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Anthony Weiner has a New Campaign Slogan…

“Not in Front of the Kids!”

Now THERE’S something New York Progressives can get behind.

Inside sources said the new slogan genuinely reflected his position on issues and election efforts to date.

In the end, Weiner stood firm and took the beating from the woman with a smile on his face.

Nothing new…


Run Huma, Run!

… For Office that is.

If being the spurned wife of a politician is qualification enough to secure a Senate Seat in a State you never lived in… like, say, New York…

Then surely Huma can finagle something nice.

And, frankly, Huma’s political credentials are better than that above mentioned Senator’s were when She ran… and Huma actually lives in the state already!

Think she’s had some coaching?

I wonder if she knows anyone…