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The Crying Game

It was reported earlier today that Nancy Pelosi was “near tears” during Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech this morning.

I know, I know… you could never tell be looking at her. So we’ll have to take her word for it.

Apparently Mrs. Pelosi was so deeply insulted by Netanyahu’s speaking out loud of the fear Israeli’s feel regarding Iran obtaining a Nuclear Weapon that she nearly broke into tears. (As a note, her face would literally have to break for there to be tears coming from it.)

Mrs. Pelosi stated that she was offended by Bibi’s “condescension” as it pertained to what she determined was his belief American Leftists didn’t comprehend the danger posed to Israel by Those Who Must Not be Named should they acquire even a single Nuclear Weapon.

Apparently lost upon Mrs. Pelosi is President Obama’s current policy of allowing Iran to develop Nuclear Weapons. Also missing her completely is the Administrations desire to talk about the dangers of such weapons while Iran’s development of them continues unabated.

There you have it…

How dare the Leader of the country who is surrounded by those whose National Charters demand its inhabitants be ‘marched into the sea’… or better yet, be ‘completely annihilated’… voice concern over the Chamberlainesque foreign policy being practiced by President Obama designed to kick the atomic can down the road so someone else can be blamed for Nuclear War in the Middle East. (We’ve already seen how effective this approach has been with North Korea.)

Meanwhile in the House…

John Boehner actually breaks into tears trying to convince anyone who still believes a word he says that he really wanted to de-fund the Illegal Amnesty program being operated out of DHS.  (This guy has to go… seriously… he’s got to be ousted.)

Now I’m going to cry over a bottle of Scotch.


Privatize the VA!

If you’re a Republican, Pay Attention!

‘Privatize the VA’ should be the Rallying Cry of Republicans for next Two Years…

Because the VA is the Poisonous Truth behind Government Healthcare.  It’s the Harsh Reality in store for All of Us.

The troubles with Government Run Health Care have been long known.  For many of us it was a mystery as to how, just 4 years ago, all the Stories of delay’s, poor care and mismanagement coming from the VA suddenly disappeared.  The stories of Wait Lists in Canada all of a sudden went away… the stories of an overburdened and over taxed Health Care system in Britain suddenly went away… stories about the elderly dying in France because they had a heat wave and the nurses went on Government Mandated Vacation just went away…  stories many of us who pay attention have been reading for decades.  Decades.

Poof!  Gone!

With the recent discovery of Secret Waiting Lists maintained by VA Hospital Administrators, and more being discovered daily, it becomes clear that all the problems didn’t magically disappear… instead they were Covered Up.  It also becomes clear with so many of the Hospital Administrators Nationwide participating in the concealment of wait times etc. that it was an Orchestrated Effort.  An Effort directly correlated to pushing Obama Care upon the American People when the American People made it clear they didn’t want it… and still don’t.

Allow me to ask you to name the last Government Bureaucrat to serve Hard Time for what would be considered a Felony if performed by any one of us?

I’ll wait…  need more time?  No problem…

Times Up.

Right… not one!  None!

If for no other reason the VA Hospitals must be Privatized in order for Accountability to be introduced into the System.  The Legal System… Courts of LAW come into play.  Your Husband Die because an Administrator was preventing him from getting Care?  Sue!  (But the most tragic part is that your husband would have been able to get care.  Because if one hospital or doctor didn’t help he could apply the principle of substitution and go to another hospital or doctor until he found one who would.  It’s Capitalism 101… and the Progressive Socialists do nothing but demonize it.  It so very, very sad in the end.)

Government Officials are NEVER held accountable in any meaningful way for their action.  Ever.

They might be Shuffled around, Suspended WITH PAY or “demoted”… but it means Nothing!

It’s really that easy… consider the immediate Improvement in Access to Health Care and Improved Health Care extra Value.

So why did the Obama Administration trade five of the deadliest Taliban Commanders loose in exchange for a deserter?

The Answer is you were Beginning to Understand.

And THAT Could Not be Tolerated.


And the VA made it extremely easy to see the connection between our Soldiers Healthcare debacle and Obama CareThe VA is Socialized Medicine on Parade.

It was quickly becoming to clear to the average man-on-the-street that this is what the Leftist Democrats are Forcing upon all of us… that is, all of us who do not have enough money to buy Private Medical Care (Boutique Medicine) outside of the Mandatory Government Run System.  So, us Poor Folks who don’t happen to live in DC or work for the Government.  Or us folks that don’t know someone, or have a family member that works for the government, who can get us on one of those Secret Lists where you get the help you need when you need it.

On this Issue the debate is Really Over.  97% of Veterans Agree… there’s an Actual Consensus.  It’s Government’s fault it’s horrible and Government Can’t fix it because it’s what always happens when Government tries to Run Anything.

The only observation I recommend, watch which Republicans choose Not to take up this Rallying Cry.  Because by Not Doing So they betray their true intentions and beliefs.

It’s well past time to force the Liberal Leftist Republicans out of the Darkness and into the Light.

This is exactly the Issue with which to do it.