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Putting everyone on the record.

Today the U.S. House of Representatives voted to Repeal Obamatax. In fact, the affirmative vote to repeal enjoyed bipartisan support.
But the question is being asked… Why bother doing this?
It’s a reasonable question given that Harry Reid will never allow it to come up for a vote in the Senate.
The reason has been offered that this is an effort by the Republicans to “show their resolve” to repeal this Socialist Scheme. But if this were the case it would be a waste of time because none of us trust them regardless of how they vote when it doesn’t really matter.
The real reason for this vote is to put the incumbant Democrats running for office this year on the record of supporting, or not supporting it.
Why is this important?
It’s important because many of them have made a long, and unfortunately successful, history of returning to their districts during election years and campaigning on exactly the opposite positions they intend to take. In this case, many of them are currently fleeing all things Obama. And, considering the approval polls on Socialized Medicine weigh overwhelmingly in favor of repeal… it would be awfully tempting to campaign on that desired repeal as a Democrat. Of course, as demonstrated repeatedly, once they are re-elected they return to Washington and do nothing remotely resembling what they ran on.
Do not forget, Socialized Medicine is the crown jewel for the Left. It has been chased after and pined for since Wilson and now is the final piece of the Socialist puzzle. This is it folks. Norman Thomas would be proud.
So… the Republican House has taken away this subterfuge used by the Left of “being on the side of the people” for the incumbant Democrats. These Liberals cannot return to their districts and claim anything other than how they voted on todays repeal.  They’re on the record.  And, they hate it.
It’s that simple… and don’t let any of the news nets spin it differently.

It’s Not A Tax!

OK… the only legitimacy Obamacare enjoys is if it’s a tax, but it’s NOT A TAX.

So Stop saying it!  STOP IT!  STOP IT!  STOP IT!

It’s a Penalty, tax… thingy.
It’s kind of a tax with a small “t”, like the income tax if you don’t capitalize the “i” but completely different… in every way.  totally.
Yes, the IRS collects and enforces the Obamacare non-tax under the tax code and yes the only reason Obamacare is remotely constitutional is if it is a tax but… It’s NOT A TAX!.. Idiot.

Anyway… everyone knows that raising taxes, no… non-taxes, no… penalties.  Right, everyone knows that raising penalties increases private sector growth and makes 20-year olds billionaires.  The Clinton supporters have been telling us this for years.

So, the largest tax penalty increase in the history of the world is exactly what we need right now. Nothing else could spur growth and confidence in the future of our economy like a new non-tax penalty so large it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend.

But wait! There’s more!
Not only do you get all the good news and ultimate satisfaction of having MORE of your money removed from your possession by force… you get the added benefit of the dumbing down of one of the greatest medical systems in the world! (Might I remind you of the artificial heart, bone replacements, artificial blood, organ transplants, cutting edge neuroscience and brain mapping, genome mapping etc.) These things are not springing forth from the Socialist Utopias of Cuba or North Korea.

So just say “Yes We Can!” destroy superior medical care and future medical innovation.

“Yes We Can!” deter the best and brightest from viewing medicine as a way to put their kids through private school.

“Yes We Can!” make sure the multiple, competitive, legally liable, private insurance companies wont have the power to deny us care by instead giving that power to a small centralized board of unanswerable nepotistic political cronies.

“Yes We Can!”

Remember, it wont be fair until we all have crappy health care.  (Except for the Rich who will have all the current treatments and more!  They will enjoy a separate “private” level of amazing health care inaccessible to you just like in Socialist Utopian Europe.  And… the full effect of Socialized Medicine will take 20 years to feel since most doctors are trapped in their professions, but the “new” aspiring ones aren’t and will find a more lucrative way to apply their genius. Isn’t this great?!)

You get what your ability to reason leads you to.  So, what you deserve.  Unfortunately your decision effects the rest of us.

Do the rest of us a favor and try a little harder.