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What does “limited” mean?

When the EU/European Socialists say something is limited as in “the movement of people and money” as in today’s AP newswire, what do they mean?
When a Statist uses the word “limited” they are not referring to scarcity. What they are saying is that they, their families, their friends and their business associates will be able to move themselves and their money out-of-the-way of danger… and you will not.
What you must understand is that if this EU Collapse is to be avoided it will require wealth and labor remaining within its borders… just not the wealth and labor of those powerful enough not to have to risk its failure.

This is Socialism 101.

Instead of allowing “the market” to speak and run as fast as it can away from decades of very, very bad ideas, they will throw the bodies of the proletariat on the fire in order to buy themselves time to move their wealth into the BRIC or US Equities etc. They will “sacrifice” their population in order to save themselves.

There is nothing new here…
but what’s sad is there is nothing new here.