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Cheap, Clean, Energy is not for You!

At least not if Liberals have anything to say about it.

Liberals will tell you that cheap energy is Destroying the Planet and must be prevented.  In the words of President Obama; “Energy prices must necessarily skyrocket…” .

(Honest Socialists will tell you that Cheap Energy, aka Fossil Fuel, is the Engine of Capitalism and must be stopped.)

Capitalists will tell you that cheap energy is a result of Capitalism and has served to improve everyone’s lives world over.  They will also point out that those countries using the largest amounts of Fossil Fuels do less harm to the environment by anyone’s measurement.  An Inconvienent Truth.


The Honest Socialists are right, to a degree.

Cheap energy IS a major contributor to Capitalism in that it promotes Self-reliance and Individual Innovation.  Both of which are anathema to the Socialist Paradigm.  It’s worth noting that small deviations of this were evident in National Socialism which put it at odds with Democratic Socialists, so they killed each other in order to sort that out.  It’s interesting that Socialists love killing each other while also trying to destroy Capitalism.  Anyway…

It should be no surprise that Socialists (For our purposes here: “Greens”) do not like Natural Gas.  Greens Also Hate Nuclear…

These two facts should motivate every intellectually honest human on the planet to ask “Why?”

“Why do They like some Clean Energy and not other types of Clean Energy?” – curious guy 032713

I call it the “Two Applicant Theory”… or “The Reason Behind the Reason”.

My life experience has taught me that when asking someone why they are doing something that might seem odd, or questionable, they will always offer you the best reason available.

But rarely is the reason offered the real reason they are doing whatever it is they are doing.  Over the years, most of my time has been committed to finding out what the reason BEHIND the reason is.  In other words, what is truly motivating the individual I’m dealing with to do whatever it is they are doing.

In order to illustrate,

let’s go back to the “Two Applicant Theory”…

Say I have narrowed down Two Applicants for my personal secretary position.

In this case, both Applicants are female.

One is Smokin’ Hot. (Applicant 10)

One is Not. (Applicant 3)

I’m going to Hire Applicant 10.

Enter my Wife…  while I certainly do not have to ask permission to hire a personal secretary, I have to ask permission to hire a personal secretary.

Suffice to say She’s not exactly excited about one of my choices… it strangely happens to be Applicant 10.

I explain to her that the credentials of Applicant 10 are impeccable.  They show promise that is off the charts.  The experience She brings to the Table will do nothing but benefit the business.

I further explain that I’m also interested in Applicant 3… however, while her credentials and very good indeed I just don’t see the promise.

The REASON I’m offering here to justify my desire to ultimately hire Applicant 10 is her Overall Superiority and Future Promise, and any other plus associated with Objective variables I can find.

The REAL REASON is I want to sleep with Applicant 10.

OK Reader.. Put yourself in the place of my Wife… figuratively.  If I came right out and stated the real reason Behind the Reason what would your reaction be?  I’m guessing it would not lead to a paycheck for Applicant 10.  And probably a number of very, very quiet evenings at the dinner table.

The moral of this story is that people lie.  Everybody lies.  People do not want to be judged by their petty wants and desires, so they embrace a “reason” that others will find most difficult to position as negative.  And more importantly, a reason that anyone in control will find agreeable in the hopes they will get what they want.


So What does this have to do with Cheap Natural Gas!?

Socialists know that coming out and saying “Natural Gas is not Sexy because it does not force the Individual to spend all their money/energy on providing life’s basic necessities.” is a path to disaster for their dream of a Social Utopia.  They are well aware that if they say “Yes, we know that Solar and Wind Power don’t work yet, are not ready for the mass market and are ridiculously expensive… but it’s not about that, dummy!  It’s about slowing down Capitalism thus allowing Socialism to permeate the globe.” it would not find wide appeal.  At least not here in the United States.  Truth be told, once it starts effecting even the most French of countries they stop liking it.

So instead, Progressives try to craft a moral high ground on which to stand.  “Clean Energy like Solar and Wind Power (But not natural gas and nuclear…) are the Future!”

What’s interesting is that no one… no one… disagrees.  Clearly Solar and Wind Power is the Future, because they don’t work now!

But that’s not what they want you to here.  The next line is always; “WE must spend your tax dollars on it now… and WE must force you to buy Solar and Wind energy… For the children” even though it costs you money that could be spent on being Self-Reliant and Innovative.  (I added the last part, clearly they wouldn’t say that out loud.)

To the Left, there is nothing Sexy about cheap energy.

If Wind and Solar were cheap and plentiful the Progressives would find a reason to hate it, because it doesn’t address the reason behind the reason which is to slow the progress of Capitalism.

It’s a very simple scam to get you to waste your money/energy.

In fact it’s so simple, here’s a little video by Penn and Teller to help explain it. (Warning: Penn and Teller Video’s are not meant to be viewed by children of any age.)

“Force” is also why Man Made Global Warming is so incredibly important to Progressives.  If you believe what they are saying, then whatever change occurs, at any time, is a result of Man and his Infernal Innovations.  They point to CO2 as the “smoking gun” because they have decided that it is the “leading green house gas”.  They will not directly address the fact that Water Vapor is the leading green house gas and Methane comes in a close second… because… MAN doesn’t have much to do with those two gases.  And, how can you force individuals to waste their money/energy on stuff that doesn’t work unless you convince them that their actions are killing everybody?

Well… you can’t.

In truth… We don’t know for sure.  And no one… no one… opposes continued STUDY of climate.

But there is nothing Sexy about “We don’t know.”  You can’t make people do stuff with “We don’t know.”  You can’t force your ideas on other with the tag line “We don’t know.”

So the Leftists are telling your kids, you and anyone else who’ll listen… just not too closely… that They Know!

But now You Know!

It’s not about the Saving the Earth… it’s about Controlling it, and You, by slowing down the engine of Capitalism.

Socialists are about Control of the Individual.

Genuine Capitalists are not.

(I have used “money/energy” several times in the post.  It is a reference to God in the Machine by Isabel Paterson.)


Promote an Energetic Future!

During the State of the Union President Obama asked if it wasn’t unreasonable to “take” some of the money “we” spend on energy and create a new program promoting Alternative Energy, or Green Energy, sources.

First, as I have stated before… No, it is not unreasonable to ask.  But taking is another subject.

That being said… Yes, a new program to promote alternative energy that sends taxpayer dollars to private companies is unreasonable.

I can hear some of you now; “But, but, but we need to promote alternative energy!”

If you fall into this category you might want to sit down for the next line.

We already do… it’s called Military Research.

In fact, from my undisclosed location I can see one of the most expensive alternative energy projects our Military has. I can also see Russia… no, not really… okay, maybe.  Do the Kuril Islands still count, or is it Japan that I see now? Anyway…

The point is that once again this Administration is relying on your blissful ignorance in order to create a slush fund to spiff their friends and donors. You would think that we all would see this for what it is given the ever-growing list of Green Energy Failures and their direct connections to this Administration. But, alas, many of you don’t.  Actually, many of you refuse to.  This failure to think is prevalent on both sides of the aisle… so don’t think I’m only insulting you.  The list on non-thinkers is long, and diverse.

Let me point out again that if there was ever an institution that would gladly drone strike your least favorite family member if you could show them a way to not be “enslaved” by fossil fuels it’s the Military.  This isn’t supposition.  They, the Department of Defense/Department of Energy/et al, are doing as much research as possible as I type this.  And, hold on to your seats, they’re doing it with your tax dollars.  That’s right!  “We”, as President Obama put it, are already sending Billions of Dollars to exactly such schemes.

I will bypass the obvious argument that the Government should never be sending your tax dollars to private companies in the name of “investing“.  If they want something from the private sector they should buy it… with your tax dollars.  Leave the gambling to us, as individuals.  The Government doesn’t need to create new ways to waste taxpayer dollars, particularly when it requires fibbing to an ignorant public with the intent of sending their friends your money.  They’ve figured out plenty of ways to do that.

So let’s put this one to rest.  Enough of these “New” feel good programs… especially the ones that already exist, just not in a form that directly benefits the President’s contributors.

Stop clapping when these people propose exciting and fresh ways of Destroying our Country by growing our Crushing Debt.

One caveat – If we are willing to redefine “Green Energy” the way we have “Green Jobs”, in other words any job you can do stoned, then I might reconsider.  May be it would be something like manically running in circles after eating a bunch of your kids Ritalin.  Now that’s something I could get behind wasting your money on.