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President Bush is a Homophobic Bigot

…because he will not boycott the Olympic Games in Russia.

The Russians have institutionalized bigotry against Gay’s and Transsexuals… not sure about Lesbians, they’re probably OK as long as they’re cute and don’t say anything mean about shirtless KGB Dictators.

The Russians have stated outright they will arrest homosexuals, pretty sure they mean just men, if they are discovered at the Games.

As usual, President Bush is refusing to make this an issue, as would be expected, because of his clearly Homophobic beliefs.

Bush is a dirty bigot.  He’s a Gay bashing Homophobe who deserves to have Chick-fil-A crammed up his you know what.

This kind of Bigotry is nothing new for Evil Tea Bagging  (That’s funny because it’s actually a Gay sex act.  See the irony?  But if you see the irony does it still make sense?  It doesn’t matter, we think it’s funny somehow.  Tee-hee.)  Conservatives and typical from the toothless, gun-toting, idiots on the Right.


Hold on a second….




Never mind.


Garden Gnomes in Camoflage

Don’t bother to play this video with the sound up…  but it’s worth skipping the ad.

So apparently the world should expect Terrorist hostility at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

I know, I know… you’re asking yourself “Who would have thought terrorists would be interested in attacking an event like the Winter Olympics?”

But set aside your surprise for a moment, My question is; “Are threats like this from Militant Lawn Ornaments going to increase, or decrease, how seriously we prepare for such eventualities?”

I wonder if the Travelocity folks have seen this… I would think there is a copy right infringement somewhere.

I bet a “cease and desist” letter is forthcoming.

But where do you send it?

Or… is it the Amish that should be pissed?

I’m going to ponder that over an ice cold finger of Russian Standard… by candle light.