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From the “Who needs Enemies when you have Friends like these?” file…

File Photo – John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House

Here’s a little quote from John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House, associated with an article where he states the Republicans will Never repeal Obamacare.

“What’s making everything even worse today is because we have so much news, people get to choose where they get their news,” Boehner said. “It used to be we had three big TV networks, five big newspapers, and five big radio stations and whatever they said was the news. Everybody else followed what they do.” – John Boehner 072517

There you have it, Idiots. You’re all too stupid to know what’s real and what isn’t and the ‘just recently former Republican Speaker of the House’ is lamenting your access to unfiltered “news”.  You, your opinions, your radio hosts and your little dog too, are all dummies.  You want to know what an Elitist A-hole is?  Well, they drink scotch all day, look like George Hamilton on a bender and sound like the above quote spoken in a slow perpetual slur.

If you need a reminder…

The Enemy is Within.

Trumps first War will be fought inside his own party.


Keep those Gloves Up and Cover Your Face!

Or,  What has passed for 50-years of Offense by the Republican Party.

All of you in the Establishment RINO crowd like Graham, McConnell, Rove, McCain etc. who wonder why the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party exists should think about what you have done to us.  And then it might dawn on you that the TEA Party exists exactly because you don’t Stand for Anything.

You just keep taking the Hits and look at us with an expression of “I’m trying really hard…”

Need an example?

What is the last major Roll-Back of a Socialist Scheme foisted upon the American People?

You might say “Welfare Reform”.  I’ll give you partial credit… but what has happen to that “reform” over the last several years?

How did That happen?

Or how about this one… Obama Care is now the Law of the Land, we’ll just have to accept it and Try to Fix it.  Hey Bozo’s, Slavery was once the Law of the Land.  Did we just have to accept that and Try to Fix it?

Name a Victory for the Individual beyond what the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights attempts to guarantee.. I’ll wait.

That’s what I thought.

Waiting for the next Progressive Scheme to be implemented so you can walk to a microphone a say “Darn it… We tried.” is unacceptable.

Since you seem to emulate the Democratic Socialists in almost every other arena you should have taken the single most important page out of their play book.

Never give up.  Never.  Never.  Never.

Yet those of you we have sent forward to Champion Liberty, Freedom and Free Markets have adopted the position of concession after concession resulting in decade after decade of Defeat.  You have now embraced the Socialist concept of Balkanization as the only viable way to get your guys elected.  In fact, the person mainly responsible for this fundamental shift from Communicating Freedom and Choice to leveraging groups against each other is your guy Karl Rove.  For his Two Skin-of-the-teeth Presidential wins you gave him the odd nickname of “The Architect”.  (At the time I suggested “Guy Who Barely Wins Elections” but apparently it just wasn’t catchy enough.  Maybe too long, maybe too Native American?)

In the end, the only thing you’ve made clear for us is You RINO’s would rather play golf than dismantle all that threatens the Liberty of the Individual.  Which, makes YOU a threat to the Liberty of the Individual.  Pretty simple.

So there’s your answer Gentlemen and Ladies.  YOU are Why the TEA Party exists.  Pat yourselves on the back.

But, of course, your denial will prevent you from seeing the truth.

Along the same lines, it’s interesting to watch you tell the World the TEA Party needs to come over to your house to play.  The idea of compromising one’s principles, whether inside or outside of your party, as an acceptable approach to defending the Constitution is appalling… but I understand your confusion considering it is now all you know.  (Right John?)

If any of you, if you’re honest enough with yourself to know who you are, happen to be reading this I suggest it’s time for you to Follow or Get out of the Way.  You had your chance to Lead, and you’ve lead us to where we are today.

Between you and me, I prefer you just get out-of-the-way.

You’ve demonstrated repeatedly that none of you can be trusted to defend us against those who seek control.

I know most of you don’t want to go home… so cash in your chips, pull up a seat at the Dubliner and stay there.  Most of you already know the songs.

Flushing Them Out…

Finally an issue that separates the Men from the Elitists.

While it is a safe rule to vote against the candidate with the most Dictator endorsements… which is always the Democrat.

It is a breath of Fresh Air to have an Issue like the NSA’s Spying on Innocent American Citizens to flush out the Progressives in the Republican Party.

Get ready for the Parade of Progressive Republicans leading the charge to prosecute the Whistle-Blower and defend the NSA’s Domestic Surveillance program.

So Far we Have Lindsey Graham, Eric Cantor and Peter King.

Update 061112: John Boehner

This list will be updated with frequency.  Be sure to check back. – Mike

Political Risk Taking

“Let me tell you this as a politician. Politicians will not take some risks unless the people push them to take some risks.” – Barack Obama 032113, Jerusalem.

(Aside from the ridiculous logic behind such a statement… if “the people” are demanding it then where is the “risk”?  That’s not the point.)

This message was, I believe, a genuine observation. It is a disappointing observation from a Socialist who has not had a recent run of luck fomenting unrest and the “grassroots” swell of discontent over extremely important Leftist issues like ridding the United States of guns… convincing the population that slowing the growth rate of government spending is a “cut”… having the message that “the United States does not have a spending problem” being received with anything but laughter if not outright disbelief that such a disconnect can exist in government.

The Editor of the Jerusalem Post is quoted as saying “We do not know why he is here…”

Allow me to help the esteemed Editor out. President Obama is in Israel because he needs “a victory”. He needs to get away from so many recent failures and “do something big and worldly”. He needs to re-establish is “cred’s”.

Israel is being used to take the focus off of a failed Gun Ban, His Sequester Plan that could not be blamed on Republicans, Cuts that are anything but… and no open protests from the streets demanding anything close to Socialism.  Where is Occupy?  Where are the mass protests in front of “Big Banks”?  Where are the riots, aside from the mean streets of Chicago… and then only minorities killing minorities?

This is theater. A distraction presented to you from a President that is fully aware time is running out for his Fellow Travelers to push through their horrible ideas.

This is an attempt at a “Reset” domestically so he can return from the Middle East as the “President of the World” and hope that we have forgotten what he has been up to for the last several years. He desperately desires a blank slate… or at least softer resistance, with the aim to get some of his Progressive goals codified.

We are coming into summer… A time for comfortable protest.

This is it folks. The time is now.  If it’s going to get done, on his watch, it must happen this summer and fall.  The upcoming elections demand it.  Political Risk Taking demands it.

Expect to see your local community organizer arranging civil unrest on a street near you.

Expect to see extra tight camara shots of a few people while being told of “huge protests”.

Expect to hear interviews of “people on the street” who, out of a healthy sense of self-preservation, you would never get close enough to hear in any other circumstance.

And of course… Expect to hear Liberal politicians who are not up for re-election in the next two years.  (Like, Bloomberg and McCain…  Don’t look for Senator Susan Collins as she is up in 2014.  She’ll  suddenly be embracing “Conservative” issues that don’t really challenge the Establishment… oh wait, Breaking News…  She has decided to jump on the Benghazi Bandwagon now that the public has forgotten, the Secretary of State has changed and the Republicans have zero leverage to get real answers.  Timing is everything.)

Anyway… They (Obama) only have a little over six more months to get it all done.  Or at least as much as possible.

Break out the cooler and lawn chairs.  Should make for cheap entertainment.  This crap is fun to watch.