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It’s election day…

If you haven’t already done so, go find a Statist and Vote Against them.

Repeat this behavior every chance you get.

Thank you in Advance,

All of Us.

Hey Boehner… Are you Listening?

The Great Dr. Sowell is speaking.

While many of us have been complaining about this for years, leave it to Thomas Sowell to state it Simply, Powerfully and Directly.

State your case so EVERYBODY can understand it.

John, The facts are on your side… if you’d just let people understand them.  Unless, of course, you really don’t intend to win this.


Year One

It’s been a year now since I started this distraction at the behest of my friends and family. The fact that they were trying to find an outlet where I could vent my frustrations and at the same time leave them alone was of no matter… I thought it was a good idea as well.
6000 views, 60 followers and over half of the countries in world later I am still amazed anyone reads anything I hammer out.
Considering my very first received comment was “You’re a Moron!” it is stunning that there are people out there who either find value in what I am offering up for thought or have lives as boring as mine and like to watch drunk fools opine on issues they have no business talking about.  (I would also commend that first commenter on his deft judge of character if not his reading comprehension skills.)
Since at my age I have little self-respect left, whichever it is I thank you.  And all those surrounding me thank you as well.

In the End, hopefully I have followed my guideline of staying away from platitudes.  I also hope I have offended a number of you… but in a way that you still choose to come back.  I always look forward to your comments, especially those that take issue with some position I take or statement I make.

That is the point.

Make an Effort.

Cheers to all of you!


Stabbing Myself in the Eye


A trash can term.  A refuge for the intellectually lazy.  The Pretense of Thought.  A label non-thinkers give themselves in order to avoid having to figure out what they believe in.  A meaningless label representing those who go along with whatever the mob thinks is cool.

An attempt to sound as if you have given thought to your opinions when in fact you haven’t spent even a fleeting moment trying understand anything, let alone what you think about it.

A supposed ideology that no one can define… in other words, the platitude of ideologies.

The mere existence of the word is an attraction for the vacant mind.

People who identify themselves as Populists are so void of thought they rely on the Mob to give them their ideas.  The masses are the river and they are the leaf.  (A little zen for PAZ.)

They pride themselves on, and advertise, their strained almost non-relationship with reality and reason.

They transcend meaninglessness and become an obstacle to meaning…  the souless zombies destroying discourse.

I intend all of the above in the nicest possible way.  (If you think you are one, just don’t ever speak to me… ever.  Don’t even think about it.  Don’t even look at me.  Not even a glance.  Not even a passing look… you know, when you look around the room with the intent of looking at me but you don’t stop… you just keep turning your head so it seems like you weren’t looking even though you were… not even that.  Actually, stay as far away from me as possible.  Everything should be okay then… may be.)

Any guesses regarding the type of recent interaction I subjected myself to?  Anyone?  Anyone?

For the Love of God (Pick one.), please Make An Effort.  Even a small one.