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Occupying Irony

If you Scream Loud Enough you’ll get what you’re Asking For.


Goldman Gets Away With It!

Goldman Sachs has gotten away with destroying the United States… or at least that MUST be what you think if you’re Liberal Democrat.
Seems odd that it is a Liberal Democratic Administration that has refused to prosecute these criminals.
A few months back I tapped out a post outlining why Goldman et al. would get away unscathed in real terms. It’s worth the link… Obama and the Evil Bankers.

What will be truly interesting is what I predict to be a deafening silence from the Left.  Considering 6-years have been spent rewriting history to make the bankers out to be responsible for all the evil in the world… so much so that the current Administration used it as a center piece for their very successful election campaign.

What will also be interesting is what will the media do now?

They can’t blame Bush anymore because the public is having none of it.

They can’t blame the banks anymore when the Administration has made it clear that they don’t.

So how do they speak to the collapse of the U.S. Economy?

Will the national media have to actually place blame where it belongs… squarely on the shoulders of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Bill Clinton?  Or will they simply stop talking about it?  I mean, what would you do?  If you had to go back and correct 6-years of a purposely contrived narrative would you do it?  Or, would you just stop talking about it completely and move on to the next story while banking on the government addicted, drug addled, poor short term memory of the Liberal progressive base?

Well, there are others of us out here and we’re listening…  are those crickets, or just useful idiots?

By the way, are you Occupiers paying attention?  What exactly are you putting your trust and faith in?  Why do you pledge support to an ideology of Socialism that depends on your being ignorant?  When will you get fed up and truly pay attention… not just posing like you do.  Go home, tell your parents you appreciate them then move out of their basement, take a shower and get a haircut.  Get a job.. any job, rent an apartment and NEVER take a handout.  If you can do these simple things… all else will come clear.  You will be amazed.

In regard to the rest of the Leftist voting block… if you’re not suffering an enormous amount of cognitive dissonance then you are too far gone to participate in any discussion, let alone the electoral process.

At least some things are so consistent as to be predictable… cheers to that.