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What Spies Do…

(She got away with it.  She is above the law.  She… was… expected to run the country.)

(Update: The Question is finally being asked…)

(Update 082015:  This post was from March…  Why does it take six months (Now 20 months) to address the Large Points?)

There is a large point being missed with regard to the latest revelation of a U.S. Secretary of State creating, and using exclusively, an outside conduit of communication to their reports, and associates, within the Department of State.


When committing Espionage a Spy must find a way to communicate information without appearing to do so. This is not difficult to understand.

Hollywood might have you believe Spies find interesting little pieces of information and covertly send that information to the interested party of choice. But that’s the movies.  And, small amounts of information have lesser value than Huge Amounts of Information.  Seems self-evident.

If you want to be “The Most Transparent Administration, and State Department, in History!”, one way to achieve that is to give full access to…

(Well, when We The People hear that phrase repeated ad nauseam, we think the Administration is speaking to Us. It’s entirely possible the Administration was speaking to someone completely different. If that is the case, it would clear up the confusion We The People have when it comes to the supposed ‘Transparency’ of this current Administration.  It also begs the question ‘Who Else may have created their own “home-made” ISP upon which to communicate?’)

… other countries.

What better way to do the above than to create an entirely separate network that can easily be tapped into?

In other words, Creating a Method of Communication outside of Federally Protected Channels may extend well beyond the desire to avoid the Damned Prying Eyes of the ‘Stupid’ American Public’s FIOA requests.

It would certainly make it convenient for a Foreign Power to access and monitor all communications within that channel… without the Damned Prying Eyes of those tasked with protecting the Secrets and Security of the United States.

While those who created such a network would obviously deny such intent…

That question must be explored.

When it Looks like Espionage, Walks like Espionage and Talks like Espionage… it might just be Espionage.

Maybe the NSA can take a break from Spying on Us and re-task some folks to find out Who else was attached to Eric Hoteham’s ISP.   Any thoughts Mr. Pagliano or are you sticking with taking the fifth?

(Originally Posted 030415)


President Feckless

There has been much talk lately about our President being Feckless.

I cannot stand idly by and allow such charges to go unchallenged!

Our President deserves the respect he has earned and I’m here to offer a defense in his absence.

President Obama is quite an accomplished Fecker.

He has employed his talent to Feck up:

The Middle East – on Fecking fire.

The Economy – Completely Fecked.

Our Health Care – Fecked and getting even more Fecked.

The Free Market – Fecked-Up Beyond All Recognition.

He continues to Feck with our personal liberty, our freedom and our property rights.

Frankly, he came into office promising to Feck-up everything in his “Blue print for America” and he has accomplished many of his Fecking goals.

So anyone accusing him of being Feckless is simply wrong, he has Fecked-up almost everything.

I think he has done a fantastic job Fecking everyone.

And, I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been Fecked enough by the President.

But I guess there are still folks out there who need some more Fecking…  (They’ll be voting for Bill’s wife.)

(It’s been a while since this post, but apparently someone broke out their thesaurus again…  so I couldn’t resist… again… and again.)

“A Monkey with a Hand Grenade”

The Russian Deputy Premier has accused the United States of acting like “A Monkey with a Hand Grenade“.

I take exception to this accusation!

The Obama Administration is Not acting like a Monkey with a Hand Grenade.

This Administration has a proud History of acting like a Poorly Educated, Entitled, Elitist, Egomaniacal, Mao Guerrilla with a Flame Thrower.

Until you Russians get it straight you should just close your Pierogi Hole!

And, I will not Overlook the Blatantly Racist use of “Hand Grenade”.  What are you people?  Rodeo Clowns?

Finally, the last thing I will tolerate is a bunch of Professional Socialists criticizing our “In the Closet” Professional Socialists.

For the record, Ivan, Ours are Way More Socialist than yours!

For instance. Is the SVR collecting every bit of information generated by every single citizen in your country!?

That’s what I thought!

So back off Boris!

Just because you borscht eaters kill a journalist or two doesn’t mean you’re better at oppressing your population and destroying your economy than we are.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re doing just fine over here… even with the journalists.

So why don’t you pull up to the nearest Samovar and pour yourself a steaming hot cup of Shut the F*ck Up.


I suggest pulling out a fresh bottle of Moskovskaya, pull the tab and watch the show Vlad.

We’ll demonstrate for you a thing or two about how to start a War…  our Liberals are Historically the Best!

Oh… and get some better shoes.  We can spot you guys a mile away from the top of the Cyclone.

Springtime for Morsi

“Dictatorship” is such a divisive word.

I won your hearts by over a third.

So I’m not one of those as you suppose… you voted for me, democratically.

Of course with that small formality out fo the way,

Now you just have to do what I say.


I might “detain” you, and do things to you where nobody can see. I might “disappear” you late one night, or “deport” you while keeping your family filled with fright.

Or, I might let you off in a more “Western” style with the use of forms and file, and just take all of your property by means of tax and levy… but you should know whatever I may choose, the West will smile at my enlightened approach to handling you.

I am not a Theocrat either, so don’t say such things. I support tolerance for all the forms of Islamic Practicing. I have learned this is best from your Secularists who cheer my approach of handling Allah’s followers without so much as a coach.

I am not afraid, there is no man from which I cower. I support the right of my opposition to protest my declared power. I have given them this right and all that comes with it, as long as they’re smart and don’t step in it… I’ll allow them this luxury with never a limit. This is a lesson the West is learning from me… and they smile with glee at my enlightened approach to handling those who believe… they are free.

I’m the Arab Spring, A Leader of a “new” Middle East… the latest Hot Thing.

This is Democracy…

and, Democracy for all…

Your United States paid for it… yes, every single taxpayer which means you… no matter your religion so even the Jews, so we thank you too for our funding anew.

Oh… and, Death to Israel… March them into the Sea!

PS.  Send us some more F-16’s.

Democracy Kills

Obama’s Arafat Moment

Presidents Obama and Clinton now share a common experience.

No, not growing up in the old racist south… Obama grew up in Hawaii.

I’m talking about betrayal.

During his presidency Bill Clinton set out to solve one of the world problems.  He was determined to bring peace to the Middle East.  With what President Clinton believed to be righteousness on his side and an incredible ego to go with it he began extensive meetings with the Israelis and the Palestinians.

After pleading, cajoling and outright threats President Clinton was able to get the Israelis to agree to 90% of the demands made by the Palestinians and their Leader Yassar Arafat.  If peace at any cost was the goal… this was truly an amazing achievement and one President Clinton was excited to have as his legacy.

At the last-minute, Arafat refused to accept the terms.  Apparently, just the existence of Israel was simply too much for him and his PLO to agree to.

As Bill Clinton has subsequently written about in his memoirs, this was one of the greatest feelings of failure and betrayal he experienced during his tenure.

Fast forward 10 years…

With all the Ego and none of the effort, President Obama embarked on a similar mission in the Middle East.  As Barack Obama has publicly stated, our problems in the Middle East would be remedied because of his election and his ability to “understand” their situation.

In his first term, President Obama met with more Middle Eastern leaders than any president before him… then suddenly stopped.  In the years to follow he oversaw massive in-flows of foreign aid to various Middle Eastern countries and finally claimed credit for the downfall of a number of  Middle Eastern leaders.  So the “throw money at it and act like we’re not involved strategy” was pushed full throttle.

While it is understandable that President Obama would want to claim credit for the overthrow of these dictators considering it was U.S. tax dollars funding the rebellions, it came as a surprise to those on the ground as demonstrated by multiple interviews conducted from places like Tahrir Square.  The rebels did not see the U.S. as their saviors and did not see President Obama having anything to do with what was being labeled as “The Arab Spring”.

This was the beginning…  of the melt down.

Whatever agreements Barack Obama signed off on to maintain an arm’s length appearance from the happenings in the Middle East became difficult to honor for a couple of reasons.  What Ego can resist not taking credit when they think they deserve it?  And, Obama’s re-election campaign needed that credit to show he was the foreign policy president nobody thought he could be.

Well, the Muslim Brotherhood, just like the rebels on the street, were not interested in giving President Obama credit.  In truth, even if they wanted to they couldn’t. The Brotherhood’s desire to wrest control over the outcomes in the disparate countries relies on an external enemy, specifically the U.S.  So they continue to manage the rebels and guide them to the outcome which lends to the ultimate control over the region.  (What would you expect them to do?)  While doing all of this, the Brotherhood simultaneously pays lip service to “helping” the U.S. find those responsible for the very violence they are orchestrating.  This leaves the U.S. in a difficult position as calling the Brotherhood “liars” plays into their hands not to mention criticizing “democratically elected leaders”… “Democracy” being the only positive the Administration has left to cling to and try to take credit for.  Certainly it’s no longer “peace”.

So, if Obama was the Brotherhood’s keeper… the Brotherhood was having none of it.

Just as President Clinton’s legacy was to be built around peace in the Middle East… so was President Obama’s.

Unfortunately for both men, those in the Middle East don’t seem to care what these Presidents wanted…

This is Obama’s Arafat moment.

For Obama, the betrayal by the Brotherhood must be palpable.  His colossal failure in the Middle East must be bitter.  Obama’s legacy is being written and it will resemble President Clintons sans the positives.

Birds of a Feather…

Taking a cue from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Occupy movement (what is left of it) has decided to get hair cuts and “disguise themselves in business attire” in order to gain access to mainstream society. And just like the Brotherhood, they have no intention of joining the society of productive citizens, instead they wish to change it into something else.
Where the Muslim Brotherhood have an edge on the Occupiers is that they have a plan… The Occupiers are still living in the basements of their parents homes, eating their food, playing video games and surfing porn.
This above is what elevates the Muslim Brotherhood to serious consideration (granted, serious terrorist a-holes) versus the ridiculous, aimlessly wandering poseurs known as Occupy.
It should also be noted that the Occupiers had a protest over the weekend. Missed it? Yeah, so did everybody else.  Using Paul Krugman’s logic, at least it created “work” for those having to clean up after them.
It will be interesting to see how these 20-somethings deal with the early onset of impotence. (I’m not sure they make a pill for this yet.  Or may be that’s what Xanax is for.)
Another organization they share something with is the Chicago Teachers Union who are attempting to extort more money from an already bankrupt City while hoping to make the current administration look good in the process.

Both the Occupiers and the Unions are screaming in a vacuum.

It looks like the Obama Administration is about to join them.
I’m happy leaving them all there.
And now, Back to the Middle East…