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We’re Forced to Pay You to Show Up to Work…

An Open Letter to The United States Democrat Socialist Party:

Dear Freedom Opposition,
While I personally understand your desire to not come to work in the Senate. I must point out the American Public are Forced to pay you. I realize you’re seeing decades of Socialism being rolled back and do not want your fingerprints on it as it may alienate you from your useful Socialist/Communist/Fascist base, but showing up is half the job. The American people who are held hostage by Government in terms of having to provide you a ‘Living Wage’ will simply not understand why you continue to fail to appear and throw your temper tantrums, long-winded speeches resembling meaningless word salads, caterwauling from under a pink pussy hats and, of course, feigned tears as your Socialist Utopia is being dismantled.  WE PAY FOR THE SHOW.
Personally, I, as an American Citizen, would be willing to pay you through the end of your term if you would agree to simply stop showing up… Ever. But I suspect you would not be able to honor your part of the bargain.
If it comes to light that you have seen the error of your ways and are failing to appear at work because you’re attempting to control your Campus Brown Shirts, then I will gladly stand in your support. But I also expect you are not focusing your energy on protecting the First Amendment and preserving free speech.  (As a reminder that is speech you do not like.)  In fact, I suspect the exact opposite.
In the end, shooting yourself in the foot is something I will gladly allow you to do. However you might serve yourself well to do it at work lest your Socialist/Communist/Fascist base may begin to wonder why they too are forced to pay you.

Either way, keep up the good work.
With Due Respect,
Mike at makeaneffort

PS.  Dear Senator Grassley, You mentioned this morning that your constituency asks you at every opportunity to “Get Along” with each other in Washington.  That alone makes me question the value of Public Education in the Great State of Iowa.  It is not the job of Patriotic Politicians to “Get Along” with Anti-Freedom Socialists in our Government.  It IS their job to Forward the American Dream of Individual Liberty and Freedom the Founders intended to foster when crafting this country.  It IS their job to create a Template for the rest of the World to Emulate… Duplicate… Copy, not the other way around.  The promotion of these Enlightened Ideas require Showing Up to Work (1/2 of the job), while understanding what the work is (the other 1/2 of the job).  This is why the Socialists no longer want to be there.  It would be worth your understanding this.


There is no way to Defund Obamacare

Or, an Open letter to Congress.

Dear RINO’s,


You might be right.

But that’s not the point… and you, the Establishment Republicans, know it.

The point is to figure out Who is on the side of Socializing Health Care and Who is not.

The Democrats are a known entity. No mystery, or closet Socialists, there.

It’s you, Establishment Republicans, who fear being forced to admit your true beliefs, especially heading into an election cycle… particularly when we are paying attention…

The other point here is to fight every fight… every day… every hour… for the Constitution and the Freedom our Founders intended us to demand.

Socialized Health Care is exactly the opposite of the founding intent. Controlling humans beings is not an Enlightened theory of Government.

Individual Liberty is at stake… Obama Care is the Crown Jewel of Socialism. It is the last piece of a complete surrender to an Elitist/Progressive government that we can never turn back from.

It is the worst possible policy to embrace.  Accepting it in any form is subscribing to the Socialist Paradigm.  The entire thing must be scrapped and only then can we focus on Personal and Portable.

And don’t fool yourself, we know there are plenty of people calling themselves Republican who enjoy the trappings of Socialist ideas such as class stasis and control over the Individual… not to mention the wealth accumulated by having both.

If for nothing else, vote to defund it so we know who are friends of Liberty and Freedom,

and especially those who are Not.


The few of us remaining.


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