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When Government interferes with Wages…

…companies go out of business.

The American Institution of McDonald’s in trouble.

Or, they fire everyone and automate.

How does this Liberal idea of ‘a living wage’ actually help anyone?

I’ll help you… Unemployment means NO WAGE.


Unless, of course, you’re a politician who needs a bunch of people (voters) dependent upon you to supply them with their welfare check.

For you, keeping The Poor poor… is BRILLIANT!  Just keep them voting!

Economics IS Politics IS Economics


What do you call…

…someone who doesn’t mind you getting screwed so long as it doesn’t happen to them?

Do you call them a Friend?

What do you call the Labor Unions who want an exemption from Obama Care?

What do you call the Federal Government who want an exemption from Obama Care?

What to you call the Large Corporate Entities that want an exemption from Obama Care?

And what do you call the Religious Institutions that want an exemption from Obama Care?

Do you call these people your Friends?

When it is so horrible that everyone above, especially those in charge of implementing it, want desperately to escape it…

Why do they think it’s OK for the rest of us?  Why do some among us think it won’t be “Fair” until we ALL have Crappy Health Care… except for THEM?

And, who ARE these Individuals that care so little about people not in their “special” groups?

This is Balkanization, and the terrible people who believe in it, on parade.

I can think of a lot of things to call these people… “Friend” is not one of them.