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Club Gitmo Will Remain Open for Business

I can imagine all the misspelled construction paper signage being carefully crafted, the showers not being taken, the clothes not being washed, the chants being rehearsed… all for the protests soon to start.  You can cut the tension with a knife.

The excitement is brewing to yet again Speak Truth to Power…. er… wait…


But, But, But I thought Closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility was a center-piece of the Barack Obama Election Effort.  I thought everyone from Amnesty International to that guy I buy Bongs from at the Head shop on the corner were flat-out furious about imprisoning Terrorist A-Holes without what they considered “due process” and all of the rights afforded American Citizens.  (Speaking of Amnesty International… do they just stop handing out bumper stickers when there is a Democrat in Office?  Talk about the “Where are they now file…”)

So No Protests now that just today President Obama has decided to completely dismantle any effort to close, relocate or rename Gitmo?

No Righteous Indignation?

No Interviews with Foreign Nationals claiming to have spent time at “Black Site” prisons?

No Hysteria over Waterboarding… sorry, I mean Torture?

No Dirty Hippie Wanna-Be’s sipping Starbucks and blogging away on their $5000 Mac Book’s holding up poorly made signs and chanting “Hell No, You Better Close Gitmo!”?

Surely CBS could go find at least a couple of protesters… may be get a producer to call his nephews and ask them to set up a “spontaneous” occupation of some park close to the station.  Something?  On the other hand, if CBS is proposing we give up on the Constitution, then what “rights” are we to afford them?  Anyway…

Come on guys!  I believe in you!

Where’s the Outrage?

Bueller? Anyone?  Anyone?  MSNBC?  MSNBC?