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He has a Point about the Death Star.


An Open Letter to Frank Luntz

Or, why the Left Hates Logic.

Frank Luntz of Focus Group Fame, Displayed his Establishment Credentials several nights ago by once again informing all of us that The American People want Politicians ‘who can cross both aisles and unite the government to get things done.’

This is where supposedly intelligent people display their ignorance of, or complete disdain for, Logic.

All Giraffes are Animals… but not all Animals are Giraffes.

I would like to take this opportunity to address Mr. Luntz directly.

Dear Mr. Luntz,

No, Many of us out here are not interested ‘In Getting Things Done’ if it means continuing down the path of Socialism.

I will take the liberty and speak on behalf of many of us out here.  The Politicians we ‘want’ are those that STOP the seemingly ceaseless slide into Democratic Socialism.  The Politicians we ‘want’ are those that care less about their Party and more about the Constitution of the United States.  The Politicians we ‘want’ are those that are more concerned about protecting Us from Government than protecting Government from Us.

Sir, I recognize we are a minority in the World.  However, I would offer that this is what makes The United States of America Exceptional.

We were created as a bottom up Government.  We were built upon a Governing Theory placing the Individual as Paramount.  We are a  country where the Freedom and Liberty of every single Human Being is supposed to be Sacred above all else.

I wish to return to that Paradigm of Enlightened Brilliance.

We have wondered far afield from the Founders intent.  We have been overrun by those Elitist Administrators who know they are right about everything without the trouble of demonstration or reflection. We have dishonored the Founders and Every Man who gave all to protect their Vision.

For all intent and purpose the Socialists have won.

That being said, Mr. Luntz, I do not wish for more of what got us here.  I do not wish for the perpetual growth of Crony Socialist and Fascist Government.  I do not long for Bipartisanshitt, Compromise and Handshaking between those I send to Government and those whose drive is to turn us into every other Social Democracy designed to Control their Populations from the Top Down.  I do not wish for a single Politician who fails to see Socialism for the Deadly Poison it is.

Mr. Luntz, I respectfully ask you to cease including me in the ‘group’ of those who want politicians ‘to get things done’.  I ask this because I strongly suspect what I wish ‘to be done’ is very, very different from you wish to be done.



America is at War

And you’re Fighting it.

Whether you like it, or not.

There are only two sides…

One is fighting for Freedom and Liberty of the Individual. 

They are fighting for their Right to their Labor, their Production and their Person.  They are Fighting for the Foundation This United States of America was built upon.  They are Free-Market Capitalists, and Their Ideology was born during the Enlightenment when long-held beliefs on the rule over men were discarded such as Might Makes Right, Divine Right to Rule, Destiny, Geography and Supremacy of Origin.

They clearly see that The Ultimate Minority is the Individual and He must be protected at all costs, or we will fall back into the horrors of Philosopher Kings where the few among us secure the power to oppress, enslave and destroy.  Or worse yet, a world of Pure Democracy where the Mob Rules and Oppression is determined by Majority approval.

The Other is fighting for the Power to Force.

They believe they alone are capable of comprehending Truth… that they alone know all there is to be known… that those who stand opposed to them are ignorant, selfish, foolish mystics while always failing to see the irony in their indictments.

They subscribe to the idea that the world is simply made up of The Stupid who must always be Forced to make the Right Decisions… in a matter of time deemed acceptable.  They believe The Stupid should simply remain silent, speaking only to say “Thank You” for the gift of being Set Free from personal responsibility.

They view themselves as Superior, and never, never, count themselves among those who must be led.

As if holding up a mirror, they see hideousness all around them. They project malevolent conspiracy upon the rest of us…

They convince themselves that the Individual is all that is Evil.

They Oppress, Enslave and Destroy in the Name of all that is Good while ignoring history’s littered millenia of despair resulting from their actions.

They call themselves Elite, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leftist, Democrat, Republican, Environmentalist, Independent, Labor, Nazi, Workers, Theocracy, Oligarchy, King, Queen, Dictator, Tyrant, Plutocrat, Monarchist, Caliphate, Royalty, Social Democracy…  all of them various labels for the same thing.

Far, far, too many names to state the same idea, simply that you must sacrifice for those who have the power to demand it.  You must freely surrender whatever you have that someone else may want, if that person has the power to take it.

It means you must become a slave.

And this Second Group runs Every Country on Earth

Because of the Brilliance of our Founding Fathers, and the written Documents forever outlining this Grand Experiment, The United States of America is the only place remaining where The Second Group meets resistance.

But we are losing.  And our Resistance is waning.

Our Liberty and our Freedom is melting away because we either do not recognize, or do not wish to recognize, what is happening right in front of us.

We have been taught to abdicate our Personal Responsibility to those in power.  And we are doing it Gleefully.

We have been taught to Give Up trying to resist.  And we do Stoically as if there is Wisdom in doing so.

We have been taught to Compromise with the Oppressors.  And we Cheer and Chant of Bipartisanship.

The Few left who Resist are labeled as ‘Extreme’, ‘Delusional’ and even ‘Terrorists’ by our Leaders in Washington D.C.  They are marginalized by the Media.  The are condemned by those who use their Ideology Rhetorically, only to get elected.

It is in the interest of the Socialists who run this country for you to forget why this country is exceptional.

They want you to meet their Evil half-way… in the name of pragmatism.  In the name of getting things done.

They want you to surrender to The State… to Them… even if it is only in increments.

Then They want you to join Them in chastising, ridiculing and deriding all of those who cling to the idea our Freedom and Liberty as Individuals is inalienable.

They want you to fail to understand that there can be no Cooperation, Charity or Gratuity where there is Force, lest you realize their Evil for what it is.

They are Thieves of Reason, Thieves of Freedom, Thieves of Liberty and Choice.

In the End, They want you to believe that the Enlightenment Ideology of the Individual is for the ignorant, and involuntary Sacrifice for the Community is for the Good of Mankind, because it is They who demand the ability to decide who must sacrifice and who will be allowed to benefit.

The Nature of their success is your failure to recognize the danger of what you’ve supported…

…until you’re the one being sacrificed.

Which Side are you on?

Guinea Pigs

Here’s the deal, I want my stuff to work.

I expect the stuff I buy to perform as promised.  If it doesn’t work I want my money back and I’ll get something that works.  My life is easy that way… and I have Rich People to thank.

Not only do they own and operate the places that make and sell me the stuff I want, they are the guinea pigs for the crap that might work but typically doesn’t.

If it wasn’t for rich people I wouldn’t have a 32″ flat screen in my home because there wouldn’t have been anybody foolish enough to pay $3000 for the same TV just a few years ago.

If it wasn’t for Rich People I wouldn’t be sure that the air bags in my car would work because there would never have been anybody foolish enough to buy them in overpriced high-end cars so the bugs could be worked out.  Suckers!

If it wasn’t for Rich People I wouldn’t be able to avoid cooking at home because of all the various Tasty Restaurants out there that they bank roll on behalf of their friends and family.

If it wasn’t for Rich people I wouldn’t have the “routine” knee surgery with only three tiny holes in my leg because no-one would have had the money to risk on creating the arthroscopic technology… the old way worked just not as well and with far more side effects and big scars.  So the Rich opted to go the new way, making it cheaper and more available for the rest of us.

If it wasn’t for rich people wanting the “best” first then all of us would suffer ridiculously high prices for far from reliable products.  These “early adopters” are the test subjects, lab rats, beta testers… Guinea Pigs.

Product developers cannot work out all of the problems with a new product until they get them out into “real world” situations which means in the hands of consumers that use them in ways never imagined.  These consumers are the rich people and their family, friends and associates.  (que evil laugh: Bhaa..Ha, ha, ha…..)

I love that Rich People are the guinea pigs, and not me… I also love that Rich People pay enormous sums just for the privilege.  These enormous sums keep the rest of us employed trying out new ideas on them… Brilliant!

So thank you Rich People for buying big, over priced, crappy cars.  And thank you for getting addicted to Personal Computers, Crackberrys not to mention Palm pilots with their own language you had to learn to write (remember those?).  Please also accept my gratitude for buying horrible little green electric death traps you pretend are cars, because I know eventually your ridiculous desire to make a statement will lead to something worthwhile for me… like a huge electric 600 horse-power 4-door 4×4 pick-up truck.  (I’m waiting…)

In the End,

We don’t need them to be nice… we just need them to be Rich.

Contrary to what non-thinkers want you to believe…

We should never promote the Government TAKING their money… instead we should always promote an environment where they SPEND their money, Voluntarily.  ‘Redistirubtuion does not have to be forced… it happens everyday, all by itself.  Only Theft must be Forced.  (Because, if the The Bloated, Wasteful Government can TAKE ‘Their” money they can TAKE “Our” money too.  Not cool.)

So, I raise my glass of 12-year-old imported scotch that I only paid $20 bucks for because you guys drink tons of it!

Thank you Rich People!


Everett M. RogersDiffusion of Innovations

(originally posted 021212)

“Why do people Hate Capitalism?”

(I’m addressing this as it shows up in my ‘top search’ stats almost daily.)

The reason so many people Hate Capitalism is because we are all being told, via the Mass Media and our Leftist Elected Officials World over, that Fascism is Capitalism.

Read the above line again… slowly… I’ll wait.


OK then.  Here we go.

Fascism is not Capitalism.  Capitalism is not Fascism.  The two are mutually exclusive.

Fascism is simply a variant of Socialism.  It provides for private ownership of business as long as the businesses, and the owners, are controlled by Government via taxation, regulation, party membership, political dictate etc.  That’s the only difference.  All other aspects of Fascism are purely Socialist in nature.

The above sets up a model where it appears Corporations Control Government… and that ‘control’ allows them to profit utilizing Government Force.  While this is true, it’s only half right.  Well, not exactly half right… it’s actually half right but reversed.

It is Government Force which controls Business and that Force places Business in the position of having to support Politicians.

There it is.

It’s always Force…

So the truth is found in the other half of the equation.  When you realize that the politicians use this power, or the threat of it, so they can extort donations (most often in the most subtle, gentle and softly insidious ways) from the business owners, you gave arrived at understanding the state we are currently in.

But, as is typical, the Left intentionally sees only half of the problem.  They want you to blame the Corporations and never the Government.

But you can’t Blame the Corporations and not also Blame the Government…

The Federal Government was never intended to have the power which business owners would find attractive enough to enter into such an incestuous relationship.

So now that you understand the problem, what do we do about it?

The only way to get to real Free-Market Capitalism is to remove the ability of Force from the Federal Government over Business.

What this means is Polticians at the Federal must be returned to their previous state of limit upon their power to grant favors and create ‘barriers to entry’ within the market place.

Once removed, businesses will not be incented to give large sums of money to elected officials save for ideological reasons.

This would go a long way to restoring the United States to its once great place in the World.

At the end of the day, the Left will always Hate Capitalism, and the Voluntary Exchange associated with it, because it does not require the ‘brilliance’ of their control.  It works just fine without their help.  Clearly Administrators will never like such an idea.

If you’re a person who thinks they know what’s best for everyone else… Freedom and Liberty of the Individual combined with the Natural Right to be secure in one’s property… all protected by Free markets and Constitutionally Limited Government… are extraordinarily crappy ideas.  And whatever it takes to gain and maintain control over others will be preferred to truth.

For the rest of us, we have to recognize we are being lied to about what Capitalism is.

And we must recognize its intentional.

The Socialists hope we’ll think Capitalism is the root of all Evil, when in fact it’s Socialism that Sucks.

Socialism. Why Not?

Let’s be honest…

You know you’re Smarter than most people.

You’re certain the only thing that happens when other people are given the ability to make their own decisions is they make the wrong ones…

It’s clear to you that everyone is better off having Smart folks like you in charge of things…

Why?  Because life is complicated, and requires the best and brightest to navigate it… especially for everyone else.

Of course You believe in Freedom!

Freedom is not having to constantly make choices about everything…

Of course You believe in Liberty!

Liberty is not having a bunch of responsibilities taking away from the stuff you want to do…

But you also believe in Good Government!

Because Government is the source of all things good in the World…

You weren’t born yesterday… you know what’s Bad!

Corporations are the root of all things Bad…

You also know who the Racists are!

You know for a fact that anyone who opposes the things you think to be true are racists… even those who are minorities.

And you realize the debate is Over!

You are Far too Intelligent… to argue with anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

In the End… There is no question You must save the rest of us from Ourselves.

And, if all it takes is forcing a bunch of people to make the right decisions…

Why Not?

“I’s” and “We’s”

World over there are basically two groups of people, the “I’s” and the “We’s”.

The “I’s” enjoy being alone sometimes.    The “I” see’s their happiness and sustenance as a very personal pursuit and achieving both is not dependant on any other “I” or “We”.  “I’s” accept responsibility for their actions good and bad.  Occasionally they choose to get together and becomes “We’s”.  The “I’s” like to do this because it can be beneficial in solving a problem, but not always.  At the end of the day their true joy is that they can go home and just be an “I”.

An “I” would never seek to force another “I” to be a “We”, or a “We” to be a “We” for that matter.


The “We’s” hate the “I’s”.

The “We’s” see their happiness, and sustenance, dependant upon every other “I” and “We”.   “We’s” think it’s their right to make the “I’s”, and other “We’s”, supply them with this happiness and sustenance.  Because of this, the “We’s” know they can never be happy as long as there are “I’s”.  So the “We’s” constantly look for ways to force the “I’s” to be “We’s” even when the “I’s” don’t want to.

The “We’s” longingly dream of a time when all “I’s” are Forced to be “We’s”.

Are you an “I” or a “We”?