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How is it different from ObamaCare?

There seems to be overt dismay that Mayor Bloomberg would use his authority to limit the ability of physicians to administer pain killers to their patients.
What’s interesting is that this dismay is being voiced from the Left… the very same Left that is still giving a big sloppy wet kiss to ObamaCare.
This fact can only be considered a stark example of the uneducated, ignorant, lazy mass of Democrat voters that have championed exactly such health decisions by politicians to be thrust upon the rest of us.  If this were France it would be hilariously funny… however, this is not France. yet.

At what time do those who consider themselves “moderate” Democrats wake up to the Socialist policies they are being used to enact?

The answer is they will not wake up.  The press will figure out a way to blame George Bush, Global Warming, Terrorists or The Flu for this horrible future staring us in the face.

Although there could be an upside… without all of these idiots medicated the Socialists may lose a significant portion of their voting block.

Is that a Salt shaker?  Up against the wall!

Is that a 17oz. soda?  It is?  Sir, we need to speak to you down at the station…

Something for your pain?  You’ll need to speak to your Block Captain who will be in contact with your County Commissar.

Like I said, it would be hilarious if it was France.


End The Lunacy!

Ban Lunatics!

Clearly we have an insanity problem here in the United States. Insane people are committing horrible acts of violence from drowning their children to shooting up schools. This madness must be stopped!

Are we going to simply accept this type of crazy violence as the norm?

Are we going to sit idly by and allow these people to continue victimizing the innocents when we have the power to stop them?

I propose we outlaw insanity and get these insane people off of the streets. Even if a very small number of these people commit such horrid acts removing all of them from society can only be considered beneficial.

If you have a Lunatic in your home, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

Some folks leave theirs loaded and lying around.  Seems like a waste of alcohol…

I’ve even heard of people keeping Lunatics under their bed within easy reach of the children… unbelievable.

All of that “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” crap is so outdated, it’s over 200 years old for God’s sake.  The founders lived in a world that could never have foreseen the level of insanity we have today.  We need to change the founding documents or… get rid of them altogether.  It’s about time.

What civilized purpose do crazy people serve? Sure, you can go visit that lunatic family member once a year or so but what “real” need do we have for them? You can’t protect your self with one… you can’t count on them assisting you in finding food if needed… they’re not even good for sport or entertainment. Well, other people’s crazy family can supply some level of entertainment, but would that really be missed and outweigh the general well-being of the world population?

So… Ban Lunatics!  If not for everyone’s safety, do it for our children!

Call your Representative and demand legislation this year.