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If Trump is playing the Buffoon…

… then Romney is playing the Fool.

Okay folks, I’ve made no bones that I’m a Cruz guy. But this latest attack on Trump is possibly one of the most idiotic. Mitt Romney did not run for President as a Nincompoop. But his attempt to go after Trump is the task of a half-wit.

The Desperation coming from the Establishment RINO’s is on parade.

It’s pathetic.

Of all the people to send out after Trump… Romney was not the guy.

If Mitt is the ‘opening salvo’, this is going to be a very interesting few months.

This is the cleansing sunlight We needed and We are seeing everyone’s true colors.

None of this can be taken back…

The damage to the Liberal Republicans will be permanent, regardless of the outcome.

But they continue to operate like they stumbled across a mixed bag of chew-able Oxycontin and Meth… they making as many Bad decisions as they can, as quickly as possible.


Mitt supports slavery!

I’ve alluded to this recently, but I think I need to make the case a little more clearly.
The Statist/Left (remember that republicans are not excluded from this group) wants Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee because the only thing that matters is the preservation of Obama Care.  And the fight they want to set up is over the 10th amendment… which they believe, correctly, nobody understands.

Here’s how this is going to go down.  Because Mitt continues to support Obama Care at the state level, he is going to argue that Obama Care is unconstitutional and should be left to the states per the 10th amendment.  It is all he has.

Since nobody understands the 10th amendment, the Left is ready with their reply.  “So you support making abortion illegal?!?” (targeting women.)  “So you support slavery?!?” (targeting minorities)  It’s brilliant in that it targets the Lefts two primary constituencies. It’s simple and repeatable… and reprehensible given that it relies on your ignorance as all of Leftist/Statist progress depends.

I don’t think I can make this any clearer.

There should be no greater goal than to dismantle Obama Care immediately.  Not only is it the crown jewel of the Leftist agenda since they have achieved practically every other policy they’ve wished for, but it is the nail in the coffin of any hope to return to fiscal solvency in this country.  I’m not kidding here… nor am I blowing it out of proportion.

We are currently in the fiscal mess we are in due to medicaid/medicare and social security.  The solution to this problem is NOT adding another huge entitlement which will accelerate our already rapid decline.  (I know some of you are asking… why would anyone want to do this?  Because the Statists want a total collapse of capitalism so they can rebuild the U.S. into the social utopia they have dreamt about for decades.  They are on record stating this.  These are smart, and terribly misguided people consumed by what they think are the “best of intentions”.  Ref: Cloward/Piven)

The Progressives have a long history of using the parts of the Constitution combined with the ignorance of the public (which they have invested 75 years of their time and energy to make sure existed via the public schools) to destroy Capitalism.

Think clearly when you cast your vote.

In the end I will always vote for the least socialist candidate from one of the two parties… but let’s try to make a difference when we can, and that time is now during the primaries.