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Dear Harry…

Now is your opportunity to attack the Old Cowboy who Embarrassed you!

In case you missed it, Clive Bundy used the word “Negro” when pointing out that African-Americans have been getting the shaft for hundreds of years in this country.

You, Harry, can finally make amends for your statement “… Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.””

While we all knew exactly what you meant, being the bigot you are… The public will have to decide exactly what Bundy meant.  I view Bundy in much the same light as McCarthy… yep, he’s an A-Hole but was he wrong?  Nope… African-Americans are being subjected to a new form of Slavery when people like you, Harry, shut down the Best Schools which they want their kids to attend and create policies which destroy jobs they might want, etc. etc. etc.  And, Hollywood was Indeed full of Communists… as it still is.


Back to your Embarrassment.

When you, Senator, stated that the Protestors in Utah are “Domestic Terrorists” followed by the assertion that “If these people are Patriots we’re all in trouble“, You’re only half right.

While I understand how frustrating it can be to draw plans and make Huge promises to Big Solar Corporations, and Countries like China, which requires the population doing exactly what you say, I also understand how it could be Embarrassing to have a few hold outs who simply cannot be controlled leading your friends to wonder what power you really have.

As far as you being Half Right, you’re Correct in your assertion that all Socialists, like you, are in trouble when the population resists your designs and your “administration” by force.

It’s worth reminding you that the events which occurred over the last several weeks have been non-violent… at least on the protestors part. It’s difficult to say that on the BLM Commandos part as electrocuting people and killing a man’s cattle might be considered “violent” by reasonable minds.

As far as your deeply felt concern that citizens are MIRRORING the show of force being applied to them… I don’t know how to help you. You certainly know that’s the reason the Second Amendment exists, not duck hunting, Which, of course, is why you Hate it.

For the record;

Violence should be avoided at all costs… by the Citizens most assuredly, but by the Government absolutely.

I’m not sure this is a debate you really want.  But you may not be of right mind.

Most of us out here do not see the Bundy’s as Hero’s, Patriots, or anything else. But what we Do see is an Overreaching, ever increasingly Oppressive Government with people like you at the Helm.

So please keep drawing attention to yourself as it’s useful putting a face on Socialism and how it directly affects each and every one of us.

As far as the Old Cowboy, it seems like you two have more in common than not.

Harry, Get over your being Embarrassed by Clive.

It sounds like time for you two to have a Beer Summit and talk about the plight of the Negro in Modern America.  (And you don’t have to employ a Negro dialect… unless you want to.)