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What is it with Liberals and Guns?

According to his roommate, Aaron was a Liberal.

So we are yet again faced with a mass shooting performed by a person who identified as a Liberal.

Would someone please notify the FBI so they can update their profile?

I might be gaining a better understanding of why Liberals want to ban guns so badly… they can’t trust themselves with them.


Another Shooting in a “Gun Free” Zone.

When is enough, enough?

I’m familiar with the Navy Yard and it’s surroundings. Some of the most able soldiers on the planet are located there. There are men assigned to guard the White House in case of extreme threat… who sleep there.

Unarmed.  (The Weapons Closets are secured.)

Just like Ft. Hood.

All you have to do is get inside…

There is no debate to be had any longer.

The absence of guns spells disaster for innocent human beings.

The needless loss of life in every shooting we have burned in our memories could have been stopped, or the loss of life greatly reduced, had we not kept giving in to those who would see us defenseless and at the mercy of killers.

This is yet another sad day brought upon us by symbolism over substance…