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Andrew Cuomo Pounds Weiner.

Again… nothing to add…


How is it different from ObamaCare?

There seems to be overt dismay that Mayor Bloomberg would use his authority to limit the ability of physicians to administer pain killers to their patients.
What’s interesting is that this dismay is being voiced from the Left… the very same Left that is still giving a big sloppy wet kiss to ObamaCare.
This fact can only be considered a stark example of the uneducated, ignorant, lazy mass of Democrat voters that have championed exactly such health decisions by politicians to be thrust upon the rest of us.  If this were France it would be hilariously funny… however, this is not France. yet.

At what time do those who consider themselves “moderate” Democrats wake up to the Socialist policies they are being used to enact?

The answer is they will not wake up.  The press will figure out a way to blame George Bush, Global Warming, Terrorists or The Flu for this horrible future staring us in the face.

Although there could be an upside… without all of these idiots medicated the Socialists may lose a significant portion of their voting block.

Is that a Salt shaker?  Up against the wall!

Is that a 17oz. soda?  It is?  Sir, we need to speak to you down at the station…

Something for your pain?  You’ll need to speak to your Block Captain who will be in contact with your County Commissar.

Like I said, it would be hilarious if it was France.

A Nation of Criminals

They’re Coming to Get Me.

They’re coming to get you too, but I don’t care so much about you… unless you can keep them from getting me.

OK, maybe they’re not coming right this second… but they want to be able to.

It appears our government’s standard operating procedure, at every level, is to make sure everybody is guilty of something… because they never know when that will come in handy.

First, you need a tax code nobody, I mean nobody, understands putting everyone in violation of it.

Second, you need a ton of laws that lay on the books unenforced so everyone forgets about them… until you want to use them.  These laws range from Zoning to Gun control.  And the best part is, when someone complains “there ought to be a law”, even though there is one you simply don’t remind them of it and craft some brand new ones that are even more onerous.  Brilliant!

In a world where your every business transaction is tracked (unless it is illegal… particularly if the BATFE is bank rolling it with your money as in Fast & Furious)… your location is always known through your cell phone, your car’s GPS system, electronically monitored power consumption at your home, your purchases on your credit cards and super computer’s dedicated to reading your e-mail and text messaging as they are sent… it is no surprise that there are many folks out there who don’t trust the Government, particularly those individual, fallible, self-interested human beings who run it.

As I have stated several times before, I believe your Freedom is directly correlated to your ability to live your life anonymously.

We just saw what can happen when the government keeps track of all those individuals holding concealed carry permits in New York.  It is my opinion the only people who should be upset about the disclosure of the names and addresses of these permit holders are those Liberals who support “Gun Control” for Others (read “stupid people” in other words “not them”).  The only casualty here will be their hypocrisy.  So much for being anonymous.

But the point here is that it was a political statement by the Newspaper.  There is no other reason.  Not a single mass shooting was committed by a permit holder.  Not one.  In fact, there have been several possible crimes stopped by permit holders as of late.  But, if you follow the Liberal logic those crimes should have been allowed to continue unabated for the 3-4 minutes it typically takes police to arrive.  If you don’t think that is a very long time try something… get a watch, and time yourself holding your breath for just 3 of those 4 minutes.  Start…. now.  I’ll wait.

That was fun huh?  It’s a long time… and a lot of very bad things can happen in that time.

So let’s all stop pretending that the Second Amendment was placed in the U.S. Bill of Rights to preserve your ability to hunt.  For you Liberals out there, go to Amazon and order yourself a copy of the Federalist Papers.  (You probably will not find it in your local Hippie Book Store as it was not written by Socialist “thinkers”.)  When it shows up, read it.  Yes… yes… I know you will not do this, but for the rest of us it further illustrates my point.  The answer is out there.

There is no mystery in the second amendment’s “meaning” requiring a bunch of poorly educated, hand wringing Ivy League diploma holders to decipher.  (By the way, now you can obtain a law degree, and subsequent law license, without ever taking a class in Constitutional Law.  That’s right… you can practice law without studying the document the law is based upon.  So when you’re listening to an absolute idiot with a law degree tell you that they don’t need you explaining what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights state because they have a law degree, as I did this very day, further explain to them that clearly you do or they wouldn’t be offering such idiotic opinion.)

These documents were written so everyone could understand them.  The only people who can’t seem to understand them are those who simply don’t like the inability to tell you what to do which is enshrined and preserved in those documents.  I recall a lament by President Obama to this effect when he explained how unfortunate it is that the U.S. Constitution is a “Limiting Document”… as it tells those holding office what they cannot do to the population versus what they can do to the population.  If you’re not asking why any office holder, at least one that we would want holding an office, would want to do things TO the population you’re missing the point entirely and leads me directly back to my discussion of the Second Amendment.  Don’t fool yourself, there are a ton of these types on both sides of the aisle… the power of Government attracts them like flies to decay.

The Second Amendment was placed into the Bill of Rights in order for the Citizens to defend themselves… wait for it… from threats foreign and domestic.  If you Leftists are still out there at this point, this is a government document.  A Document designed to LIMIT GOVERNMENT.  “Foreign” means threats to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” of the Individual from abroad (outside of the United States).  “Domestic” means threats to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” of the Individual from INSIDE the United States.  With the only institutionalized right to “force” being possessed by government at nearly every level, the founders were wise enough to know that an armed population would greatly inhibit really crappy politicians from oppressing you.

It sounds simple, because it is.

The Second Amendment is about the unfortunate and ultimate need to resist Tyrannical Government.  And never in history has there been a time when all those residing inside any nation on Earth have unanimously agreed to what qualifies as Tyranny.  There have always been about 30% of every population that is just fine with the subjugation of the others (read “Stupid People” or “not them”).  So don’t think that we are all going to nod our heads in unison regarding the time to resist having arrived.

But aside from the history lesson, what’s unnerving is our apparent consent to be made criminals so when those crappy politicians and their cronies show up they have the tools available to them to “legally” destroy those they disagree with.

If you’re not thinking about these things you should be.

If you’re in Colorado, put the bong down and think real hard about how you would feel if the Fed’s came knocking at your door right now.  While I think the argument regarding the second amendment is a little weightier than that, I’m just trying to relate.  I’m putting it in cartoon form… kind of like MSNBC.

Making sure everybody is “guilty of something” is a very old, and convenient, way of claiming legal authority to apply force to the population… while making sure the population acquiesces.

Not that I think any of the upstanding individuals in DC, or the local Capital near you, would do such things…  But judging by our current crop of politicians… the population who elected them is at a minimum, drunk.  And that same population is setting the stage to be proven stupid.

Why are the Markets Closed?


I was under the impression that September 11, 2001 taught us a number of lessons. One of them was the dangers associated with centralization.
The Terrorists hit the World Trade center exactly because of what it represented and the damage it would cause the Domestic and World Financial markets. I don’t think I need to rehash this…

So now we get a storm. Yes… a Big Storm.  But, a storm similar to many across the U.S. over the recent years. In other words, as much as many in the press would like you to believe this is not “unprecedented” nor was it “impossible to predict”. Katrina was not impossible to predict.  Charlotte, Andrew, Charlie, Jeanne, Opal, Camille, etc. were not impossible to predict.  Tornado’s in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri are not impossible to predict.  Forest Fires in New Mexico, California, Colorado are not impossible to predict.  Earthquakes in California are not impossible to predict.  Clearly the specifics are uncertain… but the events are inevitable.

Just because it is hitting the “Hub of Journalism” does not mean it has never happened before.  (Well… it does to Journalists.)

And, while the damage is heavy, it is not on the level of 9/11.  Yes, we have flooding… but what most “journalists” are omitting is that the tunnels in and out of New york were designed to flood.  Yes we have fires, but most of the time fires associated with flooding is due to community gas lines not being shut down in time combined with electrical service also not being shut down in time.  Do I need to explain what you get with natural gas and sparks?  None of this is unpredictable.  We, in this country, have a vast amount of knowledge and practise when it comes to recovering from natural disasters.  You wouldn’t know this as of this typing.

So this brings me back to my original question…

Why are the Markets closed?

We were told that redundancy was built into the system so an event like 9/11 could never happen again.

What happened?  Nothing?  It is plain that there is no redundancy built into the system.  Do you think the same Terrorist A-holes might be paying attention?

If the answer is that certain Brokerages could not get employees to work… then why are the rest of us paying for their failure to learn the lesson of 9/11?  Should they consider relocation?  Multiple trading desks in various cities?

Did the World Markets shut down?  No… they did not.  The “Best and the Brightest” were supposed to be on this…

I simply don’t understand.

Either certain banks still have far too much influence, or we have failed to learn our lesson in earnest and will be doomed to experiencing the opportunity to learn it again.  Could be both.

I want my Big Fat Soda!

Largely, Liberal New York Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on soda’s over 16 oz. is a distraction…

But there is a simple lesson here.

Statists see you as fat and stupid… mostly stupid, they see the fat as a consequence.

And, instead of expending the energy to educate you as to what they think is the right way to lead your life… they are going to force you to do what they think is right.

Force… if you can’t Force, then educate… until you can Force.

This will never change.

The idea of “education not legislation” is a time waster and doesn’t codify their desired right to force.  (If you are one of these people who think others should be forced to do what you think is right at any given time and consider yourself a “conservative” then you should spend a long holiday rethinking your philosophical foundation.)

For me it is simple…  Freedom to choose.

I have a rule of thumb definition of “freedom” I’ve used for years:

Being “Free” is being able to make the wrong decision even when you know what the right one is.

Leftists hate this.  It means you can choose not be obedient.  And they blame your hopeless ignorance.  If you were only smarter… you would realize your need to be subjugated in order to be truly happy.

You are stupid today and will be stupid tomorrow.  It doesn’t matter how much you know about anything, ever, not the U.S. Bill of Rights, Constitution, Capitalism, Socialism, The Founding Fathers, Hobbes, Locke, Burke, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, The Duma, Che, Mao, Members without portfolio, Pol Pot, The French Revolution, Fellow Travelers, The Third Way, Fascists, Viet Cong, Sandinistas, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Anarchists, The Green Party, Right of Return, Castro, Batista, The Middle East, Alinsky etc… (I could keep going but you get the point)

If you’re not doing what you’re told, if you don’t subscribe to their self assessed brilliance, you’re hopelessly ignorant.  Education is futile and choice is dangerous.

So stop thinking they will change.  It’s not your best interest they have in mind, it’s how far they can push you to do what they think is right which is what they are testing.  Create a new law and see if it flies.  If so, create a little more onerous one and see if it flies… so on and so on.


Go out and grab a big gulp… and while you’re at it, buy a pound of raw sugar while you still can.

I’ve started dropping sugar cubes in my beer.