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When Federal Government can do whatever it wants and get away with it…

…then why not the local Governments?

How can you expect them to know what is legal when it’s never been an issue for them in the past?
And, when it is demonstrably not an issue at any level now?  One might suppose they believe themselves Above the Law… but I would offer they have no real knowledge of it.  The odd’s are, even their Prosecutors and Defense Attorney’s never took Constitutional Law when they secured their licenses to practice.  But that’s another very sad story, and I digress.

We all know about the two ladies shot up during the hunt for the ex-cop in Los Angeles… We’ve heard the stories about the wrong homes being broken into and family dogs being killed when the local authorities were looking for drug dealers… or people being arrested for filming a publically funded process of law enforcement…

But now a story from Las Vegas: What happens when you say “no“.

The sad part is it will be US who pay when the appropriate judgment comes in against the city.  It is always the US, the taxpayers, who lose both with the infringement of our rights then the confiscation of our production.

Who is left to stand up for the Individual?

But again, can you expect publically educated police officers to know your rights?  And… why should they?

(Note: The Las Vegas Incident was not the action of a single “rogue” police officer… this was an organized operation with many persons involved, any of whom could have said “You know, I don’t think this is a very good idea.  Seems kind of Unconstitutional to me.”  This is the same concern I have with Edward Snowden, which is; Where are the literally hundreds of others involved in Domestic Spying who should have blown or be blowing the whistle?  Where are those we trust saying “You know, I don’t think this is a very good idea.  Seems kind of Unconstitutional to me.”?)


Harry Reid and Moral Relativism

Harry Reid has just weighed in on the IRS scandal.

He would like to remind us that “the IRS has investigated the NAACP, Green Peace and a “really” Progressive church.” – His words.

I would remind Senator Reid that the IRS has already admitted to TARGETING Conservative groups. Had the IRS investigated Conservative groups in a statistically equitable proportion to Liberal groups, as they were when the examples he provides us occurred, there would be no discussion.

In other words, had they discriminated EQUALLY… there would be no story here, and they certainly would not have admitted any wrong doing.

Isn’t it time for Senator Reid to retire? Or is this kind of subterfuge, and attempt to intentionally confuse the public, the pinnacle of Senatorial performance?  On the other hand, it does illustrate that in America you can be anything you want to be.

Nevada should be ashamed. Yes… the entire State.  And, probably those States bordering it.  And all the airspace above it….