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We’re all Trumpians Now…

I’m not sure what else to say.

I don’t know how to cheer for a domestic policy which destroys Free Trade, or a Foreign Policy which is indecipherable. I don’t know how to translate “Make America Great” into something substantive as it means very, very, different things to me versus a Socialist/Fascist, yet it is allowed to remain empty political propaganda so both of us can fill in the blanks with our delusions. I will continue to deal daily with the vacuous rhetoric emanating from what one must assume is a belief system built on sand, necessarily assuming one exists.  I must stand in wonder at the hijacking of the Socialist Playbook’s chapters on Populist appeal.  And, I have to lament that Obamacare will remain the solid stone lid cemented firmly in place upon the sarcophagus of the Greatest Experiment in Self Governance the World had ever known.

But I can certainly cheer for…

The Hottest First Lady this country has ever seen.

go trump!