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Has Bryan Pagliano ever heard of Craig Livingston?

Hillary’s IT Guy, the one she had set up her private server, probably doesn’t know how this movie ends….

If you’re reading this Bryan, here’s a little Wiki Wiki. 

Don’t trust Wikipedia?  Well, let me just say it doesn’t turn out well for you if you think there is nobility in ‘taking one for the team’.  The ‘Cause’ doesn’t care about you, Bryan.  Hillary doesn’t care about you.

So, Bryan, you’re probably saying to yourself “But they promised to take care of me!”.

Of course they did.

And Where is Mr. Livingston now?

Nobody knows, Bryan.  Nobody knows.



Flash: Madonna’s New Album Leaks onto Internet!

North Korean Hackers re-secure it and encrypt it preventing any further leaks!

According to one of the Hackers; “No one deserves this.  Not even our Enemies”

He added; “We just wanted to say Thank You for your pulling of the new Jerry Lewis movie “The Interview”… You American Pigs.”