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Money… is Evil?

‘So you think that money is the root of all evil? Have you ever asked what is the root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can’t exist unless there are goods produced and men able to produce them… Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is made possible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?’ – FD


Money is No Object!

Let me throw something out there regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing chase.

(Update: My wife says I’m being an A-Hole because I’m not recognizing the enormity, and severity, of the situation.  She is always right.)

One of my observations, that being the observation of hundreds of law enforcement personnel standing around during the last few days of the pursuit, has sparked a side conversation.

The following may be offensive to many of you because I will be questioning Law Enforcement.  While I am always skeptical of those in power I happen to have a very high regard for those who put their lives at risk on my behalf.  Period.  That being said….

My position, in its simplest form, is that an attitude of Money being No Object under “certain circumstances” leaves the determination of those circumstances to those whose mindset is truly based in that money not being yours.  (This is a uniquely Socialist Progressive mindset whether those who exhibit it know it or not.)

The other side I was presented with earlier today was the argument of “What If?” In other words;

“What if it takes all those people standing around collecting overtime to apprehend a criminal?  May be it does…”

“What if it takes an overwhelming show of Force to intimidate those who wish to do us harm, in this case a 19-year old kid? Or, would doing everything “under the radar” be more frightening to those Terrorists… which, I acknowledge, can be equally if not more expensive.  It’s worth remembering we adopt this tactic abroad in our War on Terror, and it seems to work.” ”

“What if there were hundreds more assailants on the loose and we didn’t have enough personnel immediately available in Watertown when we needed them?  You mean something like an Invasion?  Hmmm…”

In truth, it has always been difficult for me to digest “What If” scenarios which is why I’m sticking to an argument of economics and ownership of production.

Money is private property… and this is where I find myself disturbed by the apparent overabundance of personnel and military gear which was on display during the hunt for the final Boston Marathon Bomber.  (Bare in mind, I understand the need immediately after the bombing as there is an enormous amount of logistics required to secure the scene and account for the safety of the public.  I’m talking about 3 to 5-days later… or longer.)

I’m having a bit of dissonance however.  I also understand the “pull out all the stops” mentality associate with capturing or killing individuals who have committed terrorist acts upon this nation. I get it. I even sympathize with it.

But, It should be offered that we do not seem to apply the same kind of urgency in regard to the sky-rocketing level of criminally caused death in Chicago, L.A., Washington D.C. etc… so is it “consistency” I’m having trouble with?  (I’m not sure I want to live in a police state… they never seem to be much fun.  But slamming down the hammer when we are attacked is a method I approve of.)

I guess what concerns me is the prevailing mindset that all responsibility in managing public funds goes out the window when it comes to events such as these. It is closely related, in my opinion, to the mindset that promotes the idea of forfeiting personal liberties “as long as the government keeps us safe”.  Both are destructive and work against the stated goal.  Fiscal Oblivion is exactly what these terrorists want us to experience.  That’s why they are “Terrorists” and not “just bombers”.

As you can see this is an argument which I’m having, to a large degree, with myself.

The person who brought this observation, and possible error in my thinking, to me is now also having to review carefully about how he see’s this…

Clearly Money should always be an Object, as it is the private property of the Individual and serves as a formal representation of his production.

Or should it be… “clearly”?

May be a bunch of guys standing around 5-days later getting time and a half from the taxpayer was exactly what was required to catch this guy.  Really… may be it was.  How would I know!?  I mean “What If”!?  But this is only what started the debate in my head and with my friend.  Since there are myriad examples of such behavior throughout our government over decades, this could very well be the wrong one.  I could easily concede that.

I’m arguing myself into circles.  I wonder if it’s the current state of fiscal affairs in this country that has me overly sensitive.  Could it be that I fail to understand why our local police forces need up-armored Humvee’s with Gun turrets?  More likely, I might just be drunk.  Or all of the above…

At the end of the day the FBI, Local and State police did a fantastic job.  Thus far they have even been able to keep the bomber alive, which is above and beyond as far as I’m concerned.  This could be extremely useful and might even prompt some words from our guy at DHS as well as John Kerry.  We’ll see.

I also commend those private individuals who provided the authorities with the video footage, and leads, ultimately responsible for the delivery of these suspects… free of charge…


My argument, in the grand scheme of things, is petty.  But aren’t they always?

Black and Gray

The Colors of Soft Revolution.

I have often written regarding Capitalism being the Default State of Economics.

Capitalism is a response to Statist Governing Theories which finds “communal” rights to all wealth and the labor that creates it.

Are we seeing the emergence of Black and Gray in the United States?  Or, at least, are we seeing it at a level that will attract government attention?

If the United States were indeed a “Capitalist” Economy, how could we be seeing an “increase” in Capitalism?  The Foubdersdesigned the country to embrace Free-Market Trade as our economic model because it preserves Individual Freedom and our Natural Right to Personal Property.  So what happened?  I will leave you with that question… since everything I have posted over the last year relates to the answer one way or another.  My mission today is to communicate an observation.

We have witnessed the rise of this phenomena for a several years now… as have othersand others.  But the tipping point will be when Underground Markets receive vocal attention from those occupying office, be it our representatives or bureaucrats in the IRS.  It will be couched in “fairness” and called “tax evasion“.  If you use cash, you will be colored a criminal.  Accept it, or spend it… it will not matter.

The War on Black and Gray markets goes back as far as governments have taxed through force…  Those who believe all things good are bestowed upon the citizens from those in government have long fought with the general population attempting to destroy any free-trade residing in the shadows which protects it from taxation.  It has even been proposed ridding society of physical “money” that has historically served to replace direct trade of commodities and serves to make wealth more “elastic”.  Please refer again to the Classic, and Mandatory, Read for any intellectually curious person; Economics in One Lesson.

So why is this important?

The importance lies in the fact that increase in such activity is nothing less than a Soft Revolution.  And, this Soft Revolution appears to be on the rise in the U.S.

What is interesting is that even those who profess to support the idea that all things good come from government also are participating in this activity… which illustrates to me their state of denial and dissonance in which they stumble through their lives.

But that aside, the rise of Black and Gray Markets, or “Underground Economies” is the first step.  It’s the first step in a direction of turmoil.  It’s the first step, when formally recognized by “those in charge” and who have deemed themselves the “right” to your productivity leads to ever-increasing oppression using the tools of government… otherwise known as force.  Watch for a “War” being declared on such activity by the government.  It will be impossible to ignore.

I am not passing judgement on those who do, or do not, use cash to pay for things.  I’m simply observing and in turn publicizing a moment in time which has been repeated throughout history.  A phase that many of us don’t recognize because we lack that historical frame of reference.

The legal avoidance of taxes, even the illegal evasion of them, by an ever-growing percentage of the population does not portend well for what is in store.  It’s not just “the rich”… it’s everybody.

It starts Soft… and gets Harder.

In the end, we all stand to get screwed.