they are not on board with the Administration, and the rest of the Leftists, who didn’t want to appear ‘aggressive’ to the rest of the world by providing adequate security?

Is this just another attempt to paint Bush as a Domestic Terrorist since we are ‘all citizens of the world’ according to our own home-grown Socialists?

I believe it’s all the above.

Feinstein thinks, because of her retirement, she is now beyond the reach of the American people, and this is a flying f-you to the very agency and agencies she over saw.  The very same Agencies whose techniques she previously, and repeatedly, approved of.

The Covert folks do not seem interested in being quiet about how this Administration is conducting itself. They are not interested in being hung out to die… so to speak.

They do not seem interested in continuing to do what they must while being used as political pawns in a game that is decidedly anti-capitalist.

There a was a time that many of us could fool ourselves into thinking that those who professed to be Socialists were doing so in order simply to get elected.

Now many of us, and I must conclude those in the intelligence services as well, are finding out those they thought to be donning a cloak of Progressive Populism are in fact… serious.  And the very folks that put their lives on the line for the rest of us everyday are suffering in the worst ways because of it.  Add to this that many of those we thought were Constitutional Loyalists are nothing of the sort.

We are watching the Republic crumble, and lives are being lost as a result.

Are we witnessing an awakening by those that keep the secrets?

Possibly… but I’m wrong more often than I’m right.

However, there is no doubt that a dark war has started in D.C.

Bits of it are finding sunlight.

It seems the Left wants it that way.  What do they stand to gain?

Is it an attempt at a purge?

Are the Progressives trying to consolidate power as they have been trying to do in the Military?

Stabbing Myself in the Eye


A trash can term.  A refuge for the intellectually lazy.  The Pretense of Thought.  A label non-thinkers give themselves in order to avoid having to figure out what they believe in.  A meaningless label representing those who go along with whatever the mob thinks is cool.

An attempt to sound as if you have given thought to your opinions when in fact you haven’t spent even a fleeting moment trying understand anything, let alone what you think about it.

A supposed ideology that no one can define… in other words, the platitude of ideologies.

The mere existence of the word is an attraction for the vacant mind.

People who identify themselves as Populists are so void of thought they rely on the Mob to give them their ideas.  The masses are the river and they are the leaf.  (A little zen for PAZ.)

They pride themselves on, and advertise, their strained almost non-relationship with reality and reason.

They transcend meaninglessness and become an obstacle to meaning…  the souless zombies destroying discourse.

I intend all of the above in the nicest possible way.  (If you think you are one, just don’t ever speak to me… ever.  Don’t even think about it.  Don’t even look at me.  Not even a glance.  Not even a passing look… you know, when you look around the room with the intent of looking at me but you don’t stop… you just keep turning your head so it seems like you weren’t looking even though you were… not even that.  Actually, stay as far away from me as possible.  Everything should be okay then… may be.)

Any guesses regarding the type of recent interaction I subjected myself to?  Anyone?  Anyone?

For the Love of God (Pick one.), please Make An Effort.  Even a small one.