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Crazy Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories!

All this talk about Obama Care being a plan to move the United States into Socialized Medicine is ridiculous.
In fact, it is just another… how do I put it… Crazy Conspiracy Theory.

This accusation comes from the factory of idiocy we know as the Conservative Right… the Tin Foil Hat wearing Black Helicopter Crowd.

Disagree?  Let me prove it with a quick review of Foolish Thought and Conspiracy Obsession from these Paranoid Jack-Asses that has simmered in their Mentally Ill minds for the just the last couple of decades.

1. The Government is listening to your phone calls, reading your email and tracking your location using cell phone towers.


2. The IRS targets its political enemies.


3. The Government has sold guns to Mexican Drug Cartels.


4. The Government makes up stuff when they’re caught letting Diplomats die in the line of duty.


5. Voter fraud and intimidation exists.


6. The Government is trying to create a Domestic, Federally Controlled, Police Force.


7. The Government wants to Control what you eat.


8. The Government wants to Control your Speech, if they disagree with it.


9.  The Government can turn your computer’s camera, and microphone, on and watch/listen to you without you knowing it.


10.  The Government is in bed with Google and Microsoft so they can track what you search and read.


11.  The Government secretly has Computer Companies build in “back doors” so they can gain access to everybody’s stuff without permission.


12.  The Government doesn’t need warrants to spy on, arrest and ultimately jail American Citizens.


13.  The Government kills American Citizens using Drones.


14.  The Government Wastes your taxpayer dollars.


15.  The Government takes a picture of every piece of regular mail you send.


16.  The Government tracks your credit card purchases.


17.  The Government wants to put Black Boxes in your car which record your driving habits, distances and location.


18.  The Government rewards private businesses for doing what they want them to do.


19.  The Government controls the banking Industry and has crafted easy access to your bank accounts.


20.  The Government forced Banks to Lend money to people they knew could never pay it back causing an U.S. Economic Collapse.


21.  The President of The United States believes in Socialist Redistribution and feels The Government should use its power to “Spread the Wealth Around”.


It’s all Hogwash!

Every single Educated, Reasonable and Rational Person sees how absolutely stupid all the above Conspiracies are.  Only the most ignorant among us would believe anything like these things could happen.  Certainly nothing like these above things could occur in a free country limited by a well crafted and strictly adhered to Constitution.  The Unwashed Masses do more harm to the Progressive Future of this country than they can possibly understand.

Their attempt to lump Obama Care into this mix of insanity is just another example of how dangerous these people are.  Associating it with Single Payer Health Care… an idea Cuba, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea do very well by the way… is just over the top!  It’s Outrageous!  It’s Inconceivable.

These Right-Wing, Republican, TEA bagging Conservative Ass-Hats should all be put in jail on an island somewhere!  May be someone could think of a final solution to remove these horrible people from civilized society.  A deep dark, extremely hot, hole could be a start!  Whatever it takes!

These people are Insane!

I vote we start right away… the sooner the better.



I’ve Done Nothing Wrong

I should not need Subsidies or Exemptions, anymore than I need a stay of execution or a pardon.

Why do we sit back and accept, no… empower Government and those who occupy it with the control they so deeply desire.

Obama Care must be Repealed… not “fixed”, “tweaked”, “twerked”, “massaged” or anything else.

We can solve all of these problems by getting rid of this POS legislation. By doing so none of us will be left begging for a subsidy or exemption. Both of which, by the way, are Temporary in nature and exist at the Benevolence of Government… and those who occupy it.

Stop accepting that the Government has a Right to Power and Control over you.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

We are the only country on Earth designed (while not currently practiced) as a Bottom Up Government… not the other way around. It was born out of the Enlightenment, appropriately.

You must ask yourself why those in power would wish to change it into something else… something else mimicking all the other tired, worn out, oppressive designs found across the world.

Simply stated, it keeps them in power… and you dependent, reliant, enslaved.

All I have ever advocated is a return to the framework of the Enlightened Brilliance embodied in The United States Constitution. It would initially be very disruptive as we have wandered far, far off course onto a dark Statist path. It would make many leaders very, very unhappy as they have built their Power and Influence on Statist Control and Policies. But our Freedom would be restored. Our Liberty refreshed.

It starts here with Obama Care.

It’s as Simple as that.

Do what we say… or else.

You Young Healthy People better sign up for Obama Care.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

You Rich People who make whatever we think is more than you need better switch to Obama Care.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

You Greedy Doctors better take Obama Care Insurance.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

All of You better believe this is for Your own Good.

Or, we’ll Force you to.

The Smart People who are full of the best intentions.

This public service message has been brought to you by the Democrat Party in association with Establishment Wing of the RNC.  All funding provided by Barack Obama, John McCain, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Co.  “We know what’s best for you so you don’t have to.”  (“We know what’s best for you so you don’t have to.”, “Tea Baggers are racist bigots.” and “Sit down, Shut Up, Do what We Say.” are all trademarks of the Democrat Party and it’s banners such as the Establishment Republican Party.  Any use of these trademarks requires prior written approval.  Get it… or we’ll Force you to.)

Obama Care needs a DNR

Why… why… why…
are we allowing the Current Administration, and the Democrat Party, to spend our Tax Dollars (Which we don’t have by the way.) on trying to fix something that was DOA?

The idea Obama Care was a good idea in the beginning is absurd no matter how “fair” it seemed, how warm your heart got or how far up your leg that tingle ran, and a vast Majority of Americans agree.  They have agreed from the beginning. But Liberals only like Majorities when they support whatever new social experiment their agenda says it’s time to implement, sorry, force upon us.  (Next time instead of voting for Socialists… just drink their Vodka.)

So here we are… in need of a death panel.

It’s worth Remembering that there has been only one Party who tried to head this debacle off before it got started, and even after it began rolling downhill, over 30 times. And, it’s not the Democrat Party.

It’s also worth Remembering that the Democrats Controlled Both Houses and the Presidency, manipulated the rules, went against public wishes and excluded all Republicans from any participation to Force this upon Us for two solid years.

Finally… one should look as far back as a couple of months ago to realize the system we had in place Worked!

Were there a couple of problems? Yes. Pre-existing and Portability, both of which could have been… and still can be… dealt with should we all be smart enough to demand the Government remove itself from the gigantic mess they have made and repeal this ridiculous piece of steaming excrement ironically called The Affordable Care Act. Obama Care must Go!

Stop Giving My Money to the Bureaucrats, and the very Contractors, who screwed up what was destined to be screwed up in the first place.

There is no fix!

(Certainly removing all competition from the system and going to single payer is not a serious solution?  The complaint for years was that there wasn’t ENOUGH competition… And now there are useful idiots out there suggesting removing all of it and giving Government the monopoly over the entire health care industry is a good idea?  I’m currently reading a book on all the things Government runs efficiently… it has no pages.  Can there be any question left that this whole thing has been an Ideologically Socialist driven escapade hoping to realize their Communal Utopia?  Really?  Anyone?  I’m right here… I’ll gladly post your comments and whatever defense you are willing to provide.)

And… for those of you “Surprised” by any of this…




There, I said it. I’ve wanted to say it for months.  I feel better.


Are you going to start listening to us finally?

I know… that would be as ridiculous as Obama Care.