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$50 Light Bulb

Just in case there is any question as to why Socialists, like teenagers, should never be in charge of our money… or in these days, spending money we don’t have… they give us the $50 light bulb.
Let me put this in the simplest of terms, the government took your money from you and gave it to a company who has created a “green” (the intent was “environmentally friendly” not green as in “ridiculously expensive”) light bulb for the everyday eco-friendly consumer. I would like to meet this guy…

The Washington Post just released an article detailing the winner of the “L prize”.


“L” does not stand for ludicrous.

So in the spirit of caring for the Universe, I counted the number of bulbs I need to qualify as an eco-friendly consumer… 59. Yep, I have 59 light bulbs in my home. And, I don’t have a big house.  Just for fun, try this at home.
This earth friendly “upgrade” will set me back $2950. That’s Two Thousand eight hundred dollars… PLUS TAX, just in case it’s not insulting enough.

OK. So what could a measly $2950 bucks buy anyway? I mean don’t I care about the world we live in and all the little creatures in it? Hmmm…

I’m pretty sure $2950 would by a pretty good used car… or an insurance policy…  a couple of years of clothing… and according to those late night TV commercials, doesn’t 37 cents a day feed a hungry child in Africa? That’s 21-YEARS of food! That’s food for that child until they’re an adult…(unless you’re a Liberal and you’re a child until you turn 26 then again at 65.)

And… for you Leftists, I’m pretty sure according to Ms. Fluke it would buy the much-needed 3-years of birth control for the average poverty-stricken Georgetown Law student.  (Georgetown is a top-ten law school… maybe consider University of Arizona Law if money is that much of a factor.)

I have a message for our Energy Secretary and the rest of this administration…  Greece needs you… I’ve discovered I have $2950 to contribute to your move.  (I understand it is beautiful this time of year.)

An aside:  I have heard rumor that this bulb will be offered as an interior lighting option on the 2012 Chevy Volt.  This is not confirmed yet.